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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Bronx Liar Exposed Again!

It's been a bad couple of weeks for poor little Manuel de Dios Agosto, the unemployable, expelled Catholic seminarian with attention deficit and narcissistic personality disorder from the Bronx, New York.

Not only was he confirmed conclusively by Twitter user @God___Swill to be Twitter users @CatholicGadfly, @StudiousAthiest, @SCDTVS, @SacerdotusRadio and the now suspended @Sacerdotus by the simple scientific technique of textual analysis which produced identical profiles - almost impossible to fake and so statistically significant as to have a probability of being due to chance alone which is almost indistinguishable from zero, but he's now been caught by another Twitter user forging emails in the lies he keeps posting about me.

This sad little tale goes back about a year when, for reasons which can only be guessed at, he became psychotic again, this time over the modest amount this blog raises from advertising revenue for Oxfam. In Thank You - You've Made A Difference I had posted a polite little thank you to readers, together with copies of receipts and emails from Oxfam for the money they had helped to raise - and little Manny promptly went into psycho mode again, claiming that Oxfam had confirmed to him that my account was fraudulent. He had emailed them under the name 'Michael' - a name he was then trying to convince people was his real one to throw them off the scent incase the reason for his expulsion from seminary becomes public knowledge.

Of course I contacted Oxfam and directed them to his blog where he had posted the lies. Despite them assuring me that no such confirmation had been sent and despite them sending 'Michael' two further emails pointing out that his blog made false allegations and that the receipts I had produced were genuine, Manny continues to post links to this blog where he repeats what he knows to be lies. My reply to Manny's lies, together with the emails from Oxfam can be seen here - Christian Lie Alert!

Should anyone wish to contact Oxfam to confirm this for themselves, there are sufficient details on the emails to do so and I will gladly give them permission to confirm the relevant details of my donations, but I would ask you to bear in mind that this will involve Oxfam staff in additional work and will inevitable detract them from their main task.

Now Twitter user @Ellif D'Wulfe has spotted that in his hysterical haste, Manuel boobed when he forged the email he claimed he got from Oxfam. Here he is talking to Manny in his guise as @CatholicGadfly, whom Manny seems to have recently decided is called 'Jeff T. Follon MA' (but forgot to punctuate the 'academic credential' correctly).

Try a Google search for 'Jeff T. Follon' and you find he appears to spring fully formed into existence last July.

And to make matters worse, people have started asking some serious questions about Manuel's claim to be raising money for charity but failing to produce any evidence of having given the donations to anyone other than er... Manuel. Anyone who feels they may have been cheated by Manuel should report the matter to their local law enforcements authority.

Incidentally, see that link in Artie The Fixer's tweet? Follow it for more exposure of Manuel's accounts. Interesting reading.

You know, if Manuel ever got over his psychotic obsession with me and practiced really hard, he could make a passable half-wit. Spare a thought for his poor mother in whose apartment he spends all his time pursuing his 'hobby' since being expelled from seminary in 2006, when the last thing the Catholic Church wanted was yet another scandal...

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