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Thursday 9 May 2013

Sacerdotus - The Fraud Exposed

This detailed report on Manuel "Manny" de Dios Agosto, aka @Sacerdotus and many other Twitter aliases, has just been published on Twitter by @Yhwh_TheLord. As regular Twitter Atheists will know, Manuel is a notoriously obsessive stalker, fantasist and abuser who uses Catholicism and an obviously fake piety as the excuse for his abusive posts there as well as on his blog site.

I happen to be his most recent obsession ever since I exposed his ludicrous claims to have scientific proof of the Christian god by simply challenging him to produce it and debate it in a neutral forum, but apparently I'm not the first.

It fully validates everything I had exposed about Manuel and his murky past in blogs here and here.

[Update] Within a few hours of this blog going live, Manuel had taken down most of the sites listed. Fortunately, anticipating Manuel's panic, @Yahweh_TheLord had grabbed and saved screenshots which are linked to at the end of this blog.

[Further update - 31 March 2024] Sadly, the online account where @Yahweh_TheLord placed the screenshots has now expired and Manuel has taken down all the social media posts they relate to. Sceptics might like to speculate about why he would do that if they don't incriminate him.

A Saccy Report #atheist #atheists #atheism Sacerdotus, aka Sacerdotvs, aka Sacerd0tus, aka The Priest, aka Dodge Priest, aka CuRaTvS, aka Curatus, aka Enigmvs, aka Bronx Bomber, aka BronxBomber777, aka RationallyFaithful, aka....oh hell I give up, too many aliases to list. Who is this notable spiritual blogger and warrior against atheists? Could he be Manuel "Manny" de Dios Agosto, a male, possibly age 32, Spaniard/Basque and Puerto Rican New Yorker who is studying for the Catholic priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ within the Catholic Franciscan Order? Who knows? Sacerdotus vehemently denies the name Manual (Manny) de Dios Agosto and instead says his name is Michael. Let's get to the facts:

This is the MySpace page for "The Priest". Points of interest on the page include the graphic, it's really strikingly familiar with twitter atheists. Also notice the four friends of the account, one of whom is our old buddy Tom. Say "Hi" to Tom, folks, he's been out of the game for a while. There's a curious gent listed among the friends named "CuRaTvS", which looks much like the "/curatus" portion of the URL for the page, we'll come back to him in a minute. Under the "General Interests" it's noteworthy that "The Priest" loves his Bronx Bombers and he's also into Catholic Apologetics. Some of his heroes are John Paul II and Mother Theresa. Glance at the "About Me" section under the Blurbs on the right side of the page where it says "What do you want to know about me...[blah blah blah]...Espiritvs Sanctvs", it's a fairly short commentary, commit that to memory for a moment and we'll come back to it. On the right side at the bottom of the page are the Priest's Details. He's from the "Boogie down Bronx", he's Catholic and Pisces. Finally the Priest attended Grace H. Dodge Vocational High School from 1996 to 2000. Now hover your mouse over the primary account graphic at the top left of the page, the popup indicates The Priest is male, 32 years old. MySpace pages have a "Blogs" section. Within the blogs for this account is the following entry which I linked to directly for convenience:

http://www.myspace.com/curatus/blog/361737014 [Dated 26 Feb 2006]
This is the Priest's personal bio, apparently he's male, Spaniard/Basque and Puerto Rican who is studying for the Catholic priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ within the Catholic Franciscan Order. The second half this blog post is of notable interest, he says his "highschool time was just a trip. People nickednamed [him] the 'priest' or the 'priest from Dodge'". He was "the guy with black clothes, crucifix and priestly insignia. Moreover, some even mistook [him] for some 'goth' kids". And he attended "World Youth Day" events. The Priest sounds like a nice kid. He's obviously very religious and has been since childhood. What about that CuRaTvS friend of his? I think Curatus and CuRaTvS is a bit of a curious coincidence. Let's follow the link and see what CuRaTvS is all about on his MySpace page:

