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Mother Teresa

A collection of posts about the recently canonized Albanian nun, religious fanatic and friend of poverty, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, also known as Mother Teresa of Kolkata.

The truth behind the myths and 'miracles' reveals a great deal of the Catholic Church's cavalier regard for truth and honesty when the need arises to give the masses another saint to keep them in awe and wonder. Truth will be readily sacrificed to maintain the Church's income stream when so many are deserting it in disgust at the behaviour of priests, the institutional misogyny, the continuing abuse and demonisation of minorities and the opposition to moves to alleviate poverty and suffering in the world.

How Christians Lie To Us - Birth Of A Myth. How the myth of Mother Teresa's saintliness and devotion to caring for the sick poor was created, almost single-handedly by Malcolm Muggeridge, a recent convert to Catholicism with a missionary zeal and the same cavalier approach to truth and factual accuracy as his adopted church.

How Christians Lie To Us - Fact And Fiction. The reality behind the myth of tender loving care being ministered to the sick and dying amongst Calcutta's poor, and Mother Teresa's saintly devotion to a life of poverty, truth and honesty in imitation of Jesus.

Mother Teresa and the Paedophile Priest. How Mother Teresa intervened to get a known paedophile priest and personal friend reinstated, showing how she had concern only for this predatory priest and defending the reputation of the Catholic Church. She showed not the slightest concern or compassion for his victims. Following her intervention he immediately resumed his predatory activities.

Mother Teresa's Fake Miracle. The truth behind the first 'miracle' cure attributed to her after her death, the quality of the evidence and how her order systematically faked reports and destroyed the medical records that would have shown the cure to be a perfectly uneventful and fully expected, not of an incurable cancer as claimed but of a curable tuberculous mass. This was the proclaimed miracle which led to her initial beatification by Pope John-Paul II in his dotage.

Mother Teresa's Second Miraculous Miracle. The truth behind the claimed second postmortem miracle attributed to Mother Teresa which was used to justify her elevation to the rank of Roman Catholic saint.

Ten Reasons To Lose Faith: And Why You Are Better Off Without It

This book explains why faith is a fallacy and serves no useful purpose other than providing an excuse for pretending to know things that are unknown. It also explains how losing faith liberates former sufferers from fear, delusion and the control of others, freeing them to see the world in a different light, to recognise the injustices that religions cause and to accept people for who they are, not which group they happened to be born in. A society based on atheist, Humanist principles would be a less divided, more inclusive, more peaceful society and one more appreciative of the one opportunity that life gives us to enjoy and wonder at the world we live in.

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