Wednesday 21 August 2013

A Little Man Thinks He's Finally Achieved Something!

As expected little Manuel de Dios Agosto, who stalks the internet under a variety of bogus names hoping no one will realise who he is, and who seems to have devoted his life to stalking me and getting me banned from the Internet because he was too cowardly to take me on in a simple debate, has descended to a new low as he plumbs the depths of infantile behaviour.

Regular readers will know him as @Sacerdotus, @Rationallyfaith2012, @BronxBomber777, @CatholicBlog, @YearOfFaith2012, @NYCLATINO2013, and a host of other Twitter names, some of which are listed here and many of which have been permanently suspended or taken down altogether because of the sexually explicit abuse and threats of violence he was posting with them.

He seems desperate to claim credit for the current suspension of my @RosaRubicondior Twitter account and has re-commenced spamming this blog with dozens of infantile and deranged comments again - a habit he had managed to control for a couple of weeks.

It's probably hard for normal people to understand the behaviour of people like Manuel until one realises what he's been through. As we can see from his profile, put together by @Yhwh_TheLord, he spent many hours spreading himself as widely as possible on just about every social media site available, yet, despite all his bragardocio, succeeded in makimg very few friends. Indeed in one rather sad screen-shot we see that Manuel has just four friends, one of which is Tom Anderson. Tom was the founder of MySpace and he 'friended' new accounts by default in the early days so was everyone's friend. Of the others, at least one is Manuel in one of his other personae, and quite probably the others are too. In another of his accounts he has just one friend. You've guessed it, it's Tom Anderson. In another we see the messages to him were four years old!

This all speaks of a friendless loner, desperate for attention but lacking in social skills, sitting alone making up a fantasy life to tell the world about.

This all followed on from Manuel's disastrous experience as a trainee priest. He had got into that situation because, as New York Latino and thus a member of the American underclass, he had sought escape from this situation by one of the few escape routes open to him - the Catholic priesthood. As a friendless adolescent he had spent a great deal of his time hanging around Catholic priests. This would not have been a healthy environment for a young Latino male judging by the number of New York Catholic priests who have faced accusations of child-abuse and abuse of vulnerable people, abuse of those they had trusted access to was a way of life, as was the tendency to cover up and even facilitate these abuses by senior Catholic clerics.

Anyway, by being what was described as an 'acolyte' and hanging around Bishop Garmendia, Manuel managed to get admitted to a Franciscan seminary (search for his name; about half-way down). This was to be his big chance. Finally he would show all those kids who called him names and wouldn't let him play with them. Finally, Manuel was going to be important. He was going to be admired in his community! He was going to be a Catholic priest!

But he miscalculated. Perhaps not for the first time he had failed to take the real world into account and lived in his own fantasy. He seems not to have appreciated the trauma the Catholic church was going through as one adult after another came forward with stories of routine abuse by their parish priest. This started as a small trickle but quickly grew to a flood and then a veritable tsunami as barely a single parish, Catholic school or orphanage escaped the scandal. It got even worse for the church when we began to hear how these abuses had gone on under the noses of senior clerics who had not only failed to protect the vulnerable youngsters they were aware of, but had actually participated in their persecution when they began to complain. We also learned how priests had simply been moved to a new parish where they could carry on as before and how this cover-up had gone right up to the very top in the Catholic Church. Far from being the guardians of our morals and models of 'godly behaviour', we learned that the Catholic Church was a festering cesspool of corruption and debauchery and home to psychopaths and social inadequates, just as it had been in the Middle Ages before the Reformation.

Manuel seems to have completely misjudged the new mood in the church in the mid 2000s and it's then hypersensitivity to even a whiff of scandal, and seems to have assumed tolerance and cover-up were still the order of the day. Whatever the reasons for his carelessness in 2006, when caught he was immediately expelled. And that was it. No appeal and no future.

Imagine! You're an inadequate personality with no friends and you are on the verge of being someone, with a uniform to hide under and trusted access to lots of vulnerable people who will even believe you are an honorable man of God who would never betray the sacred trust you have been given! Suddenly it's all gone and all because the rules had changed and nobody told you!

Suddenly, you're unemployed and unemployable and people who know you won't tolerate you on their streets. You now have to spend all your days in your room trying to create a fantasy existence because your real one is so miserable, and the hate for normal people takes you over. You're now torn between wanting to be liked and admired and blaming everyone else for your failures, and so wanting to make other people's lives as unpleasant as yours in the belief that this will somehow make yours a little better.

And your only independent income is from on-line begging off simpletons and the same vulnerable people you had earlier hoped to have real physical access to.