Take note of the graphic. There are lots of tweets in the status feed about twitter names like "@RosaRubicondior" and "@Sacerdotus". The Priest from the last account that we looked at is in the friend list. Oh, but now look at this! This is interesting. On the right side in the "About Me" blurb is the exact same bio from the Priest's page. Wow. The same "What do you want to know about me...[blah blah blah]...Espiritvs Sanctvs". Hmmm. And at the bottom on the right in the Details CuRaTvS is a Catholic Pisces from the Boogie down Bronx, too, who also attended Grace H. Dodge Vocational School from 1996 to 2000. This is the same guy. The Priest and CuRaTvs are the same person. Yep, sure enough, in the Interests section he loves his Bronx Bombers and Catholic Apologetics. Now hover over the graphic at the top left, CuRaTvS is male, 102 years old. A hundred and two years old, haha, that'll really throw 'em off the scent! Let's see what we can find in CuRaTvS' blogs:

Here's an interesting CuRaTvS blog which starts out "The peace of the Lord be with you and yours always. This is Manny aka 'Dodge Priest'". Well now we know this is Manny. CuRaTvs and The Priest are Manny. Hi Manny! Say Hi to Manny, folks. There are also some links to Facebook pages, we'll come back these. Let's look at another of CuRaTvS' blog posts first:

This last blog made on September 11, 2011 is notable. The first few lines read "Today the 10th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks took place. September 11 will always be a date engraved in the minds and hearts of all who witnessed it, whether in person or on television". Let's commit that portion of this blog to memory for a moment and move on to another MySpace account:

This is the MySpace account for Sacerdotus, spelled "sacerdotvs" in the URL, similar to curatus/curatvs or enigmvs. Sacerdotus is "Catholic, studying to be a priest" and also a Pisces. There are lots of tweets in the feed about #atheists @RosaRubicondior and @Sacerdotus. Sacerdotus says he'd like to meet Jesus, The Blessed Mother, the saints and angels. Say Hi to Tom again in the Friends list, folks. Hi Tom! Now hover over the graphic at the top left, Sacerdotus is male and also 102 years old. Imagine that, two centenarians! Now let's check those Facebook pages:

This is the Facebook page for the Priest. There's one of our favorite graphics again. There are loads of tweets on the feed about @RosaRubicondior, #atheists and @Sacerdotus, links to sacerdotvs.blogspot.com, sacerdotus.com. We'll get to these in time. Let's look at the "Basic Info" for the Priest first:

On the Basic Info page all of same bios from the MySpace page are listed. Loves those Bronx Bombers. Control + C'd & control + V'd from the MySpace page. Moving on:

https://www.facebook.com/dodge.priest [page now mysteriously taken down]
This is the Facebook page for Dodge Priest. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the feed to the oldest posts. Dodge Priest attended the following schools: IS193 (1995) in the Bronx, Grace H. Dodge Vocational (graduated 2000) in the Bronx, Holy Apostles College and Seminary (2004, Theology) and St. Philip Seminary (2005, Philosophy, Theological Philosophy no doubt). The top of the feed has lots of post to Sacerdotus's blog and some retweets about atheists and RosaRubicondior. Check out the "About" page for Dodge Priest:

There are links back to the MySpace curatvs pages. Dodge priest is CuRaTvS and the Priest and Manny, all the same person. Dodge priest likes EWTN. Now have a look at another Facebook account:

This is Sacerdotus' Facebook shrine to...well...his own blog. Scroll down to May 9th, 2012, quoting "please join me in giving @BarackObama a bronx cheer for supporting social engineering #catholic". A Bronx cheer, eh? Now scroll up to October 30th, 2012, quoting "Vote to help Bronx Hospital fight Breast Cancer". November 17th, 2012 "Sacerdotus shared News 12 The Bronx's status". I'm sensing trends here, mostly self promotion and insults to atheists, but sprinkled lightly with Bronx insights. Next let's have a look at Sacerdotus' twitter page, particularly his posted pics page:

Here you'll immediately recognize his signature graphic from the MySpace pages and Facebook pages. It's the one in the background of this page. Now view his main Twitter page:

On his main feed page he now prominently says his name is Michael. He's been very adamant about this, his name is Michael. When questioned, he doesn't know anyone named Manny, he thinks Manny is some minor child. According to Sacerdotus, Sacerdotus' real name is Michael. On the feed, you'll notice a variety of topics, if three can be called a variety. There are insults to atheists, incessant plugs for his blog and comments about RosaRubicondior and not a whole hell of lot more than that! There are also links to his various blogs, foremost we'll finally examine his very own website powered by Blogger:

Welcome to Sacerdotus.com, a personal vendetta against all things atheist, anything RosaRubicondior, and spattered with a few papal posts and posts about condoms and abortion. On the right side of the page, scrolling a bit down, is the "Blog Archive" box. Please take a look at it. Let's go all the way back in time to one of the first blogs ever posted on Sacerdotus.com back in 2011. For convenience, I've linked to it directly here:

Drumroll....... The blog reads "Today the 10th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks took place. September 11 will always be a date engraved in the minds and hearts of all who witnessed it, whether in person or on television" ....and cymbal crash.

