F Rosa Rubicondior: Is There Anything More Bizarre Than Religion?

Sunday 19 June 2011

Is There Anything More Bizarre Than Religion?

President of the National Academy of Fairy Tales
Imagine a world in which the President of a national Academy of Science issues a statement that the truth about the origin of the universe has been revealed to him. It DID originate as a singularity in a black hole from another universe and this is now the official position of the Academy.

Furthermore, since this is revealed truth, no evidence will be presented as none is needed. Revelation is enough and transcends any need for evidence. There will now be no further controversies in science since all remaining issues will be resolved by the President meditating on the matter and he will announce his revelations in due course.

Henceforth, all true scientists will meet in laboratories every Sunday morning and will declare their adherence to the Academy’s edicts on this and any other matter and will be told this week’s revelations. These meeting are to be conducted by heads of departments who will wear robes appropriate to their rank and dignity.  The audience will listen quietly and respectfully.  No discussion or disagreement is to be permitted.

Any disagreement will result in expulsion from the Academy and heretics will be forbidden from practicing science or associating with any scientists.

Furthermore, the President is now to press for an urgent meeting with senior politicians, legislators and judges to demand that he now be consulted on all matters of public policy which must receive his personal approval before becoming law.  All areas of government, including the military, policing, welfare and education are to be subject to oversight by the Academy.

What a truly bizarre world that would be.

In reality, of course, such a person would be swiftly removed from his post and, in a civilized society, would receive the psychiatric support and medication needed.

Why then does religion operate in just this way?

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  1. Lol, that's probably because religious people think they are purer and morally superior; hence everything they do is justified, no matter how weird it be. It reminds me of Richard Dawkins' epic video : If Science Worked Like Religion.

  2. Rosa - I love your postings with an (almost) religious passion! Will I go to Hell because of this?

    1. Don't worry Denis, just like the rest of us you'll be a banquet for earthworms and insects with a few billion atoms returning to their original form of stardust ! LOL

  3. As usual, well done Rosa. You have a flair for comedy, while being dead serious. Love it! ~@AtheisticEarth

  4. You seak of Catholicism, don't want be judgemental over them since I used to judge and critic them. But since that is not my position to do so, but we'll go ahead and speak of the Catholics. You're right, many people have left the Catholic tradition and find themselves going to other Christian churches, I stopped going to a Catholic church when I was 12, I was told by my family that they would rather see me in gangs than going to a Christian church, that I would burn in hell for leaving the Catholic church. So, you can't use one 'church' to account for all others. Just because one is wrong doesn't make all others wrong. And this goes for anything else, just because one scientist is wrong doesn't make all others wrong. Just because one policitian is corrupt doesn't mean other politicitians are corrupt, just because a friend of yours maybe be dishonest doesn't make you dishonest. Get the point?

    1. >You seak of Catholicism<

      Catholicism is not mentioned anywhere in the blog. Nor, for that matter is any particular religion, Christian or otherwise.

      Can I suggest you read it before commenting upon it next time?

      >Get the point?<

      Nope. Can I suggest you reply to the actual blog, even if that does mean reading it first.


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