F Rosa Rubicondior: Ten Great Reasons Women Should Vote For Trump

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Ten Great Reasons Women Should Vote For Trump

Donald Trump is the perfect choice for women.

Here are ten great reasons women should vote for him!
  1. He has a penis and you need a penis to run a country. Even a small one will do. Women are physically handicapped in the genital department.
  2. He doesn't have a vagina, despite what his enemies call him. A vagina would mean he can't think rationally.
  3. He grabs women he happens to meet in lifts by the pussy. This makes him perfect to be president and meet the leaders of foreign country where handicapped women are in charge. They will love it. It'll be just great!
  4. He has sex with anyone who will let him and a lot of women who don't even want him to. Women don't even have to say yes! This save time and will stand him in good stead in foreign relations.
  5. He shouts loudly and abuses women. This is just what women need because they are all mentally challenged! This is how a president should behave. It'll be great!
  6. He is very rich but doesn't pay any tax. This is a great example to set to people because, although the government needs money for things like the armed forces, a diplomatic corps, homeland security, air-traffic control, federal law enforcement, etc, etc., someone else will pay for it. But women shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about these matters. They don't understand economics and high finance because they have vaginas.
  7. He has promised to make the rich even richer. This is obviously good for the poor who will just have to work harder and try to make ends meet. This will create a happier, richer America and bring back family values where women can stay at home, cooking, mending and looking after the children! Who really needs shoes anyway? Barefoot and pregnant is just great!
  8. He is bombastic and lacks self-control so will probably start a major war for women to send their sons, brothers, husbands or fathers to be killed in. Women can enjoy having heroes in the family. Great wars! Great heroes!
  9. He needs to victimise and persecute minorities so he feels powerful. The ensuing riots will make it safer for women to leave the home occasionally, during lulls in the fighting and after the housework has been done. And it will create jobs in the police and prison services - for the right type.
  10. He'll take away a woman's right to choose whether to continue with an unwanted pregnancy or not and give men control over their uterus. Women should not be expected to make these decisions for themselves.
  11. It'll be great! Just Great! Everything will be just great! America will be great again! No one does great better than Donald Trump!

Okay, that's 11 great reasons!

So there you are girls! Go out and vote for Donald Trump to help make America great again! It'll be great!

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