F Rosa Rubicondior: Sac Bag [Updated]

Sac Bag [Updated]

Sac Bag [Updated]

As regular readers will be aware, I have been the obsessive focus of a notorious Internet abuser and stalker who poses variously as a Catholic priest, a Catholic seminarian or a college lecturer and sometimes as an Atheist or even a male homosexual prostitute. He is, in reality, an inadequate fantasist with symptoms resembling those of narcissistic personality disorder and Dunning-Kruger syndrome named Manuel de Dios Agosto, a failed seminarian from Bronx, New York, who was expelled from St Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, New York in about 2004 for reasons which must remain confidential for the moment.

This was at a time when the Catholic Church was becoming embroiled in scandals involving institutionalised sexual abuse of children and vulnerable people, and systematic cover-ups of these abuses and persecution of the victims when they complained. It was a time when the last thing the Church wanted was another similar scandal involving the behaviour of its seminarians, exposing its minimalist approach to personality vetting of potential trainee priests, many of whom it transpired were going into the priesthood simply for the trusted access it gave them to children and vulnerable adults or to seek the cover, protection, power and authority that a uniform and status gave them.

Because of the interest Manuel arouses as he abuses people and fantasises in the social media about his prowess as a debater (whilst never debating with anyone, as we shall see), his growing list of degrees and doctorates, his expertise in just about every imaginable subject, even thinking he impresses people by telling Stephen Hawking that he got it all wrong and why he's a moron, I have created this page to bring together the main blogs and articles exposing Manuel and detailing his history of abuse and descent into psychotic obsession and paranoia as he becomes ever more desperate to convince people that he's not himself before the truth behind his expulsion from seminary becomes public knowledge.

The Sacoshite Is Lying Again Publication of my first book, The Light Of Reason: And Other Atheist Writing, seems to have produced another bout of psychotic abuse and attention-seeking by posting on G+ some obviously faked 'historical' tweets from Twitter he originally posted using one of his many fake accounts. See if you can spot how he faked them (hint: Manuel isn't very bright but thinks everyone else is more stupid than him, so they're not very well done; in fact, they are almost as bad as the emails 'from Oxfam' he tried to forge a couple of years ago).

Cowardly Catholic Runs Away Again. Latest: Having had all his Twitter accounts sspended again for targeted abuse, Manuel couldn't resist running to centre stage only to blunder straight into an outstretched fist. Watch him run when he realises he's agreed to debate me only to realise it was the same challenge he disintegrated over in August 2012. Watch out for updates as he tries to save face again. This one will likely run and run.

How Christian Fundamentalists Lie To Us. Possibly the beginning of his all-consuming obsession with me. Manny tried using his now routine ploy of suddenly announcing to the world that such and such a person is afraid to debate him and has run away from a challenge he's never actually issued, or one which he's tucked away on his blog a day or two earlier and not told the person about, and then beginning a campaign of lies and abuse, using his various sock puppet accounts, in the apparent belief that this raises his standing in the eyes of his followers for whom he seems to have the greatest contempt, assuming they are too stupid to see through his transparent deceptions.

Debate: Is There Scientific Evidence Only For The Christian God? Bored with Manuel's constant attention-seeking demands for a debate but only on his own terms and on his own blog where he was free to delete replies, and having experience his 'debate' style in his multiple comments on this blog where evasion and abuse were his standard 'tactics', for the amusement of watching him bluff and bluster his way out of it, I challenged him to a formal, neutral and independently moderated debate on his claim to have irrefutable scientific proof of the Christian god. I was not disappointed but this public humiliation seemed to push Manuel into a place from which he has never returned, hence his current mental state.

What To Do With A Spent Loon? Again bored with Manuel's obsessive spamming me with abuse and attention-seeking tweets on Twitter, and with using him as my 'unwitting assistant' to discredit religion, I decided to seek the consensus of the Atheist community on Twitter on how best to deal with him. The comments show his standing in the Twitter community.

Sacerdotus - The Fraud Exposed. This is where we exposed 'Sacerdotus' and showed that he is indeed Manuel De Dios Agosto from Bronx, using material that he had provided on various social media sites such as MySpace, Face Book, Class Mates and Blogger as, with characteristic narcisism, he spread himself around the social media. This blog seems to have added to Manuel's psychosis and made him even more determined to prove he's not himself.

Manny's Many Twitter Accounts. As Manuel found more and more of his Twitter accounts suspended for abuse and harassment and as he hit upon one idea after another for a ruse to convince people he wasn't himself, it became difficult to know which accounts were Manuel in yet more guises. This list is frequently updated as Manny adds yet more layers of deception trying to hide his real identity.

