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Thursday 18 August 2016

God Hates Pastor Tony Perkins!

Pastor Tony Perkins. Christian hatemonger.
US pastor, who believes floods are God's punishment, flees flooded home - BBC Newsbeat

Now, I don't believe in all that karma nonsense and I know it's unkind to laugh at a fellow human being's misfortune, but there is a certain delicious poetry about this story.

Pastor Tony Perkins is well known for trying to make gays and women who have had abortions feel uncomfortable with his hate speeches using his religion as an excuse. In 2015 he agreed with extreme Messianic Jewish pastor Jonathan Cahn who told him that Hurricane Joaquin, which devastated Hawaii last year, was a "sign of God's wrath". He is President of the controversial Christian group 'Family Research Council'. Never one to be deterred by mere facts when in need of a good smear, he also preaches that paedophiles are homosexuals (or is it that homesexuals are paedophiles?)

Now he has had to flee his flooded home by canoe as it became submerged in the floods now devastating parts of Louisiana, saying, "This is a flood of near-biblical proportions."

He stood for the Senate in 2002 and in April this years, failed Republican presidential candidate and religious fundamentalist nutter, Ted Cruz appointed Pastor Perkins to his advisory council for religious liberty. He has also declared that the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing was caused by 'sexual liberalism' in Massachusetts. He appears not yet to have been told by God why he was being punished, but said he is looking at it:

We’re gonna look for what God’s gonna do in this. I’m asking those questions and I’m going to see. [It is an opportunity for Christians to] use this as an incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise to take you to the next level in your walk with an almighty and gracious God who does all things well.

Meanwhile, in contrast to his routine hate speeches, a transexual responded to his Facebook post with:

From the viewpoint of one transgender atheist (whom I suspect you might wish was drowned beneath the torrent), I am truly, sincerely sorry that your home was destroyed and your family endangered. I am glad that you and yours are safe.

I suspect that you are financially resilient enough to bounce back from this as soon as the flood waters recede (and I hope I am correct in that assumption). In the meantime, though, I do hope you manage to take a few moments to consider your less affluent neighbors who may not be as well-buttressed. Maybe in particular, those who you yourself may have wronged through your actions and words, who may face a much more formidable and less certain struggle in rebuilding. May you emerge from this catastrophe not only unscathed, but improved.

It will be interesting to see if this 'lesson' teaches Pastor Perkins to be a little kinder and appreciate the humanity in every one or whether God will explain that this flood was nothing personal and Pastor Perkins should continue with his bigotry and demonisation of minorities, women and liberals. Judging by the house he lost in the flood the latter pays too well for God to want Pastor Perkins to moderate his sanctimonious venom.

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