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Look Where Manny Is Accessing The Internet From!

Manuel de Dios Agosto, the Bronx expelled seminarian, Internet stalker and habitual liar has boobed again and revealed something interesting about himself. He has shown us exactly where his emails are coming from and it's all available online from public sources so you don't even have to take my word for it; you can check for yourselves.

Twitter users will have watched in stunned amusement as Manny, with his usual Dunning-Kruger cock-sure self-confidence, via his sock puppet account @CatholicGadfly, challenged Twitter user Ellif D'Wulf to post evidence that he knew his IP address. Ellif had been pointing out that at least two of Manny's sock puppet accounts have the same IP address. Didn't he realise that Ellif doesn't make evidence-free claims? Not everyone does, Manuel! It's not normal!


So there we see that, although Manny used an AOL email account thinking this would safeguard his location, he accessed it via the web from a server with the IP address (circled in red on the image of the expanded email header).

Now, putting that IP address into GEOIP.US we get:

GEOIP.US » United States » New York »

This IP address is This IP address is fixed within New York United States Country. IP Country code United States is US. IP address longitude is -73.9763031006 and latitude is 40.7619018555. A detailed IP address report for is below.

Continent Code: NA
Country Code: US
Country Code3: USA
Country Name: United States
Region: NY
City: New York
Postal Code:
Latitude: 40.7619018555
Longitude: -73.9763031006
Dma Code: 501
Area Code: 212

Which is interesting because Manny is currently trying to convince Twitter users that his "Jeff T.Follon MA" persona lives in Arizona whilst his @SCDTVS persona lives in Boston, MA.

But there is something even more interesting. We can now put those map coordinates, longitude -73.9763031006, latitude 40.7619018555, into Google Maps using and see where they plot to, and so we can see exactly where Manny is sending his emails from, and presumably his abusive tweets accusing people of things he knows to be false, like defrauding charities and abusing children. For some reason, Manuel seems desperate to convince people that other people do these things. Some have suggested projection and a deep need for dissociation may be involved and may account for Manuel's bizarre behaviour.

So let's see where Manny is currently accessing the Internet from:

Double-click to enlarge

Right slap bang in the middle of New York City Hall!

I wonder how Manuel managed to confuse New York, especially the area around City Hall with so many world-famous landmarks, for Arizona and/or Boston! I've been to both Boston and New York briefly, and I don't think even I would confuse them, so it's hard to imagine how someone who lives in a Bronx apartment would.

Could it be that there is no confusion, not even in Manuel's mind? Could it be that Manuel is lying again in his desperate attempt to convince people he isn't Manuel de Dios Agosto, the 33 year old resident of Bronx and expelled seminarian?

Is the Pope a Catholic?

And of course this all raises another question:

What was an unemployed man who claims to be a seminarian (still, after nearly 14 years!) and who is listed as on a basic philosophy course at Lehman Community College, Bronx, NY doing sending emails from New York City Hall at 21:44 local time on Saturday, 8th November 2014? And why does he make the hour-long journey from his mother's apartment near the zoo to do it? Now who, apart from office cleaners, are going to be working in City Hall late on Saturday evening? Hint: hardly anyone - which is why the office cleaners work at those hours.

I dare say the City's IT people can shed some light on who was logged on to their network at that time, who sent what emails and what they were doing there.

Incidentally, if anyone feels they've been abused by Manuel, using this IP address, the NY mayor, Bill de Blasio, can be contacted here. He also has a Twitter account - @deBlasioNYC. Most organizations take a dim view of people misusing their IT systems to harass and abuse people. An organization like New York City would be duty-bound to notify it's law-enforcement department, the New York Police, of any possible criminal activities. As a public body, all emails sent via New York City's servers would be subject to the Freedom of Information Law. A request can be made here.

And I would imagine the head of any decent firm of office-cleaning contractors would be more than a little miffed to discover that his/her workers are clandestinely logging onto client's IT systems and posting abuse when they should be working. This is the sort of behaviour that could easily lead to the loss of a contract. I would think the City Hall contract would be a lucrative one too, not to be put at risk by the dishonesty and psychopathic personality disorders of workers who can't be trusted to work unsupervised.

As I said, this is all public information accessible on the Internet. Try it for yourself.

[Update 2 Dec 2014]
LOL! Another 'exposé on the way!

I wonder who I'll be this time. I've got bored with being a Canadian author called Esther Harrison already.

No doubt Manuel is forging the evidence right now like he did with those emails he claimed Oxfam had sent him to support lies which OxfamGB publicly refuted. Let's hope he makes a better job of them than his last botched attempt. Note how he's dropped his ludicrous insistence that @SCDTVS and @CatholicGadfly are different people now we know they have the same IP addresses. There comes a point when even Manuel has to accept that his infantile deception has failed again.

I wonder if a new Twitter account slavishly worshipping Manuel and lauding his 'brilliance' will be along soon whilst "Adjunct Professor Jeff T.Follon MA." quietly disappears as suddenly as he appeared without trace last July - when Manny flunked his basic philosophy course at Lehman and had a lot of time on his hands.

Any guesses about who or what I'll be this time? Something criminal, no doubt, and almost certainly a projection of Manuel's own fantasies and guilt.

Or maybe he'll revert me back to living in a non-existent street in Oxford whilst being a Catholic priest in Suffolk and living in Kent and whom the Kent Police are investigating for the 'crime' of pointing out that Oxfam had refuted his lies.

[Update 6 Dec 2014]
Well, okay, IP addresses are not that accurate and maybe I was crediting Manuel with actually being employed despite the abundant evidence that he is unemployable and spends almost all his time on the social media desperately trying to convince people he isn't himself, trying to project his guilt onto others by ludicrously false and defamatory accusations of criminality with no evidence to support them, and constructing a fantasy persona as far removed from reality as possible. So the likelihood of him actually being employed as an office cleaner at New York City Hall may have been unduly charitable on my part.

In fact, IP addresses are accurate only to the general area and most locators give the location of as Bronx, New York, with lower Manhattan as an outlier. What this shows without a doubt though, is that Manny lives in New York, and almost certainly in Bronx, which is what he proudly told the world on the various social media before he realised we knew about his expulsion from seminary and so had something nasty to hide.

Until then he had been proudly telling people about his Bronx adolescence as 'The priest from Dodge' and 'Manny from Dodge' (Grace Hoadley Dodge Vocational School was his high school, now closed for having low academic standards) and his support for the Bronx Bombers (one of his earlier abuse accounts on Twitter was @BronxBomber777, closed down for posting explicit sexual abuse and threats of violence to women). This is of course why he is now pretending to be several different people, all living anywhere but New York and that inadvertently giving away his IP address was all a hoax.

Anyone able to work out how confirming his IP address is the same as that for his blog comments, and the same for all his various personae, and resolves to precisely where we have been saying he lives, i.e. in Bronx (just round the corner from the zoo) where he told everyone he lived until he panicked, was a hoax which fooled us? Is Manuel using private definitions of everyday words again, or is he just lying again?

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  1. It might be worth noting that other IP check sites put the location in the Bronx as opposed to NY City Hall, For example: Puts the location near Bronx zoo.

    1. Indeed, I found that too from when he used to spam my blog. Clicky gives IP addresses and it's easy to to do it when someone hits your blog about a dozen times a day to post abuse and gibberish. However, the fact that my source included map coordinates makes it look quite convincing.

      But in either case it refutes his claim to be in Arizona and Boston - at the same time, apparently.


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