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Thursday 26 October 2017

Thank You For Being Humankind

Thank you!

You just helped make a difference and improve the lives of Iraqi women victims of sexual abuse by helping them rebuild their lives and earn a living.

You did this by tolerating the adverts on my blog because, once in a while the odd pennies earned from adds tot up to over £60 and trigger a payout. And, as always, I donate this to OxfamGB. This year, the project I supported was Helping women survivors of sexual and gender based violence rebuild their lives and raise their voices.

So that's £65 plus $16.25 from the taxman.

According to OxfamGB's website, the money will go towards:

...working to identify and train 200 women and girl survivors of sexual violence to understand their rights, gain leadership skills and learn ways to cope with their experiences. The women will then be encouraged to carry out their own awareness raising sessions for their families and communities. We hope to train 50 community trainers (women and male community leaders) to conduct awareness raising sessions.

We aim to support 100 of the most vulnerable survivors who wish to start generating an income by providing vocational training and business skills (such as sales, marketing and bookkeeping) and we will provide small business grants of up to $600 to each woman to help them get started with their ideas.

In case anyone wants to check - and unbelievably there are people who do - please feel free to contact OxfamGB quoting the receipt number. I hereby give permission to OxfamGB to release details of all donation I have made to them. The email address for enquiries is enquiries@oxfam.org.uk.

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