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A Human Ring Species? Was there a period in human evolution when a human 'ring species' existed? The genetic evidence points that way.

Something Nasty For Creationists How norovirus or the 'winter vomiting bug' makes no sense as the intelligent design of a human-loving, benevolent, creator god.

Creationists Should Have Sex Like RabbitsIf sex is just for procreation and humans are intelligently designed, why aren't humans like rabbits in the way ovulation happens?

Unintelligently Designed Creationists. Why the lack of a complete fossil series for evolution argues against intelligent design.

Favourite 'Intelligent' Design Argument. Dismantling Michael Behe's 'Intelligent Design' scam.

Creationism's Laughably Absurd Hypothesis. The argument from improbability demolished - with just a little help from Richard Dawkins.

Rapid Evolution Makes Creationists Crabby. An example of very rapid evolution in mussels.

Evolution At Your Finger-tips. How understanding why we have the qwerty keyboard on computers and smart phones helps us understand why turtles still breathe air and placental mammals don't lay eggs.

Only A Theory. Why the Theory of Gravity is less complete as a scientific theory than the Theory of Evolution.

How Linnaeus Made A Monkey Of Creationists. The story of Carl Linnaeus and why he classified humans as animals of the Anthropoid family with the other apes.

Evolution - Making A Monkey Of Creationists. Why we do not see and should not expect to see, speciation happening in front of us.

What A Tangled Web Creationists Weave. Why creationists don't make more of the fact that evolutionists can't fully define the term 'species'.

A Mind Of Sufficient Grasp. Darwin's impeccable logic, still waiting for a Creationist to attempt to refute.

Evolution Gave Us This Day Our Daily Bread. How the wheat from which we make bread evolved and why this is a problem for Creationism.

The Good Shepherd's Purse Is Bad News For Creationists. A simple example of recent speciation.

More Rapid Human Evolution. Rapid evolution in Tibetans as an adaptation to living at altitude in low oxygen partial-pressure.

Creationists Don't Have A Leg To Stand On. How a redundant muscle in our foot shows our evolutionary past.

I Have Primitive Ears. A light-hearted look at a couple of living fossils I happen to have about my person.

Unintelligent Design and Vitamin C Deficiency. Why humans and their simian relatives can't manufacture vitamin C like other animals and why this shows unintelligent evolution without a plan.

Rapid Human Evolution. Rapid evolution of kuru resistance in the Fore people of Papua New Guinea.

Lactose Tolerance And Creation 'Science'. The evolution of adult milk tolerance in some human populations and how the Christian right misrepresent evolution for political gain.

Seeing Eye To Eye With A Butterfly. Explaining how the mammal-like eye-pattern on the wings of a peacock butterfly evolved.

One Step At A Time. There is no evidence for the Exodus story but if there were, if would neatly illustrate Darwinian gradualist evolution. Dawkins' example which he used to refute Stephen Jay Gould's 'Punctuated Equilibrium' hypothesis.

When The Conclusion Is Sacred, Facts Must Be Ignored. The recently announced discovery of a previously unknown extinct hominid species in Asia, and what its discovery may tell us about how creationists react to such discoveries.

So You Think You Don't Believe In Evolution? The three requirements for evolution are so self-evident that it's hard to imagine anyone NOT believing in them.

Giving The Lie To The Macro-evolution Lie. Creation 'scientists' claim that micro-evolution and macro-evolution use different mechanisms and that the latter is impossible. This article gives the lie to that claim.

Show Me The Transitional Forms. Answering the disingenuous insistence by creationists that the supposed lack of transitional fossils is fatal to the Theory of Evolution.

If It Wasn't For Evolution We Wouldn't Have Science. How the body of science evolves by Darwinian evolution acting on scientific hypotheses.

Memes And Genes: A Small Difference. How memes can sometimes mimic genes in their effect on the genotype.

Why We Need To Understand Evolution. How an understanding of evolution shows why we should respect cultural differences.

Why Species? Explaining how speciation occurs and why it is only an incidental outcome for evolution.

Boring Beetles And Bad Eggs. And example of sex determination which defies the notion that it was intelligently designed.

The Unintelligent Designer. Refuting the notion that there is intelligence in the 'design' of animals, using known medical problems normally found in humans.

The Unintelligent Designer - Arms Races. Showing how evolution leads to hugely wasteful 'arms races' which ultimately benefit nothing.

The Unintelligent Designer - The Head Case. Showing how the many faults with the 'design' of the human head can't be the work of an intelligent designer but can only be understood as the result of a mindless utilitarian evolutionary process.

Intelligently Designed By A Loving God? A look at human parasites and how they can't possibly be designed by a loving creator, at least not one who loves human beings.

The Slug Mite - What Is It FOR exactly? Why would an intelligent designer who created everything for humans, design something for which there is no known use other than for producing copies of itself?

Unintelligent Design - Forming Alliances. A humorous look at how genes for alliances, including those from different species.

Evolution - The Meaning Of Information. Explaining the difference between information and meaning and how the latter can change with no change in the former and showing how the environment gives context to genetic information through evolution.

What A Pain: Does God Hate Everything? Pain during death has no possible benefit, so why would a loving creator not remove it?

Deep Time. How much time has there been for evolution?

Something Fishy About Creationism. Rapid evolution of cichlids in the East African lakes over a known geological time-scale.

Ring Species - Evolution In Progress. How the phenomenon of ring species illustrates evolution in progress and gives the lie to special creation in situ.

Why You? What is the probability of you existing here and now? The result may surprise you.

Where Creationists Get Confused. How creationists don't understand the basics of classification and how this ignorance is exploited by creation 'scientists' who perpetuate this ignorance for their own ends.

An Evolving Sense Of Self. How the idea of humans being uniquely self-aware is being dispelled, and together with it, the notion of a soul.

The Teleological Fallacy or Paley's Broken Watch. How the 'argument from design' is a fundamental misunderstanding of biology and merely an argument from ignorance, and why evolution is a much more vicarious explanation.

A Callous And Indifferent God. Explaining how there is no compassion in evolution, using the European wren as an example.

Piltdown Man - A Triumph For Science. How the exposing the Piltdown hoax represented a triumph for science and the Theory of Evolution and illustrates how science is self-correcting over time.

Nebraska Man - A Creationist Hoax. How the 'Nebraska Man' affair illustrates how creation 'scientists' lie.

A New Angle On Sex For Creationists. No intelligent designer would come up with such a silly system as that used by the Angler Fish to get a mate.

How Creationists Lie To Us. Illustrating creation 'scientists' lies by comparing their claims with the real evolutionary account of human evolution.

Oh Dear Me! How Did Darwin Get It SO Wrong? A look at a ludicrously infantile book written for creationists.

How A Pig Destroyed Darwin. Another look at this infantile creationist book.

Evolving Simple Complexity. Why apparent complexity is not that complicated.

Finding Fossils In The Dark. Fossils are not all made of stone. We carry many around with us.

Speciation. Links to articles about or giving examples of speciation.

The Evolution of God. Speculation about how the idea of gods could have evolved in the human meme pool.

The Evolution of Gullibility. Outlining a simple mechanism whereby gullibility evolved as a useful trait in children.

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