Now, your greatest achievement in life is in getting someone's Twitter account suspended for a few days. Well, it's not even that to be honest. It's in fooling a few cretins into believing that that's what you have achieved in life.

I think reasonable people can see how poor little Manuel has gotten himself into such a miserable situation and can feel a few pangs of pity. Despite his unfortunate personality, he is still a human being and deserves a little compassion. The pity is, he lives in a society where this is unlikely to be forthcoming.

I'll say again, put yourself in the position of someone so inadequate that his greatest achievement in life is in impressing a cretin with the thought that he has got someone's Twitter account suspended for a few days by filing false spam reports!

Impressive, eh?

Almost forgot. Here's a small selection of Manuel's deranged spam today. Enjoy!


How is your #winning campaign going? #WON #LOL!

Rosie Suspended.

Wow the comic book creator of "ROSA RUBICUNDIOR, LILIO CANDIDIOR" and the producers of the old lady mask you use as an avatar complained about your violation of trademark and copyright laws! #LOL! #WON! Guess they got my message. :)

That last one made me laugh. Being almost functionally illiterate, Manuel would never know of course that 'Rosa Rubicondior' is a Latin phrase from the Carmina Burana - a Medieval German Catholic poem, set to music by Karl Orff. I wonder who he imagines he's sent a message to. LOL!

Now a sample of those he's posted in the last hour or so. He's not embarrassed by another exposé of what caused his personality disorder and confined him to his fantasy world in his room. Oh no! He wanted me to post it! LOL!

LOL! I love how I trigger you to do this. :) You are so manipulable. #WON :)

You just keep on providing more evidence of your libel. You are really not that bright are you? :) #WON

Thank you for being so stupid. :) #WON

No one is stupid enough to believe your lies Rosie. They can call those places and find out no such guy by that name exists. Moreover, it is obvious you broke copyright/trademark laws otherwise Twitter would not have mentioned them. #LOL #WON

Kudos to anyone who can make a reasonable guess what on earth that last one was about. What places are we to call? What has it to do with copyright/trademarks? Does Manuel imagine he has a trademark/copyright on his name, maybe?

Don't you just love these Christians?

To think, if he hadn't been caught in time he could now be a Catholic priest! And some people STILL trust priests to be alone with their children! Slow learners or what?

A sample of today's idiocy:

Rosaresurrected... violation of twitter's rules. I'm telling... You're not supposed to make new accounts while suspended! #LOL! #WON

Are you going to behave this time? I'm cleaning up twitter. :) #WON

Without knowing that this idiot is a 32 year-old failed priest, what age would you assume he was? About 9? How on Earth does a person which such an obviously arrested emotional development get into seminary in the first place and then only get expelled due to being caught and the Church not wanting to have another scandal on its hands, not because he was emotionally unsuitable for the position? No wonder the Catholic Church is in the mess it finds itself in today with membership in free-fall in most of the developed world.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. I see you were, yet again, suspended from Twitter; how sad little people like Sacerdotus cannot deal with facts, logic and more importantly, honesty. I thought your exchange with the nut NEVATHIR ‏(@A_NEVATHIR) was the cause, as your suspension suddenly appeared during that exchange, or at least so it appeared that way. Apologies as I linked that to you and hopefully, that didn't contribute to it. Enjoy your trip to France my friend! By the way, this is my Google account, you know me as Tom (@TomCinmidlife) on Twitter.

    1. Thanks for your support Tom.

      I think it's sad how little Manuel likes to believe he's responsible so he can claim to have achieved something in his little life. It can't be nice being an abject failure so pity should perhaps be the appropriate response rather than the ridicule he normally gets.

    2. You're Welcome Rosa :)

      By the way, I think that NEVATHIR may be a good addition to your Darwin Awards list. Anyway, the way that tweet exchange began was from the author's article at the NYT, in which I know will interest you:

      Then this same author later made a commentary on the National Geographic site regarding the article linked above, concerning the flack he wrongly got on twitter.

      Since I'm sure you'll read the NYT article, then his response on Nat Geo, read NEVATHIR's dog color tweet on the response link, and you may have the DA winner. Take care my friend!

    3. Thanks. I remember reading that at the time.

  2. I can't understand how someone can be so pathetic as to take so much joy from someone's Twitter account being suspended. That's the mark of a person who truly has noting else in their lives. I'd pity him if he wasn't such a massive dickhead.

    Hope you're out of Twitter jail soon x

  3. It's regrettable that you're suspended on Twitter, Rosa. But like we say here in Sweden: Against the lunatics even the gods fight in vain and to no avail.


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