Friday, 22 March 2013

Even Christians Must Obey The Law

BBC News - 'Ex-gay' London bus advert ban ruled lawful:

Excellent news that the High Court has upheld a Transport for London ban on obnoxious Christian anti-Gay hate messages being displayed on its buses apparently for no other purpose than the gratuitous abuse of a minority.

This ruling confirmed yet again that Christians in England and Wales are not above the law (Scotland has its own legal system and is not bound by this ruling) and may not use their 'faith' as a cover for the bullying of minorities for their own perverse gratification and to artificially enhance their own status at the expense of others. With sexual orientation, just as with skin colour, gender, disability, ethnicity or country of origin, or even hair colour, those who need to feel better about themselves by denigrating others like nothing more than something people cannot change about themselves as an excuse for bullying, because this makes them captive and controlled no less than the bars of a cage do.

The ruling follows a recent trend where the courts have ruled that Christians cannot use their religion as an excuse for committing illegal acts such as denial of goods and services to others, that they are subject to the same laws as normal people, and that hiding behind a cloak of piety does not bring privilege any more.

This is encouraging evidence that the UK is moving increasingly towards a fully secular society and that the repugnant 'morality' of the Bible is increasingly being discarded in favour of Humanist principles, as we build a fair society with equal treatment for all and denial of privilege for the few.

Just as the Bible can no longer be used as an excuse for burning witches and persecuting progressives and non-conformists, so it can no longer be used as an excuse for other uncivilised, antisocial behaviour in England and Wales, and not before time. The Bible is no longer a bullies charter in England and Wales. We can, of course, now expect squeals of indignation and cries of persecution from those sanctimonious bigots who see the right to bully, persecute and deny rights to others in order to elevate themselves above us as one of their precious religious freedoms.

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  1. Good, but have you watched Richard Dawkins' documentory 'Faith School Menace'? That paints a very different picture of UK.

    1. A British Humanist Association campaign recently forced the government to outlaw the teaching of creationism in any school receiving state funding and making the inclusion of the scientific Theory of Evolution in the science curriculum compulsory.

      See my blogs: I Have Mail and I Have More Mail

  2. Does that ruling also effect free schools I wonder? As there is the possibility of a Christian free school being build near me in South East England.
    wouldn't it be nice to see children educated without religion being forced upon them, and when they leave school being free to make their own choice on what they believe.

    1. As I understand it, it does if the school gets any state funding.

    2. Fortunately I think this is what is happening.The dramatic dip in the number declaring themselves Christians in the last census, together with the rate churches are losing attendees certainly seems to bear this out.


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