WAIT! Oh My Fairy Godmother and Holy Talking Donkey, look at that! That's the exact same blog posted to CuRaTvS's MySpace blog! What a startling coincidence indeed. If you'll remember CuRaTvS posted a blog that said "This is Manny aka 'Dodge Priest'". Well, Hi there, Manny! Nice for you to finally meet all of us atheists.

So who is this Manny fellow, Priest of Dodge who loves his Bronx Bombers and Catholic Apologetics so much? Why he's none other than our very own friend to all atheists, @Sacerdotus! Sacerdotus isn't Michael at all, he's actually a guy named Manny, just as I posed several years ago when his anonymous offensive tweets and blog posts reached a crescendo.

Let's see if we can probe deeper. Let's have a look at the Classmates.com listing for IS193 (Intermediate School) in the Bronx:

On the page if you scroll to the bottom there's an Alumni List. We're looking for a gent named Manny. Utilizing the "Find" or "Search" feature of your browser doesn't reveal any "Manny" in the listing. But, hey, Manny could be short for Manuel, right? Let's search again. There's a "Manuel de Dios Agosto" in the listings, could that be Manny, aka Sacerdotus, aka Dodge Priest, aka....oh never mind....you get the picture. Let's see what's on that profile:

Hmmm...well there's no profile picture or profile info (anymore) but none-the-less, Manuel de Dios Agosto did attend IS193 between 1992 and 1996. That certainly encompassed 1995, as listed on Dodge Priest's Facebook page. And Manuel de Dios Agosto did attend Grace H Dodge Vocational High School and graduated in 2000, same as Dodge Priest's Facebook Page. Hold the phone! What's that? Scroll to the bottom of the page. Look there. In your deletion frenzy of your classmates bio when I called you out on it, Manny, you forgot to delete your favorite graphic.

Other links of interest:

In case you're interested in giving him a call. New York area code, no surprise there.

@Sacerdotus' favorite graphic on Curatvs' blog remnants.



Saccy (now suspended)

Search for Manuel on this page, in case you'd like to email him directly.

Search the page for Manuel.

On a final note, I'm less than amused by this blog:
This a blog about how Manny converted from Atheist to Catholic, however as the links and profiles listed above have demonstrated, Manny has never been atheist. He was the Priest of Dodge even in gradeschool, attending World Youth Days, remember? He prominently states in this particular "Atheist to Catholic" blog that "It was physics that lead me to God, not any religious ideas". But this is a notable lie. Nothing -lead- Manny to God, he was indoctrinated as a child, as is demonstrated with the above links. According to his own posts he studied Theology and Theological Philosophy at both Theology and Seminary schools. This particular "Atheist to Catholic" blog post states "As a student of Science", though you've never been a student of science, Manny, as your trail of personal history clearly shows. You were the kid with the "crucifix and priestly insignia", as your own Bio indicated to everyone. You were never an atheist as you claim to be. You were never a student of science as you claim. That's all pure fabrication and this is a classic example of the twisted, manipulative, head-case way that theists lie for their gods. Your "Athiest to Catholic" blog says "ME - a young atheist physics student", but nothing could be further from the truth, as these links demonstrate.

Manuel "Manny" de Dios Agosto, Spaniard/Basque and Puerto Rican New Yorker who is studying for the Catholic priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ within the Catholic Franciscan Order, Pisces, who loves his Bronx Bombers and Catholic Apologetics, aka Sacerdotus, aka Sacerd0tus, aka Sacerdotvs, aka Manuel de Dios, aka Curatus, aka CuRaTvS, aka the Enigmvs, aka Dodge Priest, aka the Priest of Dodge, aka the Priest, aka RationallyFaithful, aka Bronx Bomber, aka BronxBomber777, and untold other aliases. They're all yours, so now own them.

Special Note: For historical reference and amusement I've made saved screen captures of all of the aforementioned pages. This will be convenient when Robert T. Johnson (DA, Bronx County) and Bill de Blasio send Me that summons to appear in court, as you warned.

