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These articles deal with apologetics per se. For a list of commonly employed fallacies see the page Understanding Fallacies which contains links to articles on the main ones. The apologetics of C.S.Lewis are given their own page - C.S.Lewis Dissected.

William Lane Craig's Logical Kalamity. Another look at the Kalâm Cosmological Argument shows the trick Lane Craig is pulling on his audience.

Infinitely Impossible Gods. Probability shows how an infinite god can't do anything.

William Lane Craig's Cock-Up. The conservative Christian right's favourite apologist accidentally 'proves' God doesn't exist.

Pity The Poor Theologians: Infinitely Impossible Gods. How invoking infinity and eternal gods hoists apologetics with its own petard.

How Creationists Lie To Us. Exposing the deliberate lies and misrepresentations of science religious apologists use.

Christians For Genocide - Again. Christian apologist William Lane Craig's defence of genocide and infanticide and his attempt to denigrate those who find it repugnant.

The Depths To Which Christians Will Go... An exposé of the claim that Anthony Flew recanted his Atheism and converted to Christianity, by Richard Carrier.

If God Wants Us To Believe In Him. Why doesn't the Judeo-Christian god seem to want people to believe in him?

Theists For Genocide. How apologetics can be used to excuse even acts of genocide.

Permitting Extremists. How religious apologists give permission to fundamentalist extremists.

Francis Bacon Rebutted. Bacon's essay, "Of Atheism" reviewed in the context of the time in which he wrote it.

Fooling A Lot Of The People All Of The Time. The close similarity between religious apologetics and the Emperor's New Clothes.

So Creationists. A Universe From Nothing? How Creationists believe what they falsely accuse Atheists of believing.

Favourite Oxymorons - Religious Logic. One of the more absurd religious apologetics arguments.

Children Of An Amoral God. How religious apologists' insistence that morals come from their god is in stark contrast to the reality of religious behaviour.

Things a God Can't Possibly Know. The logical absurdity and intellectual dishonesty in claiming a god is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

How Do You Know Satan Didn't Write The Bible? The basic question which Christianity will never address.

What a Racket! How Christianity (and Islam) resembles protection rackets.

Science vs Religion - The Lesson from CERN. Contrasting scientific methodology with religious apologetics.

Have You Found Jesus? With two or more different versions in the Bible, i's no wonder that Christians keep asking if we've found him.

Beyond Belief - The Ten Plagues of Egypt. A realistic look at the supposed

Beyond Belief. What Christians would have us believe.

Science Vs Religion. Showing how, in the search for truth, science wins because science can demonstrate the truth of its claims.

Warning to future religious apologists! The following two handbooks are almost identical. Only a few words are different so if you do decide to use this handbook, make sure you use the right one or you could be promoting the wrong 'faith' without realising it.

So You’ve Decided To Be An Apologist For Christianity. A useful handbook for those about to take up a career as an on-line apologist for Christianity. Contains all the trick, techniques of evasion, common lies, how to use ad hominem attacks and smug condescension for best effect, and of course a list of fallacies, when to deploy them, 'facts' which must be asserted in spite of all the evidence against them and advise on how to defend yourself from the inevitable attempts to educate and inform you with science.

So You’ve Decided To Be An Apologist For Islam. A useful handbook for those about to take up a career as an on-line apologist for Islam. Contains all the trick, techniques of evasion, common lies, how to use ad hominem attacks and smug condescension for best effect, and of course a list of fallacies, when to deploy them, 'facts' which must be asserted in spite of all the evidence against them and advise on how to defend yourself from the inevitable attempts to educate and inform you with science.

Creationists Promise To Lie For Money. The oath taken by members of the Institute For Creation Research and those whose work it funds and publishes. The only known group of people who claim to be scientists yet commit themselves in advance of their research to a pre-agreed conclusions as a condition of funding.

A Puzzle For Creationists. Contrasting scientific methodology to that of religious apologists and especially Creationists.

Middle For Diddle or Shifting The Evidence. Refuting an apologetics argument that the Red Shift shows Earth to be at the centre of the universe.

Proving Your God Should Be Simple... Yet no one has succeeded in doing so.

Just Imagine if Science Was a Religion. Let's see what it would be like...

The Daft Things People Believe. Would anyone fall for the Jesus myth today?

Is There Anything More Bizarre Than Religion? The absurdity of religion when compared to science.

On The Impotence Of Undetectable Gods. Showing how gods which are, as some of their apologists claim, undetectable by science, are therefore absolutely impotent and so completely incapable of influencing anything.

Eric Hovind's Very Silly Questions. Eric Hovind's attempt to produce a list of "questions science can't answer" like his dad Kent's list (see below). The questions betray an abysmal lack of knowledge of even basic science.

On Omniscience And Free Will. Showing how free will is impossible in the presence of an omniscient, inerrant god, and how such a god could not have created anything.

The Doublethink Of The God Delusion. A response to a New York Times review of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion by Christian apologist Garry Gutting, etitled On Dawkins’s Atheism: A Response

Refuting The Arguments For God. Answers the arguments for the Christian god put forward on http://snapshotsofgod.com/evidence.htm

The Special Needs God of Creationism. How Creationists try to exempt their god from the standards they demand science meets.

Creationist Questions Answered. Answers the 10 questions which Kent Hovind claims creationists can't answer. No response has yet been forthcoming from Kent Hovind.

Ten Reasons To Lose Faith: And Why You Are Better Off Without It

This book explains why faith is a fallacy and serves no useful purpose other than providing an excuse for pretending to know things that are unknown. It also explains how losing faith liberates former sufferers from fear, delusion and the control of others, freeing them to see the world in a different light, to recognise the injustices that religions cause and to accept people for who they are, not which group they happened to be born in. A society based on atheist, Humanist principles would be a less divided, more inclusive, more peaceful society and one more appreciative of the one opportunity that life gives us to enjoy and wonder at the world we live in.

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  1. Rosa,

    Just a heads up that there are links to the following on your site:


    Coloured in a sage-teal on the lower right...


    John W.

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately, I have no control over what books Amazon put in there.

      I'll take the money and give it to Oxfam even if it's contaminated by Lane Craig's grubby little fingers.

  2. If you are so concerned about William Lane Craig, then why don't you debate him? I would not be surprised if you're reluctant. It seems most atheists who debate him end up looking like ignorant fools. Unfortunately, the new atheists have what's called DCDism, that is criticizing others for committing logical fallacies in arguments and having cognitive biases and errors influence your thinking, while not realizing that you are committing the same errors.

  3. William Lane Craig is more than welcome to comment upon any of my many refutations of his 'arguments', if that's not too generous a term. He can find them by searching for his name.

    You, of course, are also free to point out the specific 'errors' in my arguments which you can find through links on this page. That might be more convincing than your rather disingenuous vague smear.

    When you feel up to it, of course.


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