Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oops! Here We Go Again

I wonder how long it will be this time.

Last time it took a week and I increased my Twitter following by about 1500 and my blog hits went up by 50%. The terms 'counter-productive' springs to mind.

That'll teach me to tell creationists that they're not made of dirt and to keep winning debates against religious apologists.

I'm in France from Saturday for a week and won't have Internet access, so I could be away some time.

Love and kisses to anyone who posts a link to my blogs on Reddit. They don't like me doing it myself, for some reason. Weird the obstacles those freedom-loving Christians and Muslims feel they have to put in front of Atheists and Humanists just because they don't have any facts, reasons or logic they can use and so can't debate freely, openly and honestly.

Just think what they would do to us if we ever made the mistake of giving them real power like they used to have.

A faith which is afraid of open debate is not a faith, it's a fear. No more the killing times.

Keep up the good work.

[Update 21 August 2013]
Many thanks once again for all the messages of support and petitions to Twitter to lift the suspension soon.

Try to understand that self-important little Manuel de Dios Agosto is desperate to get some credit for this because he has never achieved anything of note in his sad little life and thinks this could be his big chance to claim credit for something in the hope that someone might think he's important in some way.

It must have been a terrible psychological trauma to him to be expelled from seminary under such embarrassing circumstances just when he was on the brink of gaining trusted access to vulnerable people as a Catholic priest, but at least one was caught in time.

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  1. Whoa. My twitter never gets that exciting.

    Somebody is paying attention to you, huh?

  2. We'll keep posting your blog for. I hope you get off of this bogus suspension soon.


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