As I've told you many times before, Manny, what you say is irrelevant to what is demonstrable. Tend the garden and avoid indemonstrable knowledge.

As @Yhwh_TheLord points out, all this is public information. Being an inveterate narcissistic fantasist, Manuel has flooded the social media with ludicrous claims about himself, although, at the time of writing, it appears that some of them at least are being hurriedly taken down.

On wonders what hysteria this further exposure will lead to. Stand by for another flood of new Twitter accounts all posting abuse and re-tweeting one another.

[Update 10 May 2013] The following link to screenshots of most of the above. See comment below.
  1. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/WeQiN.jpg
  2. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/qoxOJ.jpg
  3. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/0G3Ku.jpg
  4. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/wErd.jpg
  5. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/ENQcC.jpg**
  6. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/2jCBO.jpg
  7. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/ElTzv.jpg**
  8. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/6oqjt.jpg**
  9. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/2HkLT.jpg
  10. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/vqD7h.jpg
  11. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/XuVxm.jpg**
  12. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/fnqGC.jpg
  13. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/HV3WJ.jpg**
  14. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/IXUC.jpg
  15. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/XqCOL.jpg
  1. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/1z4j2.jpg
  2. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/u8MyG.jpg**
  3. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/A8Pb.jpg**
  4. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/FY7ts.jpg**
  5. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/B8qM7.jpg**
  6. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/pQh7F.jpg**
  7. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/9tqOQ.jpg**
  8. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/67PK9.jpg**
  9. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/5hjnw.jpg**
  10. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/J1tmn.jpg**
  11. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/3fbBp.jpg**
  12. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/qxPz8.jpg**
  13. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/lgeuo.jpg**
  14. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/L7yFA.jpg
  15. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/Hhw5Z.jpg
  1. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/b5tZ0.jpg**
  2. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/PB0p1.jpg**
  3. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/ZICL6.jpg**
  4. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/uRB4.jpg**
  5. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/bfXdk.jpg
  6. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/2yTkc.jpg**
  7. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/bFwMx.jpg**
  8. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/ap35u.jpg
  9. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/Vi61I.jpg
  10. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/gOjYy.jpg
  11. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/QlcW8.jpg
  12. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/DdEPF.jpg
  13. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/oIJim.jpg
  14. http://anony.ws/i/2013/05/10/VIrFx.jpg**
**Indicates screenshot with a date. Sometimes you may have to look for it but it's there.


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  1. Rosa, you are making a fool out of yourself and I will be unfollowing you. None of this information proves this to be "Sacerdotus." Why do you insist on posting random websites and linking the information to Sacerdotus? Why not debate him instead?

    1. Did you enjoy the article detailing your fraud and dishonesty, Manuel? I thought it was brilliant. Lots of others are enjoying it too, I see.

    2. Hmn. Anonymous 9 May 2013 14:23


      Anyway. Back to reading this nice blog.

    3. Manuel often transparently spams my blog anonymously looking for attention but understandably pretending not to be himself. :-)

    4. Oh, that's priceless. Take pictures Rosa, before he backpedals out of it.

      "I will be unfollowing you Rosa! I am the one follower you have who is concerned about the way you treat the individual who is malicious obsessed with you. Please believe I'm not me, Sacerdotus. Which I'm not. So don't think that. Also, just debate him. But once again, it's not me. So don't think it is me. Goodbye!"

      I keep saying you can't write this shit, but evidently, Manny keeps proving me wrong.


    5. "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

  2. I cannot like this enough. Proper laughing going down here! Cheers for this Rosa! Brightened my day, so it did!

    1. Thanks. I enjoyed making a blog about it but all the credit has to go to @Yhwh_TheLord.

  3. "None of this information proves this to be "Sacerdotus.""


    I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't laugh at Manny. But at the same time, how can you not?

  4. This blog post is almost a work of art Rosa! There was even a good laugh in it near the end, and of course some excellent detective work.

    I'm betting that you, 'Manny', are of the opinion you occupy the moral high ground. (Despite your consistent and comprehensive disdain for the both the 9th commandment and 1 Peter 3:15.)

    Keep up the good work 'Manny' - you are a high production, one man atheist factory par excellence. Giving the atheists such a helpful break is truly the work of a genius. Please, never stop; you are providing a wonderful service for the world at large.

