Saturday, 3 November 2012

The 2012 Darwin Creationist Twit - Result!

The coveted Darwin Creationist Twit Award for 2012 Results:

In third place with

is @jtrubo

Well done to @jtrubo for doing so well with what was a really late entry, only just making the deadline.

In second place with two candidate entries:

is @Absird.

Very well done, @Absird. A valiant effort which I thought would take some beating for its pompous idiocy. Two very good candidate tweets there.

However, the clear winner with:

is @loadsofduck with an entry so moronic that it proved impossible to beat for it's sheer ignorant stupidity, even by the exceptionally strong entries from @Absird.

Well done, @loadsofduck,DCT for being the 2012 Darwin Creationist Twit of The Year. Don't forget to impress your friends and followers by putting those much sought after letters after your name.

1 comment :

  1. Wow "R" before I finished readin g the post i wuz thinking the competition is too tuff to have one winner. Mr. duck not only takes the cake, dude grew the ingredients to make the cake, processed the oil to become gasoline to deliver said cake and even rang up the purchase in his own bakery. That's called 'owning it'.

    Great work "R"



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