F Rosa Rubicondior: Homophobic Fruitloop For Brexit

Monday 3 June 2019

Homophobic Fruitloop For Brexit

Ann Widdicombe MEP
Ann Widdecombe says science may 'produce an answer' to being gay | Politics | The Guardian

Ann Widdecombe, the recently-elected MEP for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, not content with pursuing a relentlessly right-wing political agenda, has decided she needs to add the role of gay-bashing homophobe to her list of unpleasant qualities.

She stood for a 'party' that had coalesced around Farage, had no manifesto and a single policy, which mysteriously had the finances to launch a major political campaign. Farage's record of racism, lies, disregard for electoral laws and cynical disregard for truth, was of no consequence to self-righteous, everso holy Ann.

She has now decided that being gay is a sickness for which science might find a cure. Homophobia and demonisation of gays being official Catholic doctrine, it follows naturally that disagreeing is an illness and very probably the result of possession by evil spirits. She told Sky’s Sophy Ridge:

The fact that we think it is now quite impossible for people to switch sexuality doesn’t mean that science might not be able to produce an answer at some stage.

A then relatively unknown Tory MP, she first came to the attention of a wider public when, during the Ambulance Workers' campaign for a living wage and recognition for the essential nature of their work in 1989, she demanded that they all be sacked.

During her stint as a Westminster MP, Widdecombe gave unswerving support for reintroducing the death penalty whilst opposing abortion on the grounds of the sanctity of human life. She resolutely opposed equal rights for homosexuals and opposed repeal of Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act, which effectively criminalised any moves by school teachers to prevent homophobic bullying or show any sympathy or support for gay children.

Widdecombe is a former Tory junior minister in the Home Office, where, as Prisons Minister, she gained notoriety for ordering that pregnant women prisoners should be shackled to their hospital beds whilst giving birth. She could give no good reason for this instruction, which was eventually rescinded on the orders of her boss, the almost equally odious Michael Howard, the then home secretary, more out of embarrassment than out of humanity.

She later wreaked revenge on Howard by resigning and denouncing him in the Commons as a liar, famously declaring he had "something of the night about him", and effectively scuppering his first bid for the Tory Party leadership. It seems that to Widdecombe, Britain's most famous self-proclaimed virgin, the sin of being pregnant itself was something to be punished, and these women, over whom she had a small amount of authority, were to experience her disapproval.

Widdecombe famously left the Anglican Church and converted to Catholicism after deciding that the Pope was infallible after all, because he agreed with her so often and because the Anglican Church was becoming too liberal and humanistic. She ensured her first Catholic mass was televised with a glorious close up of her eating some Jesus and looking really humble and pious.

This vile, arrogant, judgemental and hectoring old woman will now represent Britain as a member of Farage's group in the European Parliament. This, if anything is probably the only discernible benefit of leaving the EU.

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