    1. Thanks but the credit really has to go to @Yhwh_TheLord who did all the work.

      Manuel still doesn't accept, or understand, that he was recruited to promote Atheism last August :-)

  5. Rosa, I got so many blog hits today thanks! lol It is obvious you are not well in the head my friend. I honestly thought you were a serious rationalist, hence why I chose you to debate thinking you would be serious. If you could read the many emails I have gotten from atheists who are reporting you as I write this. They are embarrassed of your behavior.

    Piecing together random profiles and texts does not prove identity. You would fail as a detective if you ever held that job! If you really wanted to show proof, you would show a birth certificate, ID, social security, passport, or IP address linking devices I may have used with those profiles.

    I can make many profiles with "Rosa Rubicondior" copy your posts and tweets and wala... now I am "you." It's really easy to do. Anyone who takes this post seriously is a certified imbecile.

    Why won't you debate me on skype where you and I can show ID cards to all watching? What are you afraid of? I would have been fun to show the world "sacerdotus" and "Rosa Rubicondior" in real life with real identities.

    Think about it: If I was this guy you claim I am, would I go to this extreme?

    In any event, you fell for my trap. I purposely baited you the other night by posting many tweets on your cowardice. I knew you would do this. If you read my tweets the day before that, I told "YHWH" about what is going on. I knew that would start a chain reaction. Like Pavlov and the salivating dog, you and your friends are predictable. Now watch as your world crumbles due to your stupidity of not thinking things through and falling for bait. :)

    Thanks for playing along!

    1. I'll leave this one up Manuel so people can see the sort of person you are. I probably don't need to say or do anything more than that. I'm please for you that you got some hits on your blog. That must make you feel important. Are you still having to delete most of the comments?

      What will you do now your cover is blown wide open and people know you are nothing but Mad Manuel, a nasty little inadequate unemployed and unemployable fantasist who has nothing to do all day but sit in his room typing out hate and fantasising about the current object of your obsession to reinforce your psychosis and posting it in the Internet?

      I take it the cost of mental health care is entirely beyond your means.

      Are you ready yet for the world to know the reason you were expelled from Seminary? It must have been a shock for you to discover that there are depths of depravity which are off limits even to a trainee Catholic priest and that it wasn't going to be the guarantee of unrestricted, unaccountable access to vulnerable people you hoped it would be and as so many perverted Catholic priests use it for.

      Maybe you would like to tell us yourself. Purging yourself of guilt might help rehabilitate you and start you on the road to being a normal, decent member of society again, then you wouldn't need to provoke the daily ritual of abuse and derision you get on Twitter every day by being such an obnoxious little turd...

    2. By the way, many of the profiles and blogs you have created have dates on them. Maybe in Manny World it is possible to create profiles and blogs retrospectively - impossible things seem to be a matter of course there - but I don't know of any way this can be done in Real World.

    3. Again Rosa, profiles can be manipulated. One can change dates on posts. Furthermore, what's to stop someone from making a profile of you and posting your blog writings on it? Does that mean that profile is you? Think about it.
      You pride yourself in being a thinker - a rationalist, yet you are falling for speculation. Why won't you do a debate on skype with me and we both show our Identification credentials? What are you afraid of? People will see evidence that I am not this individual and will most likely be upset that you lied. They will also get to see the man behind the halloween mask.

      If you want to be a well established atheist/rationalist, you have to make yourself known. Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins do not use halloween masks or borrow anime cartoon names to promote their ideas. They proudly present themselves and promote their ideas without hiding. So my offer still stands: Let's do the debate on skype, we both show our identification credentials and enjoy the event.
      Notice I am not afraid to do this. You are the one avoiding it. This event on skype would put to rest your poor detective stalking job and will put a face on both you and I.

      Rosa, my intent was never to engage in this nonsense where we are "battling" each other on blogs and twitter. I honestly wanted to debate you in a fair and intellectual manner. This is why on the debate post I was concerned why you were not posting an opening statement and were resorting to ad hominem. I do not understand why you got offended. If anything, you should feel honored that I asked you out of the many atheists to debate with. You are the most vocal of them all and your blog is larger than any other atheist blog I have read.
      If you are so confident that you can defeat me in a debate, then why are you backing away and avoiding it? Moreover, if you do not feel comfortable posting on my blog, then what's wrong with skype? I cannot control your body or mind. I cannot edit your free will or thoughts as you speak on camera. What is the excuse now?

