Religion And Science

A collection of blogs dealing with religion versus science.

If We Could Meet Aliens... A speculative look at what we would discover about their religion and science it ever we made contact with beings from another planet.

The Evolution Of God. A description of how the idea of gods could have evolved along with humans.

The Joy Of Living. The human story, from the Big Bang to you.

The Evolution of Gullibility. How child-hood gullibility could have evolved.

Is There Anything More Bizarre Than Religion? A humerous look at what science would be like if it behaved like a religion.

Just Imagine If Science Was A Religion. Another humerous look at 'religious' science.

Proving Your God Should Be Simple. It should be easy to prove a god exists. Strange that no one has ever managed to do it.

Middle For Diddle or Shifting The Evidence. Debunking the creationist assertion that the 'red-shift' proves that earth is the centre of the universe.

Religion and Unnatural Sex. Why the religious obsession with sex is founded on ignorance.

A Puzzle for Creationists. The different between the scientific and the creationist approach to evidence.

Favourite Fallacies - The Kalâm Cosmological Argument. Debunking the apologists favourite pseudo-scientific/philosophical utility argument for any god.

Science vs Religion. Why, in the search for truth, science wins because science can demonstrate the truth of its claims.

The Unintelligent Designer. No intelligent designer would create humans with these faults.

Unintelligent Design - The Head Case. More faults no intelligent designer would have made.

What Is Life?. Well, what is it?

A Fantasy Horror Story. What If?

On The Probability Of Being. What is the probability of you reading this?

Science vs Religion - Speeding Neutrinos. Illustrating the difference between science and religion.

You'd Never Believe The Things Some People Believe. How the world of the Bible compares to the real world.

Talking Bible Babble. How language distribution refutes the Bible.

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