Sunday, 11 September 2011

Religion's Misguided Missiles - Richard Dawkins - The Guardian -


  1. You write: "And, perhaps more importantly, why do all the assumptions" religionists "make regarding the origins of the universe - that it MUST have had a beginning, therefore it MUST have had a cause – not apply to their preferred god?"

    That's why I grew up inferring an infinitely steady-state universe. I saw what Fred Hoyle lampooned as "the big bang" to be a modern version of the earth-centered system -- scientific obedience to religion. Scientists, I presumed, were obsessed with finite local variations, letting the trees hide the forest.

    That is, our finite local region, which we call "the universe" may be a random quantum fluxation in the infinitely steady state. Or we have been spawned by another locality, perhaps decayed, perhaps too far away for us to see, and we may bear our own offspring locality before entropic dispersal.

    Infinity +/- 1 = infinity.

    Our local quantum fluxation has been expanding ever since it was a big bang, but the infinite universe remains in a steady state.

    For a recent revival of the Hoyle universe, see

  2. vicric - are you quite sure you posted this comment on the right page? The article that I read was by Richard Dawkins and it was about 9/11. I wonder whether you followed one of the links below Rosa's post for the day (which change with every view) and find yourself commenting on it instead?.


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