      Again, my intention was never for things to get this bad where you feel the need to find photos of chi rho symbols and link them to me just because I happen to use it. If you remember carefully, when you first messaged me on twitter, I had the ichthus symbol as an avatar. It is silly to pull up profiles or create profiles by posting my words and then claiming me to be the owner of them.
      I am not this individual, nor have I been expelled from any seminary. I posted the information of the seminary you mentioned for all to contact and verify for themselves. No such individual by the name you give ever went to that seminary. Contact the rector and see for yourself.

    4. Moreover, if this person you name decides to take this to courts, the seminary will be forced to get involved and both the individual and the seminary will go after you in the court system. This will result in the deletion of your blog by Google, the permanent suspension of your twitter account, and monetary damages.
      Why do this to yourself? Why present yourself as a liar? Is this what you want people to think of you?
      Making posts like this will only get your blog deleted and your twitter account suspended. Why risk all your hard work all for a simple debate that we could have had back in August and gotten it over with? Why risk it all when we can have a skype debate and show our identification credentials and clear the speculation up?

      What is it exactly that you are afraid of that you are so defensive now? This attempt to discredit me only shows that you cannot face me directly so you have to discredit me in order to distract from your weakness. There is no way I can be discredited because I am offering to show my identity to all while you do the same on skype. What will you do if I show my credentials and it's not the individual you are defaming? What will you do when you get served papers if this individual and the seminary takes you to the court? Think about things before you act on vengeance.
      I'm not here to belittle you or have you as an enemy. This is not a popularity competition either. I honestly want to debate you in a fair and intellectual manner. Why are you running away from this opportunity to demonstrate your reasoning skills? Why do you feel the need to resort to this vendetta - this attempt to "blow my cover?" It is ridiculous. You have blown nothing but your reputation as a rationalist.

      This post is funny indeed. The amount of time you took to do this only to have the wrong person shows you have serious mental issues.

      So let's do this. We go on skype show our ID's to the world so everyone can see who these two characters really are, and then we go at it and debate and have a good time. We then delete these silly defamatory blog posts about each other and hopefully become friends.


    5. You bizarre world is becoming ever more detached from reality, Manuel. You really do need to get help.

    6. My advice, Manuel, is when in a hole stop digging.

      Would you like me to throw you a bigger shovel?

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. Your abusive comment has been removed, Manuel.

      If you wish to be obnoxious please go somewhere else. My readers should not have to put up with it here just because so few people read your blog.

    9. saCERDOtus: di al verdad de una puta vez, ¿te expulsaron del seminario o no?

    10. No hay duda de ello. Manuel fue admitido en el seminario antes de 2003 y dice ser todavía allí, diez años después, a pesar de pasar todo el día todos los días spamming Twitter con sus múltiples cuentas, inventando historias infantiles sobre la gente en su blog, fantaseando sobre sus capacidades y cualificaciones, y ser generalmente desagradable y abusiva a quien actualmente está acechando. Él es muy clara desempleados y sin empleo, y el sufrimiento de la culpa profunda, vergüenza y odio a sí mismo - totalmente coherente con las cuentas de su expulsión del seminario y la razón para ello.

    11. Hey Manny, still bullshitting your way to JesusLand? LOL

    12. Manny, you have a lot of people who want to crack your skull. Does anyone know his real identity?

    13. Yes. As the above report proves, he is Manuel de Dios Agosto, the failed seminarian who was educated in the failed Grace H Dodge Catholic school and who now lives with his unfortunate mother in Bronx. He is unemployed and probably unemployable so spends much of his time begging online while pretending not to be himself for fear that people will discover why he was expelled from seminary. He would be about 40 now and can be found using any decent person search website such as WhitePages. For a price you can obtain a complete profile report, including any police/court records.

  6. Visual aids that correspond to this blog, in order (mostly):


  7. Great series of links, assuming they are not tampered with, that was very well researched. I have been very curious about Sacerdotus as well since he joined my theology discussion group on Facebook. Understand, everybody else in the group has a name and a picture, that is obviously normal. He is "Sacerdotus Michael" and has that symbol as his picture, so those things, I thought were a bit shady, along with the fact that he would post things at 3 AM ET (he is from NY, so 3 AM his time).

    He was eventually kicked out because he was being rude to everybody who disagreed with him. Maybe I was being a little thin skinned, but he was just impossible to talk to. He would not address a word that we said, he just sort of kept saying that we were "denying history" or "denying facts," but getting him to engage in dialogue about those facts was difficult. When he did engage, he would make it a personal attack, usually including something like, "You're behaving like Rosa!"