You Really Won't Want To Miss This As Manuel degenerated emotionaly he took to spamming this blog with dozens of infantile and abusive comments which I had to delete every day. This is a small sample. See if you can judge his emotional age from them.

The Great Atheist Follow List Blunder. One of Manuel's more hillarious ruses was to compile a very long list of Atheists who had humiliated him or exposed his claims as bogus, and anyone else who had disagreed with him or knew his real identity and beg everyone else to file false complaints against them to Twitter in a desperate attempt to get everyone banned. Having been absent for a few days as he, with typical obsessive psychotic focus, compiled this list, he proudly began spamming Twitter with it, only to realise that he had compiled a list of many of the best Atheists on Twitter. It quickly became 'Manny's List' and gained wide circulation in the Atheist community, even attracting some well-known Atheists asking to be added to it and complaining that Manny had ignored them. Nice one, Manuel.

A Little Man Thinks He's Finally Achieved Something! My response to Manuel's jubilant claims to have fooled Twitter into suspending my Twitter @RosaRubicondior account. Despite many requests, Twitter have refused to tell me specifically why my account was suspended, at one point even claiming it would be a breach of confidence! I suspect it was because I had challenged and embarrassed one or more high-profile and powerful Christian evangelists who were eager to shut down dissent and embarrassing questions. Manuel's apparent belief that everything that happens relates to him in some way speaks volumes of his current state of mind.

Christian Lie Alert! Possibly Manuel's low-point where he claimed Oxfam had confirmed that my fundraising for them was fraudulent, despite having been contacted by Oxfam to deny his claim and to confirm that the receipts I showed were accurate and authentic. Should anyone wish to check the validity of the emails I show here, please feel free to contact Oxfam. I will gladly give them permission to release all relevant information.

Manny's Hysteria Explained. Manuel suddenly began spamming my blog again and launched into another bout of hysterical spamming and abuse on Twitter. This explains what triggered it this time.

More Manny Insanity. Manuel's last ploy is to pose as an Atheist who claims to have proved that he is me and that we are both a Catholic priest from Suffolk, England who has gone mad. Remember, this is Manny Land we are dealing with here. The unfortunate Catholic priest from Suffolk has already been contacted to be told he is yet another of Manuel's Internet stalking victims and Manuel has been officially warned by Twitter for purporting to have revealed private information about an identifiable individual. I have also given the priest concerned details of Catholic Church authorities in New York who can shed light on Manuel's abusive behaviour although in the past the New York Catholic Church authorities have officially washed their hands of Manuel and have disclaimed any responsibility for him.

Manny Busted - Again! Another Twitter user exposes Manny as a liar by using free text analysis software to show that blogs by Sacerdotus, SCTDVS and StudiousAtheist (who claims to be an Atheist who has variously discovered that Manuel and I are one and the same person, a priest from Suffolk, UK, and non-existent!) were written by the same person, whereas my blog (and his) were written by different people.

Bronx Liar Exposed Again! And now another Twitter user has exposed Manuel's crude forgeries whilst others are questioning his use of money allegedly raised for charity but which he doesn't seem to have given to any...

Manny Scores Another Own Goal! Manuel's latest attempt to throw people off the scent before the reason for his expulsion from St Joseph's Seminary, New York is made public, spectacularly rebounds as he again underestimates the intelligence of his target marks.

Oxfam Confirms It - Manny Lied Again. Enjoy the spectacle of Manuel merrily tweeting a series of lies about me and my donations to Oxfam on Twitter, when Oxfam GB, through their confirmed account @Oxfamgb, intervenes and, not to put too fine a point on it, tells the world that he's lying. Pretty to watch if you enjoy watching an idiot rush to center stage and take a pratfall.

Is Manny Plagiarising Your Work? What could be behind the prima face ludicrously restrictive conditions Manuel tries to impose on anyone who accepts his incessant pestering to debate him? It may well not be simple cowardice and an attempt to rig the debate in his favour. Read this before you accept his challenge!

Another Mad Day In A Bronx Cuckoo Land. One of my favourites. After desperately trying again to find out my true identity, this was the best Manuel could do... and he actually went public with it! Don't miss this one!

Look Where Manny Is Accessing The Internet From! It's fun to watch Manny's cock-sure, Dunning-Kruger arrogance lead him to another blunder as he shows the world where he is accessing the Internet from. This provides details of who to complain to about his abuse and harassment and probably puts his online activities into the public domain and subject to New York's Freedom Of Information Law... or maybe not.

