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Baptist Minister in 'Gay Cure' Child Abuse

Gary Wiggins
Charged $21,000 to 'beat the demons out' of gay teens
Texas Authorities Shut Down Boys Camp Run By Baptist Minister Accused of ‘Ex-Gay’ Torture - OutSmart Magazine.

Got a teenage son who is showing signs of being gay? Don't worry! For $21,000 a year, Gary Wiggins, a recovering alcoholic and former drug addict, and a born again Baptist minister, will beat and abuse the evil demons out of them - and use them as free labour in his lawn-care and removal companies; the teenage boys that is, not the evil demons.

Last week, authorities in Burnet County, Texas, USA rescued eight boys aged between 10 and 17 from a religious 'gay cure' camp run by Wiggins. The camp, the Joshua Home, Bertram, Texas, was raided following an investigation into allegations of abuse, neglect, labor violations, fraud, licensing violations, and human trafficking. The investigators believe Wiggins may have been using the boys illegally for a lawn care service and moving company.

According to this report, before relocating to Bertram, northwest of Austin, Wiggins ran a similar operation called the Blessed Hope Boys Academy in Seminole, Alabama. In May 2017 this camp was similarly raided by the child protection authorities and the children taken into care. This raid followed complaints by two boys who ran away of being deprived of food, locked in a closet and being forced to exercise for hours.

The Blessed Hope website, which is now offline, described Wiggins as a born-again Christian and recovering alcoholic and drug addict who felt called to open a Christian boarding school for troubled teens. He and his wife Meghann previously ran a similar 'school' in Missouri.

No charges were brought following the investigation in Alabama.

According to Sheriff Calvin Boyd, he is confident that charges will be forthcoming in Texas which, unlike 15 other US states, does not have a law forbidding these gay 'cures' despite being opposed by virtually all medical and mental health organisations. In the UK the government has recently announced their intention to outlaw them, following evidence that they cause long-term psychiatric harm to those subjected to them.

According to Charles Kennedy, a retired police captain who assisted with the investigation into the Joshua Home in Texas, “It’s an absolute horror what they do to these children. Gary Wiggins does the same kind of stuff that would violate the Geneva Convention.” He added that state agencies are generally “unwilling” to investigate such facilities, especially when the organizations are religiously affiliated.

Wiggins claims to have an 80% success rate and charges parents $21,000 a year to 'cure' their children. The treatment is based on the idea that homosexuality is a mental illness caused by possession with evil demons. Although completely at odds with medical evidence, this is a fundamental part of Biblical teaching which cited Jesus as curing two possessed men by ordering the demons to leave them and go into a herd of pigs which them threw themselves into water and drowned, so killing the demons!

So, these evil demons can cause illness and homosexuality but can't rescue themselves from water, according Early Iron Age superstition. In 21st Century America, Christian parents pay $21,000 a year to have their children tortured and abused to have the demons driven out of them.

Hat tip: The Free Thinker

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  1. I don't think his god did not OK his being born again. I don't believe in Hell, otherwise I would say, "See you there, Gary. What punishment section again?


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