    I tolerated it for awhile, but eventually I kicked him out when I decided that we had enough of it. In response to this, he became so angry that he put up an anti-Richard page on his blog. Lol. I did not read it, but I assume it was a copy/paste of the anti-Rosa pages that he has up. I think he is a very immature and angry man, and based on my interaction with him, he does not seem to have a degree in theology or philosophy as the series of links indicate. While he wants to assert that his responses are academic (and he does assert that constantly), as a student of theology, I did not find him intellectually engaging. I think his alleged degrees in theology and philosophy are as fictitious as his degrees in "the sciences" (as he put it).

    How many people who are educated in one field lie and say that they are educated in another? It seems more likely to me that all of these degrees were lies. I have no hatred for him and I am not angry with him. I just think he has very poor behavior and does not have a handle on his emotions.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Abusive comment by Manuel de Dios Agosto again removed.

  10. Rosa, none of these links work. Why are you deleting Sacerdotus' comments? Is there some thing you don't want your reader's to know?

    1. They all work perfectly well, Manuel. I explained why I deleted your gratuitous abuse here. Do you still have any contact with an adult who can help you understand it?

    2. BTW, I removed your other anonymous comment for the same reason.

    3. What anonymous comment? I want people to see what I tell you. The links do not work. Only the twitter ones. The Myspace ones have no content and the facebook is non existent. We all know you made them up and then took them down. We know you by now Rosa. :) You will be getting help soon trust me ;)

    4. You seem to be even more of a Dunning-Kruger simpleton that I had you down as Manuel. The links to the screen shots show many of them have dates, some as early as 2006. How do you imagine we made them up with retrospective dates and why would we have taken them down?

      Of course you've taken them down. We expected you to, which is precisely why we have published the screen shots. You took the Facebook page down within a few minutes of @Yhwh_TheLord's tweet appearing on Twitter, as I pointed out at the time, and as the above blog points out.

      Your hilarious panic and hysteria is simply adding to your reputation as a liar. Thank you for helping me show what religion is used as an excuse for by psychopaths.

      Did you find anyone you knew in that huge database of American Catholic priests who abuse children, by the way? I see very many of them are from New York.

    5. I've now added asterisks to those links with dates on them. I wonder how Manuel is going to try to explain those away. Maybe someone would help him out with this one. Prayer doesn't seem to be helping him at all...

  11. What a lovely bit of work! Thanks for all that information.

  12. You actually start to feel sorry for the sad little man until he posts another sanctimonious, unctuous, fraudulent, infantile load of tosh, then you just hope at some point a "real" Christian reports him to his church for bringing them into disrepute... But I have a funny feeling that's already happened and this is the only way he can express his frustration instead of getting psychiatric help ~ MsGrumpy

    1. I suspect he's got himself into a situation where his only social outlet is through his computer and the only way he knows of getting any attention is to be obnoxious to see what response he can get, assuming somehow that this gives him some measure of importance. It really is sad, but how do you get across to someone who seems to have no concept of the idea that you don't have to be obnoxious to get attention and that derision really isn't a form of respect. He's not man enough to back down now. His cultural background probably means he would see that as a terrible loss of face.

      There is something seriously amiss in his background - which could partly explain his social isolation and infantile narcissm. Dunning-Kruger Syndrome is probably only part of his problem.

  13. I agree... His severe lack of self awareness and obsession with you just leads him to make mistakes and idiotic claims to stem the anger he is experiencing towards not just you but the rest of the world apparently ... He would be so much better off if he quietly disappeared and found himself a good shrink ~ MsGrumpy

  14. "Manuel is a notoriously obsessive stalker, fantasist and abuser" funny how you use your words, because this blog is a notorious obsessive way of stalking someone and writing it down, it seems like you are bullying someone through virtual fantasy...Oh the irony! Lots of atheists, agnostics and protestants fall into reflecting their identity through the same words they used, Sociopaths lie all the time.. let's see how the author avoids reality...

    1. Were you expecting me to delete this comment, Manuel?

  15. What amazes me is how Manny is completely found out and he clings to the delusion that he is not and that he is some kind of roll mode! This idiot ,and i mean idiot, is is what i call an "Atheistic Motivator" ... every atheist who experiences his nonsense has stepped up their efforts in the community with blogs, debates, fliers and more. I watch posts of theists cringe, giggle at and regret his actions as if they were responsible. They swear to be more honest with themselves and less like him. Everyone he touches takes steps toward truth and atheism and he is so consumed with his delusion of popularity that he cant stop. If his popularity led toward anything like his version of reality, he would have far more than his sub 2000 followers. If he could only see the harm he does to his faith, he would have appologized for his deception and become a popular turn around story long ago.

