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The Ten Commandments

A series of blogs about the so-called Ten Commandments of the Judeo-Christian Bible, where we discover that not only are they almost useless and irrelevant but that the Bible is hopelessly muddled about what they are, to whom they were given and when.

But they tell us a great deal about the people who wrote about them and why they wrote them.

What Is It With The 'Ten Commandments'? This compares the two different traditional versions from different books of the Bible, and shows how they are either irrelevant or routinely flouted, even by the most devout of Christians, especially the prohibition on the making of 'graven images'.

What The 'Ten Commandments' Really Tell Us. How the story of the Ten Commandments reveals the power struggles between different priesthoods which would have been a feature of a polytheist society, and how the story was quite probably grafted onto the Exodus myth to try to give it credence and some sort of divine authority. The winners get to write the history.

Another 'Ten Commandments'. The 'real' Ten Commandments' and how the writers of Exodus and Deuteronomy have muddled two different lists and two different versions of the same story. Telling us more about the insecurities and concerns of a priest class than about the origin of morals and the basis of law in a civilised society.

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