Monday, 28 January 2013

It's Not Just The Monotheists...

The serial virgin Devaki with her eighth child, Krishna
It's not just the monotheists like Christians, Jews and Muslims who have to believe the nonsensical and the plainly absurd to be 'faithful'.

They might think they have a difficult time having to believe in talking snakes, flying horses, virgin births, men living inside fish and the mountains being pegs to hold the ground down, to name just a few, but just imagine how difficult it must be to be a faithful Hindu.

Apparently, according to one of the Hindu myths, the God Krishna was also born of a virgin, but his mother, Devaki, was no ordinary virgin. She had made something of a habit of it, having given birth to seven children prior to Krishna. A veritable serial virgin.

Her first pregnancy was also special in another way. It was caused by her eating half a mango.

In one of Devaki's other 'manifestations' as Aditi, the goddess of dawn, she is also the 'eternal' or 'celestial virgin', something which didn't stop her also bearing eight children.

Apparently, this is all perfectly simple and easy to understand: she used to be a virgin. Parthenogenetic births or doing unusual things with mangoes don't have any bearing on the matter.

No wonder so many Hindus say they are Atheist.

Slice of mango, anyone?

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