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About The Blog

I originally intended this blog to be a kind of political diary, dealing mostly with UK politics but ranging over history, religion and science but, apart from the History of Ireland series, which was a labour of love, it has become an almost exclusively Atheist site, delving into sciences such as evolution, physics and cosmology as appropriate to support a particular atheistic argument.

My first major blog was "What Makes You so Special?", an updated re-write from memory of a post I once put on two of the old Compuserve fora - Science & Math (SciMath) and UK Current Affairs - and which received general acclaim.  It is probably rather too long for this medium and needs breaking down into separate sections.  It maybe also needs a brief section on human evolution.

This history begins when the blog has already become established and has passed through the 100,000 hits barrier.

It is also now syndicated by several other blogs and is available as a Kindle subscription through Amazon.

Any money earned through this blog will go to various charities such as Oxfam, Amnesty, NBGA and various wildlife and animal welfare organisations.

08-October-2011 Now getting 50,000 plus hits in last 30 days. Hits for month to date are close to total hits for September 2011.

25-January-2011 Passed the 200,000 hits milestone.

13 February-2012 I wondered why the hit rate had fallen. Turns out I'd been "shaddow banned" by Reddit for promoting this blog there. I'm amazed that this is frowned on and at a loss to understand the thinking behind it. Apparently, it used to be encouraged but is now regarded as spam, even if you only promote new material every few days.

No hint that I was transgressing the rules and no prohibition in them that I can find. A friendly warning might have been er... friendly. Why would a commercial social website want to punish people for politely participating in it?

17 February 2012: Hmm... 8000+ hits yesterday. Comment moderation turned off.
22 February 2012: Passed 250,000 all-time hits.
15 March 2012: Passed 333,333 all-time hits.
31 March 2012: Over 100,000 hits this month.

22 January 2013: Passed the 1,000,000 page view milestone today.


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