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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Just Another Catholic Paedophile Seminarian

Seminary Student Sentenced To 15 Years For Arranging Sex With Infants

It would not be fair to assume that all expelled Catholic seminarians were expelled for paedophilia, but this example shows the continuing weakness in the Catholic Church's recruitment procedures in that these predators are still not being picked up earlier. If they hadn't been so careless they might well have made it into the priesthood where they had trusted access to vulnerable people.

This particular ex-seminarian, a trainee Catholic priest at Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, USA, was 23 year-old Joel Alexander Wright who has just been sentenced to fifteen years and eight months in a federal prison for attempting to buy female infants and toddlers in Tijuana, Mexico in order to have sexual relations with them. He is reported to have planned to have sex with three girls in Mexico under the age of four years old.

This particular predatory Catholic seminarian was arrested following a month-long undercover operation by special agents in San Diego after a Tijuana resident tipped off US Federal authorities. In intercepted emails he had admitted that he wanted to buy or adopt a three year-old girl to have sex with her and film it. He had said virgin girls are the best. By pleading guilty he avoided the maximum life sentence for his crimes.

According to the Rev. John Allen, vice president of Pontifical College, Wright was expelled for leaving the school without permission! He added that they were shocked and saddened to learn of his activities.

Despite the multiple cases of predatory peadophilia in just about every Catholic diocese in the world; despite the multiple cases of church officials including cardinals and bishops participating in criminal conspiracies to protect these monsters; despite many US Catholic diocese filing for bankruptcy because of the number of victims and the cost of compensation, and despite the protestations of regret and determination to bring it to an end by the Pope, it would seem that predators are still managing to get through whatever procedures are in place to detect them even before they make it into seminary.

One wonders how many are clever enough to keep their nasty predilections hidden until they are safely dressed in priestly regalia and have the misplaced confidence and trust of vulnerable people.

Surely the public deserve better than this.

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