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A growing list of blogs about evolution in the branch of the tree of life which includes humans.

Nebraska Man - A Creationist Hoax. The truth about the so-called 'Nebraska Man' fossil which was never claimed to be a human fossil, was never included in any list of human ancestors, was disowned in 1927 by the person who mistakenly described it as an ape tooth, less than five years after his mistake and was only elevated to the status of a putative human ancestor by two Creationist fraudsters. Never-the-less it regularly appears in Creationist misrepresentations of the established scientific view of human evolution.

Piltdown Man - A Triumph For Science. How the 'Piltdown Man' forgery's exposure by science was an early example of how the Theory of Evolution can make accurate predictions, and how it represents an ultimate triumph for the scientific method rather than the embarrassment which Creationsts like to pretend it was. In fact, religion played a large part in it's early adoption as genuine, based on Christianity-inspired views of European racial supremacy which also gave rise to the perversion of 'Social Darwinism' and all the horrors that caused when it was eagerly adopted by the political right.

How Creationists Lie To Us. A comparison of an infantile Creationist parody of the scientific understanding of human evolution with what scientists actually say, showing how Creationist pseudo-scienists' criticism of human evolution depends on deliberate distortions, misrepresentation and lies.

When The Conclusion Is Sacred Facts Must Be Ignored. What the discovery of the Denisova fossil tells us about the Creationist approach to new information.

I Have Primitive Ears. How a minority of us have ears which show vestiges of our simian ancestry.

How Linnaeus Made A Monkey Of Creationists. The story of how Carl Nilsson Linnæus classified nature and insisted on placing humans in the ape family, to the chagrin of Christians.

Misguided Evolution. An analysis of Alvin Plantinga's Old Earth Creationist notion that evolution is true but his god guided it to produce humans, showing how this raised far more questions than it answers and requires us to believe absurdities. Never-the-less, this view is believed by a significant number of otherwise normal adults.

A Human Ring Species? Discussing the emerging evidence that early modern humans interbred with at least two divergent species of Homo and so existed as a ring of incompletely speciated species in Europe and Asia, showing evidence of evolution in progress just a few tens of thousands of years ago.

More Evidence For a Human Ring Species. More on the emerging evidence of a human ring species in recent human evolutionary history, including the discovery of a fourth, so-far unidentified, species in the complex.

Oldest Human Ancestor Confirmed. Confirmation that an early 'transitional' fossil from Chad, Africa, from 6 million years ago showing characteristic of both humans and chimpanzees was inded an early hominin.

Human Gene-Meme Co-Evolution. Disussing how humans are now evolving with two sets of replicators - genes and memes - which, like genetic replicators, form alliances as a consequence of natural selection, and how this explains a great deal of geologically recent human evolution.

Walking Out Of Africa. How many humans have feet with charcteristics previously found in a possible human ancestor from the period when humans were in transition between an arboreal and a ground-dwelling existence as we diversified from a more chimpanzee-like ancestor and were probably diversifying into at least two main groups of sp

Now The Earliest Primate! Reporting on the discovery of a fossil from close to the point where a common ancestor diverged into tarsiers and anthropoids, which includes humans. Discussing the difficulty in accurately classifying a species which lies close to the point of divergence.

Human and Chimpanzee Infants Share Gestures. Reporting on a finding by psychologists that human, chimpanzee and bonobo infants both use the same gestures to express basic desires until a human child learns to use language. Lending support to a common ancestor in which these gestures probably evolved.

Lousy Creator. How our parasites co-evolved with us and so confirm the pattern of divergence seen in the genetic and fossil record.

Too Many Transitional Fossils It's not the lack of transitional fossils which is a problem for the TOE in repect to human evolution, as Creationists like to pretend, but the sheer number of them.

Evolution For Brainy People New information sheds light on why modern humans superceded Neanderthals and other intelligent hominids.

Battle of the Chimpanzee Sexes How and when did humans and the other apes evolve their reproductive strategies?

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