Mad Manny Gets Another Warning. Confirmation that Twitter Support are now beginning to take Manuel's constant abuse and harassment seriously enough to give him an official warning and suspended his account pending his assurance that he would comply with Twitter's rules of conduct in future. Twitter's response to his immediate resumption of his obsessive abuse and harassment of his usual victims once his account was reinstated is awaited. Did they really expect anything more from a known compulsive liar with so many suspended accounts already? (Watch this space).


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  1. Apparently I've become the latest focus of Mangy's psychotic lunacy. Check this out!


    Note that he posts what he intends to be taken as child porn.

    1. If he's intentionally posting child pornography he should be reported both to Twitter and to your local police. You should also lodge a complaint with Twitter about harassment and abuse. Twitter are notoriously inept at dealing with complaints but it's the only recourse. If they ignore it or tell you his abuse and harassment don't contravene their rules forbidding abuse and harassment, just submit another complaint. Their responses seem random so you might get lucky next time or the time after that, even when complaining about the same tweet.

    2. Done and done. I don't know if it actually IS an underage depicted, but it's clearly intended to be taken as such, If so, one must wonder how Manuel got his hands on it. My association with the image in question doesn't go beyond his attempt to link me with it.

      As of today, Twitter has yet to respond. I wonder if there would be any interest in the news media regarding how poorly policed Twitter has become.

    3. There might be. I can supply several examples of blatant lies, including his accusations of fraud together with Oxfam's refutation of them, being reported to Twitter and them saying they aren't in breach of their rules. If they don't constitute abuse and harassment then it's difficult to imagine what is.

      I have an example of Twitter saying they have warned him about purporting to reveal private information and asking for repetitions of it to be reported to them, then dismissing examples of repetition of the same tweet as not in breach of their rule about revealing private information.

      I also have an example of one tweet by another account being dismissed as not abusive and the same tweet later resulting in the account being suspended.

      I think I even have examples of Twitter claiming an account has been deleted when it is still very much active and of saying they have suspended an account when they haven't.

      It seems to me they have an objective to respond to complaints within a target time but no performance monitoring to ensure responses are appropriate, so they simply select a random response from a drop-down list.

  2. Hi there,
    I'm a little late in coming to the table with all this craziness, having only recently been made aware of this user and their perpetually sociopathic activities. But as someone who has had to deal with internet crazies myself in the past, I know how frustrating and futile it can seem when complaints about genuine harassment, libelous statements and stalking seem to fall on the deaf ears of those we expect to help monitor and police social media platforms. For the most part, I don't think that the administrators, owners and people in charge of places like Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook and various other forum boards etc, really care about what goes on within their sites.

    Unless there is a fall-out that will directly bring about some kind of negative press about them, they really only care about the amount of traffic their sites receive and the amount of money rolling in. We're seeing more and more coverage in the press regarding trolls and specific legislation being introduced in some countries, in order to bring about prosecution for those who systematically target others online, but by its very nature the internet will remain largely unpoliced - which is, in many ways a positive thing.

  3. ...I know from my own experience though, that when someone is behaving in a way that requires the intervention of administrators and people in charge of these sites, the greater number of complaints you can muster from separate individuals, the likelier you are to receive a prompt and successful response. Twitter especially, takes complaints much more seriously when a number of people, report the same user/tweet etc. When my own little sad-stalker created a duplicate account that looked almost identical to my real Twitter account and contacted my followers telling them to migrate over to the new account and leave the old one (because it had 'been hacked' allegedly!) I managed to get the fake account deleted within a couple of hours and thankfully, was able to minimise the impact thanks to some really awesome people who helped get the word out. Likewise, when another particularly toxic individual who is famed for creating multiple sock-pupped anti-west pro-jihad accounts, came after me under a number of his various guises, I was able to get Twitter to intervene and delete many of the offending accounts, after myself and a number of followers all submitted complaints at the same time. Of course, he keeps popping back up and we've had to do the same thing another couple of times again, but after a while, he obviously realised that there was no point in returning to harass my account, because it meant he had to keep on creating new ones every time Twitter deleted them. He hasn't bothered me in a while, but give it time!

    Just going through this post here, it's pretty insane the lengths to which this Manny lunatic has gone to in his complete infatuation of certain individuals....but unfortunately, it's not surprising and it's not an uncommon occurrence. There have always been these lunatics out there, but thanks to the internet, they now have a voice and a window into our lives. I'm still playing catch up with regards to this particular situation, but the only thing I can really say so far is that I am so sorry that you've had to go through all this nonsense. My only advice is to coordinate complaints about this individual, in whatever guises he happens to be manifesting in, so that the response from Twitter or whichever powers that be you're contacting, will be more prompt and decisive.

