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Monday, 16 May 2016

Sac Watch - Doppy Dotus Does It Again!

Manuel de Dios Agosto (aka Sacerdotus and very many other aliases) - one of the least competent Internet beggars and frauds in the business - really does take some beating for sheer stupidity on a quite astonishing scale.

Readers may remember his very long list of Twitter atheists. He spent several days compiling it in a desperate attempt to get people to file false reports on them to get them shut down because they were exposing his scams and refuting his lies, only to discover that he had blundered stupidly into compiling one of the best source lists of atheists to follow. This rapidly became 'Manny's List' which indignant atheists soon began complaining of being omitted from.

Now it seems he did it again in even more spectacular style! This time he's compiled and published a list of blog posts about himself that he doesn't want anyone reading! No, honestly!

He has actually compiled and published a list of blog posts, many of them mine of course, that he has warned the few real people who still read his blogs not to read. These are the very blog posts which tell the truth about him, expose his lies and reveal the many guises under which he operates his scams and begging activities. Most of all, they reveal his true identity and the reason he is so hysterical about people discovering his true identity in case they then find out why he was expelled from St Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, NY, in 2004 and why he is still unemployable.

Not content with that, he has plastered virus and malware warnings all over it in a desperate attempt to frighten people out of reading the truth, apparently unaware that a quick site safety report will expose that lie and simply makes people wonder why he needed to lie. A typical site safety report can be found here but you may wish to run your own using a different site...

I have made the point before, I believe, that the best weapon against religious fanaticism is to simply give publicity to what they do and say. So, on that basis, here is the link to Manuel's blog post where you will find his long list of blog posts that he understandably doesn't want anyone to read. Reading them will readily explain why that is.

Should you find your own exposé of one or more of Manuel's scams or lies missing, please let Manuel know. I'm sure he'll be only too pleased to add it for you!

Can you imagine anyone writing a blog post with a list of other blog posts he doesn't want anyone to read because they tell the truth about him and thinking they won't? This is the man who once declared he had a higher degree in psychology among his vast and ever-expanding list of such degrees, although it quickly transpired he didn't know the difference between psychology and psychiatry!

It beggars beliefthat this is actually a 35-year-old who poor old, and now dead, Archbishop Garmendia of New York in his dotage actually considered suitable for the Catholic priesthood back in 2001, just as the tsunami of child abuse scandals was about to engulf the Catholic Church! He really isn't the 12-year-old he behaves like!

You know, in some ways, I miss Manuel, who I used to refer to as 'my unwitting assistant'. I don't think he ever really understood why I called him that, even though he claims to have an astronomical IQ. I'm surprised though that even he hasn't realised he could make far more money sitting outside Grand Central Station wrapped in a blanket and holding out a plastic cup than he makes from his online begging and other little scams.

If you wish to find out more about Manuel de Dios Agosto, his details, including any police and/or court records can be obtained for a few dollars from Intelius.com. He is number 5 in this list.

People who have been affected by Manuel's story or who wish to know more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder can get information here, here or here.

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