Saturday 31 December 2016

Brits Would Now Vote 'Remain' If Given The Chance

Source: WiN/Gallop International - End Of Year Survey 2016 (Page 32)
Every country surveyed would now vote Remain in an EU referendum... Including Britain | indy100

More evidence, if more were needed, that the 'Leave' vote in the EU referendum was a mistake. A clear majority of Brits (54%), according to an EU-wide WiN/Gallop International poll published a couple of days ago, would now vote 'Remain' if the referendum was repeated. Not a single country would have voted to leave.

It is clear now that a very large number of people who voted 'Leave' either did so believing their vote would not affect the result because all the polls were telling us that the vote would be to stay in, or they realise now they were lied to and, in the cold light of dawn, realise that leaving the EU will not bring the benefits they were led to believe.

Amazingly, there are people who seem to believe we have actually left the EU! If they haven't noticed that we are still full members and nothing has actually changed, what did they think was so objectionable about membership? On BBC Radio 4's 'Today' program this morning there were pundits trying to explain why some of the warnings about the consequences of leaving the EU and the Single Market have not proven true! Share prices reached a record high on the stock market and sterling has recovered a little of the value it lost on the foreign exchange markets immediately following the referendum result. Production appears to be rising and unemployment falling

So why did the 'experts' get it wrong?

They didn't, of course. We haven't left yet! The economic benefits have all come from the fall in the value of the pound, making our goods cheaper abroad. Imported good however have gone up in price leading to higher inflation and a reduction in real incomes. Higher profits for business; more poverty for working people!

We don't even know what conditions the rest of the EU is going to agree to! All we know for sure is that, unless an escape clause is agreed beforehand, we will be out of the EU two years after triggering Article 50 on whatever terms the EU have agreed to - and they have no need to concede anything. Will we be in the Single Market - and so subject to all the non-negotiable EU principles pertaining to membership? Or will we be outside on our own, just another trading nation subject to the whims and fancies of the EU and the other economic super-powers such as China, India and the USA (under new management!), and having no say whatsoever? Paying for the privilege but having no representation round the table. We don't know yet! No-one knows yet!

We haven't yet taken that leap off the cliff but many are now seeing those jagged rocks below that the 'experts' warned us were there but the Brexiteers assured us were harmless and even nice and cosy and soft and welcoming.

We are still being herded like lemmings towards the edge and being told that there is no way back; no alternative but to jump and hope for the best; to take the word of proven liars that all will be well. There is, of course! We can demand a yes/no referendum on the terms and conditions once these are known, with the right to reject Brexit on those terms and show the Brexiteers that they didn't get away with their lies and false promises after all.

A democracy that has no right to change its collective mind is not a democracy!

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