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Friday 28 September 2018

Fruitloops For Jesus

Pastor Paul Begley.
"They're out there you know! Coming to get us! Only Brett Kavanagh can save us!"
Paul Begley: Kavanaugh Allegations Represent 'The Darkest Hour in the Last 150 Years' | Right Wing Watch

A measure of their values and of their desperation to take over the American judiciary can be got from the hysterical response of fruitloop American Christians to the revelations about the character of their nominee for the vacant SCOTUS seat, the religious fundamentalist and right-wing political extremist, Brett Kavanaugh.

For example, here is fellow fruitloop, Pastor Paul Begley's hysterical outburst. Bear in mind that this is an adult speaking:

I am stunned at the level of disgrace that our country has come to... I am embarrassed. I am worried. I am heart broke. I am shocked.

I knew about the Mark of the Beast, I knew that this ugly seven-headed monster was going to rise. I knew that it would hate the church. I knew it would hate the Gospel. I knew this thing would hate freedom. I knew it would hate children. I knew it would hate life. I knew it would hate freedom. I knew it would hate you and me.

But I didn’t know dark it would get.

This is the darkest hour in the last 150 years. What’s going to happen? Will we survive? Only God can spare America now. Only God can rescue us from clutches of darkness and evil that lurks all around.

Apart from his appalling ignorance of history, he seems almost... no, exactly... like someone in the throes of a paranoid psychosis; a morbid theophobia that makes him intellectually paralysed with a terror of lurking invisible persecuting demons and evil forces.

This poor man's fanatical mind is stuck in a terrifying, pre-enlightenment, demon-haunted world that would be at home in the 15th Century.

But what of his social values? What morality does this terror produce in his fear-filled little mind?

The Harrowing of Hell, Hironymus Bosch
Does he honestly think failure to get a fanatical right-wing extremist inserted into the highest court in the USA would be worse than the Holocaust or worse than the 2004 Asian tsunami; worse even that the current world-wide HIV-AIDS epidemic or the two world wars or the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 that killed 50-100 million people?

We can excuse him on the grounds of ignorance of some of these, maybe, but he can't seriously be ignorant of the Holocaust or two world wars. Yet he ranks these below the 'terrifying prospect' of not getting a misogynistic, arrogant, privileged and would-be rapist fruitloop into a position of power in which he is accountable to no-one and cannot be removed!

This folks is what Christianity in today's Trump-run America had degenerated into.

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