Absurd Bible

A collection of blogs showing some of the absurdities in the Bible.

Was Jesus Against Capitalism? What motivated the extraordinary behaviour towards the money changers and vendors of sacrificial animals at the Temple in Jerusalem which the authors of all four 'Gospels' attribute to Jesus?

Was Jesus Just Another Doomsday Nutter? Following the failure of the latest doomsday prediction of the Day of Judgement, this blog looks at the Biblical evidence that the Jesus myth originally formed around a Jewish doomsday 'prophet'.

Christmas! Which Christmas? A close look at the two different versions of the Nativity in the Bible showing why they can't both possibly be right. But is Matthew's version actually an account of the birth of Jesus anyway?

Women! Are You Free Or Christian? If you're a Christian woman, how do you feel about the role assigned to you in the Bible?

So You Think You're A Christian? If you think you're a Christian, why don't you do what the Bibles says Christians should do?

Do You Agree With God About Slavery? In The Bible, God and Jesus are both in favour of slavery. Why don't you agree with them?

What God Thinks Of Disabled People. God thinks disabled people are inferior and an not fit to be in His presence. Why do so many Christians disagree with Him and what do you think of those who do agree?

Hey Christians! Is Matthew For Real? More absurdity from the King of Biblical Absurd, Matthew.

Religion And Neurological Disorders. The role of temporal lobe epilepsy and other neurological disorders in religion.

Gospel of Judas. It's not in the Bible, but why not?

Are You For Real? Pull The Other One Matthew! If you believe this tale by Matthew, you'll probably believe anything.

Making Sense Of The Bible. A difficult task, but someone has to do it.

Easter - Conspiracy or Cock-up? Poor old Judas seems to be the only one who knew what was going on, yet ends up as the fall-guy.

I Can't See Any Sane Person Believing This Stuff Nowadays. More insanity, this time from Ezekiel.

Are The Bible's Publishers Breaking The Law? Examples of the Bible's authors and publisher committing the crimes of incitement to commit murder, genocide and other hate crimes including human rights abuses, and race and gender discrimination.

Foolish Jesus And The Ravening Wolves. Matthew again. Now he's making Jesus look like a fool and a false prophet.

Are These The Silliest Verses In The Bible? Outside of Genesis, it's hard to find anything sillier.

Jesus Is Risen - And Pigs Can Fly! It looks like Jesus was crucified at least twice and resurrected on at least four different occasions!

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Just how many different Jesuses were there? So many contradictory accounts!

Alternative Reality. The role of mind-altering substances, or neurophysiological disorders in religion.

How Dan Destroys The Bible."There is no basis whatever for the idea of God; of Creation; of Heaven and Hell; of Satan; Of Angels; of the "Fall of Man"; of Original Sin; of the need for forgiveness and redemption including the need to 'accept Jesus' or for his supposed sacrifice, or for all the absurdities in the story of Noah, the flood and the ark, or indeed any of the basic tenets of any of the three major monotheist religions." - Thomas Paine

I Can't Believe It! The Bible Is Made Up! If you believe the claim that Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, you have to believe he wrote about his own death and burial, and some considerable time after they happened. If not, you have to believe that the author knew something he himself says is unknown. Nice piece of Tomas Paine analysis.

Holy Moses! Another Bible Blunder! If you believe the claim that Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, you have to believe he would boast about being the most meek person on earth - not the act of a meek person.

Noah, Dead or Alive. God having destroyed all living substance outside the Ark, the dove was still able to find a living olive tree. Did the author of Genesis not know that plants are living?

Jesus The Sinner. It looks like the author of the Gospel of Mark thought Jesus was a sinner who needed to repent.

Set A Trap To Catch A Fool. The Bible having set Christians up to call people fools, Matthew condemns them to Hell-fire for doing so. A great way to show that Christians don't read their Bibles.

The Ancestor's Likely Tale. The very silly tale of the journey to Bethlehem for a 'census'.

Twinkle, Twinkle. The very silly tale of the wise men and the star.

I Know It In My Heart. You would think the creator of the human body would know how it worked...

Have You Found Jesus? The Jesus of the Bible seems to be a composite of two or more different ones.

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