    I fear that this particular 'tactic' was used negatively by a bunch of demented religious types and their own sock-puppet accounts, in the recent suspension of 7 fairly well known atheists on Twitter (including Mama Atheist & her husband). Rather than using the 'safety in numbers' idea to help keep each other safe, they abused this and used it further their own malicious ends. But it does work as a positive method of getting a successful outcome to genuine complaints of harassment etc. Whenever this individual does something out of order, send out a 'call to arms' to those who know will support you and have your back and hopefully, the concerted efforts of concerned individuals will help to see something happen.

    And on that note, I'm off to catch up on the back-story of this whole palaver!

    Good luck


    1. Hi Bex

      Thanks for your advice. I'm not actually active on Twitter as a cabal of Christian fundamentalists did exactly that and got my account suspended but I believe most of those who Manny habitually abuses have reported his tweets and blogs and I know at least one legal team is actively investigating some of his more defamatory claims.

      I have to say I think it's particularly cowardly of Twitter to, in effect, hand over policing of their service to the very people who carry out the abuse the system purports to protect their clients again by automating their response to multiple false spam reports without investigating their validity. In the name of freedom of speech, they have handed over it's policing to those who wish to deny it of others.

  4. In relation to the claim Manuel/Sacerdotus was expelled from Seminary: I'm aware that you're currently not able to provide supporting evidence for this, or explain the reason for the expulsion (if he was expelled). But in light of what you've found out would him asking people's ages with the specific intent of locating teenagers and claiming he's been prohibited from contact online or in person with minors be related to that and not just him looking for an excuse to ignore people who question him?

    See post here: https://plus.google.com/+SacerdotusSacerdotvs/posts/dNYmRb3VnxZ
    From what I and other's have read the charter linked in that post includes no mention of such restrictions

    NY (where we know he lives due or at least at the time of emails) AD's code of conduct prohibits social contact with minors they serve except exceptional circumstances http://archny.org/codes-of-conduct

    Boston's (where he claims to be) AD doesnt seem to have such a code available online that I could see. The closest being: http://www.bostoncatholic.org/uploadedFiles/BostonCatholicorg/_Utility/Child_Advocacy/CAPsectionI.pdf
    Found http://www.bostoncatholic.org/Offices-And-Services/Office-Detail.aspx?id=13570&pid=460

    1. It would not be inconsistent with the alleged reason for Manuel's expulsion from seminary that he might have signed an agreement to that effect rather than face prosecution, though it's a little strange that he's only just remembered it after nearly ten years.

      Of course, it might be that something has happened more recently that has led to this condition being imposed on Manuel but I doubt he would admit that on line. I don't see anything in either the code of conduct for laity (which would apply to Manny if he was really working for the Church and not spending all his time begging and faking blogs on line) or for the clergy which Manny might be pretending applies to him.

      My guess is he's pompously pretending to be under holy orders still and this is all part of the charade. People with a narcissistic personality disorder will often make idiotic claims like this to make themselves look important.

      "Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pervasive grandiosity, an extreme desire for attention, a sense of entitlement, a willingness to exploit or mistreat others, an excessive need for admiration and a lack of empathy. Yet narcissists can be fragile too and prone to outbursts of humiliated rage. Their grandiose self-beliefs are built on foundations as solid as quicksand, hence the need for constant admiration and attention, shoring up their unstable sense of self." (Source)

      I can't follow the link to his G+ post as he's blocked me, probably in case I complain about his obsessive abuse again.

    2. Good to see you back, by the way. Can we look forward to your participation in G+ and elsewhere again?

    3. Thanks, and hopefully yes I should be increasing my activity soon. Got a couple of projects in mind to help with that.

    4. Good. I look forward to that.

      I see Manny is still claiming on Twitter that people run away from debates with him. How did that enquiry go and will you be writing it up at all?

  5. Both stalled, unfortunately with not enough to warrant a write up. Both groups responded to my emails fairly quickly, politely and professionally. Both took the stance that they could understand my concerns based on what they could see from a quick look at Twitter, G+ and a couple of blog posts but took the position that they wanted to confirm he worked, or studied with them.

    Unfortunately based on the information provided which was the name and school history from your sacerdotus a fraud exposed post and the alternate name and academic claims on Sacerdotus own blog neither could confirm he worked for them.

    From the tone of the emails I'm confident they took my concerons seriously. So assuming at least one of the provided names and associated information is correct then he doesn't study, work or train for either of them


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