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Friday, 8 June 2018

Darwin Creationist Award 2018 - Call For Candidates

I've recently looked in on Twitter again after a few years absence and discovered that there is a rich seam of candidates for the Darwin Creationist Award still. It would be a shame to waste this resource so I have decided to relaunch the popular Darwin Creationist Award contest.

Briefly, the award goes to the creationist who, in the opinion of the voters, has done most in a single Tweet, Facebook comment, YouTube video, etc, to remove creationism from the human meme-pool. Candidates must display at least one of:

  • Deep ignorance of science especially evolution
  • Blatant dishonesty
  • Dunning-Kruger idiocy of an exception quality
  • Cringe-making smug arrogance
  • Clear evidence of what Francis Collins described as scientific and theological bankruptcy
  • Any combination of the above

Please provide a link to the candidate post in comments below. Add any comment you wish. Entries will be accepted throughout the summer and the winner will be by popular vote.

As always, the winner will receive the much-coveted picture of the Ray Comfort Golden Banana to print off and frame together with a copy of their winning post.

I have provided a couple of candidates as examples.

1Rudie Van Der MerweCandidate clearly has no idea what evolution is yet considers himself a leading expert on the subject.
There are no such theories in science. A classic straw man by someone who when asked can't define evolution or say how science explains how it happens.

And of course, it's all a conspiracy started by Charles Darwin, with millions of biomedical scientists all in on it and publishing papers with science based on it as part of the conspiracy. Obviously!
3Under The CarpetSuch brilliant insight into evolution and how it works!
4Marietta MupondaUm... in other words, creationism is true because Marietta Muponda says it is.
5mesaj girl (Adnan Aktar clone) Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!

Nice to get a candidate from the Turkish branch of Creationism Inc.

The Darwin Creationist Award is an equal opportunities contest.
6RockyWell, I guess that's it them. Millions of biologists and biomedical scientists are wrong because elephants didn't evolve from mosquitoes. No defence to that one.
7MikeThis 'expert' on science doesn't know what a scientific theory is and sees it all as a conspiracy.

Tinfoil hat territory.
8Sean ConwayUm...
8Pablo ManzanaIf Pablo doesn't know something then no-one knows it and that proves his magic invisible friend did it - and that's that!
9ApoloJediSo that's it then. All those biologists and biomedical scientists are mistaken. That bloke on Twitter who doesn't know what evolution is says so.
10Creation-EvolutionIf only he had thought to tell us why!
11Truth seeker,free yourself from the deceit Of lies
Apparently, Jesus recorded his opinion of Darwin's ideas! Great user name.

And how can we compete in debate against someone who 'wins' every time he post 💥

He is also a flat-earther (or is that flat-earthist). Go figure.
12TruthordieIt's just that none of the scientists have noticed, but Truthordie has!

I wonder what she would expect fossils to look like if science is right.
13EliJust feel that good Christian lurve!

So highly educated and knowledgeable too!
14Adkins Piano ServiceSo he doesn't know what evolution is or anything about the science.
15Selatole DIMODifficult to know where to start here. Would it even be worth trying?
16Dr David Menton (AiG)LOL! Don't forget to make peace with Darwin! He'll be so upset if you don't!
17Texan For Trump
Got that! We didn't evolve from Appts (sic)! Texan For Trump just knows these things!

Angry shouting obviously trumps science - which dates the age of Earth using carbon dating, apparently.
18Ted PerkinsThis is the reason scientists don't learn science from the pulpit...
Now changed his name to Ricky Millions
Darwin disproved his own theory! I wonder if he noticed. No-one else seems to have.
20I don't like plastic donas for prasad. it's ahinduComplete ignorance of the science is no reason not to declare it all wrong!

Mind you, it's good to get a Hindu perspective even if it is identical to a Christian and Muslim fundamentalist view.
21Tony O DonnellEvidence doesn't matter; it's whether Tony O'Donnell agrees with or not that matters.
22Chirøn the DankBecause everything wants to be just like Chirøn. Darwin said so!
23J Wont ObeyDoesn't know what evolution is, doesn't want to learn, but knows all the scientists are wrong.
24Paul Baron
That's the 'frog to prince' magic kiss theory of evolution comprehensively debunked then!
25Kayleigh SolorzanoDeny the evidence and it goes away!
26Harry HudsonSo speaks another leading expert!
27WP Consulting
Nope! They definitely didn't turn into eagles or ravens - just as the TOE predicts!

