Friday, 25 March 2016

My New Book! Ten Reason To Lose Faith

Faith is a fallacy!

Faith is delusionary. It produces the illusion of knowledge and certainty in the absence of real knowledge and understanding.

Faith is not a virtue; it is the sin of intellectual indolence and the abdication of personal responsibility. It is pretending to know things you do not know. It has failed mankind and now represents a clear and present danger, not just to humanity but to life on Earth itself.

Ten Reasons to Lose Faith: And Why You Are Better Off Without It, looks at the reasons why people should reject faith and why a 'crisis of faith' is not a problem to be avoided but something that should be welcomed and encouraged because it represents a mind trying to come to terms with reality. A 'crisis of faith' is a triumph of reason and the starting point for personal liberation.

Recent events in Pakistan, Turkey, Paris and Belgium can leave little doubt that faith, far from being the basis of a kind, caring and peaceful society, is harmful to the point of being positively dangerous. Religions which once might have produced united, cohesive societies in relative isolation, now produce ghettoised, mutually suspicious, warring and uncompromising factions in an increasingly globalised, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-faith world where exactly the opposite is needed.

The ten reasons to lose faith lead naturally one to the other, building a case for rejecting faith. The first five deal with the reasons why faith is a fallacy which leads only to the illusion of knowledge and certainty in place of a real, evidence-based understanding of the world. The second five deal firstly with the personal benefits of seeing the world through the eyes of a rational atheist and being led by evidence rather than conforming to received dogma, and secondly with the social benefits of a society based on secular Humanists, free from faith-based superstition and dogma.

To illustrate how freethinking scepticism, as opposed to religious dogma, has been essential for human progress, Chapter 6 outlines the history of four major scientific theories and explains how science works. It explains why the seductive lure of apparent certainty offered by faith is illusory, why doubt and uncertainty are essential for learning and progress and why a good scientist needs to behave like an atheist, regardless of any religious views they may hold. For this reason scientists of different faiths and from different cultures can work together in mutual respect, and make the same discoveries, free from magical thinking and unproven dogma.

Unlike my earlier book, this is not based on my blog-posts but represents several months of original research. Each of the ten chapters is an extended essay in its own right but the whole is intended as a narrative, building a case for abandoning faith and adopting the liberating philosophy that truth and understanding can only come from acceptance of whatever the evidence shows.

For those convinced that their faith is unshakable, this book represents a challenge. For those who have already rejected faith and who need some arguments to help others do likewise, this book provides just that. For those beginning to question or doubt their faith, this book will provide many of the answers you need. If you have faith which you wish to retain in spite of all the arguments and which is too fragile and insubstantial a thing to withstand critical analysis, you should avoid this book at all costs.

Ten Reasons To Lose Faith is available both in paperback via Amazon or directly from the publishers or as an ebook for Kindle. Purchasers of the paperback from Amazon can get the Kindle version at the special low price of $2.99. Subscribers to Kindle Unlimited can get it free!

Paperback - $14.75 (£10.75, €14.72).
eBook for Kindle - $8.95 (£6.95, €7.94)

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  1. I'm so delighted to read that you have written yet another book, Rosa!

    Believers and their supernatural and religious bullshit claims are almost always, in some way or another, based on science denial and science disparagement.

    Read more about this topis here: ; and here: .

    And since we are in the middle of the Easter Holiday I also want to recommend this interesting article for you to enjoy: .


  2. Excellent! I suspect you will outsell ol' Sac 10,000 fold... not that its difficult... or a contest.

    1. Did anyone actually buy his 'reel buk' - apart from his various alter egos?


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