    I cant tell you how much he has inspired my work in atheism... he is a wittless unwilling atheist hero who has no clue about his worth toward an atheistic earth future. Maybe we will make a statue of him once he converts to atheism... I'd give him a year or two...

    ~Artie @freeatheism

    1. Absolutely.

      I refer to Manuel as 'my unwitting assistant'. He is completely unable to accept that he has been recruited to the Atheist cause and so continues to serve us faithfully (sic).

  16. Oh, the hilarity! Sacky's desperate attempts to drag red herrings across the path at every junction only serve to deepen the hole into which he's digging himself. I will say, however, that I almost feel bad laughing at him- it's not nice to poke at the mentally challenged. But if playing 'kick me' is the only way he's got to interact with humanity... well, bringing this all on himself must be feeding some deep-seated need for castigation. They don't call it Catholic Guilt for nothing, after all.

    1. I almost feel sorry for poor Manny. He's obviously given up trying to earn respect by being a decent person and doesn't even make a fist of trying to be the most disliked person on Twitter.

      Paradoxically, people are actually fond of the way he makes such a fool of himself and follow him just to see what depths he will descend to next - rather like a nasty car crash - horrible, but you can't help staring and feeling a little frisson of pity mixed with the satisfaction of knowing that at least it's not you.

      There but for fortune, as they say.

  17. Wow...I can't believe I actually read most of this. That's a lot of research, follow up and display work. Kudos. This is really disturbed person that's taking a rather unhealthy interest in you/your site...or could he be so sane as to do all that work just to appear a stalking loon...? Naaaah. But he does go beyond being just a troll. Even mentioning him in any nature is probably not a good idea as that seems to be what the individual enjoys most...even to the negative. Such piddling aside, I enjoy the stretch I find I have to make to read some of your posts. I'm assuming there are many such as myself that do not post or reply, but do enjoy your insight and educational value to our (at least my) own personal enlightenment and growth. Just wanted to let you know. I'm going to have to come back to read your other writings as this has taken me hours throughout the weekend to get through. Looking forward to it. Thanks for your efforts and being a resource.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

      I should point out that the credit for the Manuel exposure should go to @Yhwh_TheLord who did all the research and wrote it up. I merely copy and pasted it here and added the links.

  18. It's 2015 and he's still at it, more vitriolic than ever. Now on Google+ playing the same old games. "Herding trolls" as he calls it, which means anybody who doesn't believe the exact same thing he does. Crying fowl and calling people cowards when they block him but blocking people he disagrees with at the drop of a hat. Publishing people's names, addresses, and even pictures of their houses. Calling them pedophiles, posting pictures taken from their online albums and photoshopping genitals into them. Threatening to "gather evidence" to get people kicked off social media and petitioning google.

    This is one seriously unhinged individual.

    1. Typical of an acute narcissistic personality disorder which often includes psychopathy. Many people have noted over the years how his accusations against other people are probably projections of his own failings onto others - fraud, paedophilia, etc.

      Manuel is a sad case and is probably mentally unstable. Completely unemployable, which is why he spends almost all his time either begging online or fantasising about his amazing achievements and world fame. He claims to be a major figure in both the Boston and New York Catholic diocese and yet neither have heard of him; he believes he's about to be called to Rome and made a Cardinal yet isn't even ordained as a priest and got thrown out of seminary. He pretends to be a major theologian and yet no one seems to have heard of him outside Twitter and G+ and he can't make coherent logical arguments without descending to abuse, harassment and defamation typical of a person with arrested emotional development, and he pretends to be a college lecturer with hundreds of adoring students, none of whom have a Facebook or Twitter account, apparently, and all without leaving his mother's apartment in a run-down neighbourhood in the Bronx.

      And he actually thinks people take him seriously.

  19. https://m.facebook.com/sacerdotus.sacerdotvs.5?fref=pb&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

  20. That's his new fb page.. ��

  21. Yes, and he is still begging for money on his Patreon. So far nobody is willing to pay him, hilarious!

    1. Still unemployable and having to parasite gullible fools to supplement his welfare check, eh?


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