And I think he's trying to say we should just take his word for things and doesn't need to give reasons. He just knows things, obviously by some process not available to us ordinary folk.
28 קאריAnd no-one else noticed that Darwin had refuted his entire body of work with that statement! How fortunate we are to have קארי to point it out to us.
29CJ WitthoeftNope! No sign of paranoid delusion or obsession with paedophilia there, then.
30Viraat HinduDoesn't know that Darwin wrote 'The Descent of Man'. Cites an article that disagrees with him as evidence for his assertion. Ignores the points put to him.

Ignorance or dishonesty? You decide.
31Brandon Campbell
Um... so, everything in the 'Cambrian Explosion' looks just like it does today despite the fact that nothing alive today looks like anything in the Cambrian biota... and what exactly IS 'Cosmic evolution'?

And '6 evolutions'?
32BlitzKriegIf evolution exists? Like a magic fairy doing spells?
33Felice HerrigI bet Darwin never thought of that one, eh?
34Clinton MichaelDoesn't know what evolution is or how science explains it, but thinks it's all a
35Francesco ScinicoMaybe incest is a touchy subject for someone who's faith requires him to believe we are all descended from one incestuous family not once but twice and that God spared 'righteous' Lot who had sex with his daughters.
36Glenda Gigi Malmstrom

Expanded text
I can't believe that some Scientist's are still teaching the Big Bang Theory and Darwin's Evolution...If we did evolve from any other kind of species, then why can't we use them for blood transfusion or other medical purposes???...And why aren't those species still evolving into human beings???...Because it's bullshit, that's why...And Science has proven that Mankind did stem from only two people, initially...Science has also proven that Yeshua (Jesus) did exist and arose from the dead...They have the linen that He was wrapped in after His crucifixion...It's called the Shroud of Turan, and they can even tell by the markings on it that He literally Spiritually arose on the Third Day, by the markings on the linen...It's beyond tragic that some Scientist's are still willing to throw out all of these unproven Theories...The Big Bang states that we came from Nothing...You can't get anything from Nothing...There had to be something there first...This does not take a Genius to figure out, it's simple common sense...So there's a lot of so-called Scientist's out there that wasted their money on an education that's definitely not paying off for them, because they're wrong to claim that we all came from absolutely nothing at all...All that nothing can give is nothing at all...It's just logic and rational...I've been tested and I have an I.Q. of 195, and I know that there's a God...And I know without a doubt that Jesus was crucified for our Sins...He loves us all so much and only asks that we love ourselves and each other the way that He does!!!...Do unto others as you would have done unto you...And stop lying and teaching false theories to innocent children who are growing into teenagers feeling like they have no purpose under Heaven, which is a tremendous lie...And this is why teenage suicide rate has increased to 25% higher right now...This is beyond tragic...These false theories steal their morality and their future!!!...We are made of stardust and we all have a spark of Divinity in us...This is the TRUTH, and we are literally watching Bible Prophecy playing out all over the World...Yeshua (Jesus) is coming back and I pity the fools who are in denial about it...They will tremble in horror and beg the Universe for forgiveness, when all is said and done!!!...FACT!!!...
Thinks the Big Bang is something to do with evolution. Knows better than the scientists.

Lots of threats about what her magic invisible friend will do to us.

And oh! there's that magic FACT!!! at the end which means it must be true!
Evolution fails because it doesn't answer physics questions! Such depth of understanding!
38Nagy Abdelsalam
Doesn't know what Darwin said or what evolution is but claims 'scientists' have confirmed the error.
The usual claim to have proof of Allah - but just forgot to say what it was again and the traditional attack on a parody of science unrecognizable to anyone who knows anything about it.
No random mutations? Misfits?

No actual learning required. But at least he's got the sense to remain anonymous.
40Zane Beale
That Universe! It just isn't obedient enough and evolution isn't working how Zane thinks it should!
41Powered By Tank4u INC

Well! He's got science there what with the Piltdown Bird hoax and all.
42[Username] (sic)

43SaboorStrangely, no-one else has noticed where Darwin said humans should change into another species in 2000 years.
44C Cornell Hicks
Give me some examples of evolution - but don't use any examples of evolution!
45Miss Tviṣ 🌞I wonder why all those scientists never thought of that!
46yusuf khotaOh dear! It's obviously not just the Christians.
46Todd WNope! No-one ever dies!

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