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A selection of blogs and websites in no particular order, mostly science, atheism and secular humanism.

If you want a link to your site listed here, leave a comment below.

Refuting God. An ancient approach modernized.

Deep Reason Exploring philosophy, Christianity, and religions.

Concept Mini Mart

George Dickson's blog

Free From Religion. Confessions of a recovering believer.

Godless Business. Andrew Skegg's blob.

Left Hemisphere.

Laughing in Puratory. Thinking about atheism and laughing at absurdity.

Skeptic Blogs Describes itself as "Skeptic Blogs has been designed to be a network community of skeptical bloggers, podcasters and Vbloggers. Our intention is not to antagonize any other skeptical or freethought blogs. We merely seek to offer a fresh perspective, one we think other skeptics and atheists will appreciate."


Freethinker Perspective

Deity Shmeity. Grundy's Blog.

Homologous Legs. The blog of Jack Scanlan, an Australian biology student who has a serious problem with creationists, intelligent design proponents and anyone else who misrepresents evolutionary biology or science in general.

The Clergy Project. A confidential site where atheist priests and former priests can find mutual support.

Jesus Never Existed

The Panda's Thumb.

Why Evolution Is True

The Talk Origins Archive.

Atheist Blogs Aggregated

The Thinking Atheist Atheist/Agnostic

British Humanist Association

American Humanist Association

Secular Café

BBC Nature News

The Red Notebook (Friends Of Darwin)

New Humanist Blog

Pharyngula (PZ Myers)

Richard Dawkins Foundation For Science And Reason

Sam Harris

The Freethinker

British Centre For Science Education

Guardian Science

Something Surprising

The Blog of Re-Enlightenment

Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. I'd be honored to have my site listed.
    Deity Shmeity

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I would also be honored to have my site listed and i am a big fan of your site.

  4. I would love to have my blog on here as well.


  5. I would be really pleased and grateful to have my blog up here too!!!


  6. I tweeted you about having my blog added to your list. It is a simple "think about thinking" blog which touches on topics like how religion is a form of conspiracy theory and (eventually) how the concepts we are taught affect how we digest new information.

    My current post is on the kind of atheist I am.

    A link on your awesome blog would be super. If you took the time to pop over and read an entry or two that would be even better!

    The blog is "Concept Mini Mart":


  7. Hi Rosa, I have a blog, "Deep Reason" - primarily focused on deconstructing Christianity and religion. Could you please list it here?

  8. I will be truly honoured if my blog gets listed here, which about refuting the theistic arguments.

    1. Added. I must admit I've neglected this page recently.


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