Tuesday 28 April 2015

UKIP Promises a Bigot's Charter - Just For Christians

Extreme right: Nigel Farage
Ukip promises legal protection to Christians who oppose same-sex marriage | Politics | The Guardian

UKIP are scraping the bottom of the barrel for support and have apparently found some disgruntled Christians in the dregs.

UKIP are currently falling in the polls following some disastrous performances by Farage in televised live debates (something he later blamed on a bad back) and are scraping the bottom of the barrel for support. They are now forecast by some pollsters to get somewhere between 0 and 1 candidates elected and Farage may well lose the seat he himself is standing in.

Times are desperate for Nigel.

The self-appointed demagogic leader of UKIP, which vehemently denies being a racist, neo-fascist party, but which has seen the virtual disappearance of openly neo-fascist groups such as the BNP and the EDL, since it's rise in popularity and which just happens to have several openly racist councillors in it's ranks, can't be accused of not knowing his target market.

Farage, who is the grandson of a Belgian immigrant and is married to a German immigrant, campaigns on an openly xenophobic platform against just about anything he sees as foreign (unless they're white and speak English or are white and married to him). He uses 'dog-whistle' politics where he pretends he isn't racist but signals to his core supporters that he is really by using signal words like 'Eastern Europeans', 'non-English speakers', 'different ethnicity', etc.

He recently signalled this a little too clearly when he outraged the audience in a live TV debate by claiming foreigners come to Britain because they can get their AIDS diagnosed and treated freely on the NHS. In another debate he suddenly launched into a tirade of abuse against the studio audience for being left-wing (ie, not being right-wing enough), hurling insults at the BBC - that hotbed of PC liberalism in the extreme right's demonology - for ensuring too much balance in the carefully, and independently, selected representative audience.

Now he has identified another target group who he feels sure will support him in his Little Englander, bigoted, discriminatory fascism - Christians.

Many Christians are still smarting at the loss of their traditional privileges as the UK has moved towards a more secular, inclusive society based on Humanist egalitarianism and ideas of mutual respect for all people regardless of race, religion, ability, gender or ethnic origins. Christians, like Farage, see these as bad things - the consequence of all this post-war consensus European, namby-pamby liberalism. What Britain needs is a hefty dose of good old-fashioned English upper crust imperialism and xenophobic bigotry to show the Johnny Foreigner where to get off. And who better to provide it that the old Christian elite who used to do it so well before all this Human Rights nonsense?

Farage would restore to Christians the right to discriminate against anyone who isn't one of them - gays, unbelievers, non-Christians, unmarried couples, single mothers, foreigners, and of course, eventually anyone who wasn't one of their particular sect of Christianity. Christians would once again have the religious freedom to deny freedom to anyone they didn't like and victimise any minorities of their choice. In the finest fascist tradition Farage would divide society, granting privileges to those who can deliver him the support of the masses to take away our freedoms in order to 'save' us from all those foreigners plotting and scheming to take away our freedoms - and he judges that Christians would jump at the idea.

And under the guise of restoring religious freedom, he would, of course, abolish Human Rights for the rest of us.

Ex-merchant banker, Nigel Farage, now transformed into the gob-shite in the pub with a pint telling us like it is, is no poor judge of character when it comes to identifying those who are most likely to assist him in establishing the sort of Christian neo-fascist state of which any early 20th-century European totalitarian dictator would have been proud.

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