Saturday, 26 April 2014

Manny's Hysteria Explained

I've just found out the reason the expelled seminarian and failed wannabee Catholic priest and habitual Internet abuser from Bronx, NY, Manuel de Dios Agosto, has been spamming my blog with almost daily abuse, threats and delusions of grandeur again, after a lull of several months. It's all because someone has set up a tribute account to me on Twitter specifically to tweet links to my blogs. I understand the account is @R0saRub1c0nd10r. Makes me feel quite proud and more than a little humbled that my blogs were so appreciated by so many people.

Of course I was aware that a supporter and Twitter friend was thinking of setting up this account because, out of common courtesy, he/she (I only know them by their Twitter name) had asked my permission to use my name. What I hadn't realised was how much interest there was in this account although I had noticed a 25% or so increase in page hits. I'm extremely touched and flattered that so many people would like to see me back on Twitter and miss my blog links. I don't have any reason to go on Twitter much theses days so I hadn't realised quite how many supporters were still, after more than six month's absence, calling for my account to be reinstated and including me in #FF lists. I was obviously doing something right ☺.

All I can say on the subject of my return to Twitter is that I don't seem to be able to get past the wall of 'customer support' at Twitter and no one there is willing to give me any reason for my account's suspension other than in the most vague, general terms like 'in breach of the rules'. Despite several requests for specific examples of offending tweets and an explanation of which rule they breached, none has been forthcoming. They either go ignored or, on one occasion, the bizarre excuse was that it would be a breach of privacy to tell me the real reason. Read into that what you will, but I've no intention of creating other accounts only to have them suspended, presumably for the same reason Twitter won't admit to. It seems no one at Twitter Support is allowed to give out the name and contact details of anyone who has the authority to reverse a decision, or maybe they just don't want them knowing what's going on below decks.

Anyway, it seems that the success of this tribute account has sent Manuel off on another one so I am daily having to delete comments on various blogs such as the following selection:

I get a good laugh reading these posts. You really have no clue who I am do you? In any case, I am capitalizing off your paranoia because you are promoting my brand "sacerdotus." Thanks! However, I hate to see when you are taken to court for libel by this kid you're defaming and who you think is me. I can definitely prove I am not him, but your hysteria is indeed profitable for my cause. Thanks again Rosie for promoting me with your paranoia and obsessive compulsive disorder. #won! #noliesrequire #oxfam lol! :-)

#WON I bet you got many goosebumps when you got suspended by me again. :) #LOL #WON :)

Since 2010, 7000 followers all gone.. #LOL #WON You wanted to be prideful and fell hard from your high horse. Rubicondior is not the end. We will continue shutting your nonsense down, so don't get used to twitter or blogger. :) #WON #TeamSacerdotus

As we can see from the last of these Manuel appears to have developed multiple personality disorder and imagines he's running Twitter too, as though he hadn't got enough problems to cope with. He hasn't yet reached the volume of dozens a day that it reached last September, although they are no less insane.

Apparently he is now spamming Twitter with his @Atheism707 account asking people to file false complaints and spam reports againt @R0saRub1c0nd10r and a list of other accounts. No doubt these will be accounts who have either had the temerity to doubt Manuel's claims or who have already learned that Manny is behind this, as well as the @SCDTVS account. I wonder what view Twitter will take of this encouragement to others to abuse their clients with false reports. They generally take a dim view of those who create yet more accounts to get round their multiple suspensions for obscene, abusive and threatening accounts - a list of which can be seen here.

Should anyone wish to report Manuel's current accounts, Twitter's complaint form can be found here. You will need a specific example to begin with, then you need to reply to the email you'll received from Twitter Support. You can then send them further examples by replying to this email. This allows them to build up a dossier of complaints.

It might take several weeks before you get a final reply but don't be fobbed off if they tell you the account has been deleted or suspended. Check this out, as they often seem to use this as a quick way to avoid actually dealing with the abusive account. They have told me on three different occasions that another of Manuel's abusive accounts no longer exists or has been suspended before it had actually been suspended. And don't be fobbed off with the assurance that they have asked him to stop his abusive behaviour. Even if he stops it for a few days, he will start up again quite soon. Simply reply to the email telling them you are not satisfied with that response. This will keep the ticket open so you can update them with new abuse.

Anyway, many thanks to whoever is behind my tribute account and I hope that sheds some light on Manuels increasing bizarre behaviour. Now, back to the real purpose of this blog - explaining why religion is a malignant superstition which needs to be exposed and opposed (look at what it's done to Manny, for example), how science is continually closing the gaps in which religions try to sit their ever-shrinking little gods, how religion is used and excuse for otherwise unacceptable behaviour and the most grotesque of human atrocities against other human being, and how it exposes Bronze-Age creationism, the frauds who sell it to scientifically illiterate simpletons, and the fraudulent apologists who give credence to the extremists for money and political influence.

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  1. Yes, that man seems to suffer from some sort of dissociative mental disturbance. And he must also be obsessed by you, especially you, Rosa, driven by some types of compulsory thoughts. And like the narcissist he apparently is proud of being, he's driven by conceit and self-admiration too. And that man once tried to become a catholic priest! Unbelievable - or maybe not totally, if you think of what many other catholic priests have done in the name of Jesus or the RCC.


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