Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Manny Busted - Again!

You just can't beat science.

You can almost feel sorry for Fruit Loop, Manuel de Dios Agosto, the expelled Bronx Catholic trainee priest, narcissist and full-time Internet stalker, abuser and psychopathic fantasist whose personality disorder compels him to seek center stage, only to take another pratfall to the great enjoyment of onlookers. Manny rarely disappoints as he continues to live down to his promise.

Ever since we outed him under his then main persona, Sacerdotus, who, under a variety of usernames had been stalking and abusing people on Twitter with explicit threats of sexual violence amongst other things from the safety of his room in his mother's apartment in the Bronx, New York, he's been desperate to try to convince anyone and everyone that he's not himself, before the real reason for his expulsion from seminary is revealed.

Manuel had been (and still is apparently) claiming to be variously a Catholic priest, a seminarian, a theological lecturer and/or a world-renowned academic with a vast array of higher degrees and impending doctorates in sciences, psychology, philosophy, theology, etc., etc., none of which he has any hope of being able to sustain by his actually performance in debate, hence his perpetual resort to his unmistakable signature abuse and name-calling. In reality, he's an unemployable loner and Dunning-Kruger simpleton who tries to supplement his welfare by begging for 'support' through his various blogs.

One recent ploy of his was to set up a Twitter account under the name of @StudiousAtheist to promote yet another blog in which he bizarrely claimed to have discovered that he and I are one and the same [sic] and that we are both a Catholic priest from Suffolk, UK, who has gone mad. No really! Remember this is Manny World. These things are possible in Manny World where absurdity is no barrier to what Manny can fantasise, although his insistence that he's really me is probably more wishful thinking than genuinely thinking people will believe his idiocy - can ANYONE be that stupid? Well, maybe Manny can be.

He 'evidence' for the claim is that the unfortunate Suffolk priest uses sacerdotus@... as his email address on his official parish website for parishioners to contact him. 'Sacerdotus' is the widely-used Latin for 'priest' - which is why Manny uses it when he pretends to be one. In another blog Manny claims to have found my home address, and then gives a non-existent street in Oxford. To Manny, Oxford and Suffolk are probably more or less the same place what with England only being a tiny little place where only a few people live, so Oxfordshire, Suffolkshire, Yorkshire - all the same really. And why bother to check when, in Manuel's world, writing something down in a blog turns it into 'proof' which he can cite as definitive anyway?

The quality of that 'evidence' and his deductive logic is a measure of Manny's ability with joined-up thinking and his detachment from reality, as his apparent belief that people are stupid enough to believe him.

The origin of Manuel's obsession with me goes back to the time a couple of years ago when, tired of his incessant challenges to debate him publically on his claim to have irrefutable scientific proof of the Christian god, I called his bluff just to watch him panic and go into hysterical melt-down when he realised just what a scientific proof actually is - and that he didn't even have have evidence, let alone proof.

So, this isn't the first time poor little Manuel had fallen foul of the science he singularly doesn't understand. Forced to face reality he ran away crying and hasn't yet got over the shock of spectacular public humiliation.

Now he's been busted again, this time by another Twitter user who became tired of his posturing and idiotic claims, by the simple scientific device of doing a textual analysis of both Manny's Sacerdotus blog and his @StudiousAtheist's blog. They turn out to be by one and the same person. Now wasn't that a surprise? Actually, he had been rumbled almost from day one but it's good to have irrefutable scientific proof.

Twitter user @God___Swill used freely-available software called Signature Stylometric System 1.0. Of course, Manuel used his tradition lie for when his lies are exposed with evidence by claiming the charts have been Photoshopped - software which Manuel seems to make a great deal of use of himself when setting up fake blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles all pretending to be me. In this case though, since anyone can download this free software and rerun @God__Swill's analysis for themselves, this claim just emphasises Manuel's guilt. The only recourse open to him now looks like taking down his blogs to prevent people doing this analysis.

Oh! I almost forgot, Manuel then tried to claim @God___Swill and I are one and the same person (Manuel normally accuses anyone who calls him out of being me). It didn't seem to have occurred to Manuel that if he and I are the same person, as he desperately wants people to believe, and @God___Swill is me, then @God___Swill, the person who's just exposed him as bogus, is Manny. Textual analysis laid that piece of Manny 'logic' to rest too.

Here's a selection of @God__Swill's relevant tweets. Incidentally, watch for the point where Manny apparently forgets which Twitter account he's tweeting with and includes himself in the mentions - something he does often. Enjoy!

Incidentally, on the point about Manny's Catholic Gadfly blog being in the UK, this is easy to fake. Blogger URLs work with many country codes. For example, this blog's URL can be shown as,,,, etc. (try it). There is no doubt that Manuel lives in Bronx. He has even recently enrolled on a basic philosophy course at Lehmann Community College, Bronx, presumably because he needs to be doing something to get his welfare check and food stamps and being in full-time education is a good excuse for not having a job, although, judging by the time he spends trying to convince the world he's not himself, it looks like he's flunked even that basic joined-up thinking course.

Now, I wonder what it could have been that Manuel is so desperate for the world not to know about that got him expelled from seminary. He must have been caught doing something embarrassing to the Catholic Church and something Manuel really wants to keep from those who live around him at all costs...

[Update 09-Oct-2014] LOL! Poor Manuel just doesn't get it does he? He's spent all day hysterically trying to refute this irrefutable proof that he is Manny with his @StudiousAtheist account on Twitter, and so attracting attention to it. Now, why would an objective Atheist be so conspicuously denying the evidence if he isn't Manny, desperate to convince people that Manny isn't Manuel de Dios Agosto, the expelled seminarian from Bronx, New York and notorious Internet troll and stalker? And why would Manny be so hysterical about people knowing his real name? He must really dread the reason for his expulsion from seminary becoming public knowledge yet every desperate attempt to throw people off the scent just draws more attention to it - but he's too good to waste, just yet...

[Update 12-Oct-2014] The hilarious hysteria and panic continue unabated but so far all poor Manuel can do is repeat his old lies and deny the evidence that @SCDTVS, @StudiousAtheist @CatholicGadfly and @SacerdotusRadio are all his accounts. So what should Manuel do? Should he continue to attract attention to his exposure by shouting hysterically about it, or should he admit defeat and work on some more personae complete with blogs and fake profiles with which to beg for money? Any bets?

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  1. I think Manny should get a lifetime achievement award for utter dishonesty and be committed to a high level psychiatric institute for exhibiting the obvious acts of a sociopath.

    By the way, I miss you at Twitter.

    1. It certainly speaks very poorly of the mental health services in New York.

  2. In May ’14 Manny obviously set up a website in your name, Rosa — (add "www").
    Sad little bugger …

    1. I wonder if he imagines anyone believes it has anything to do with me. He's certainly delusional enough. And all because we exposed him for the posturing fool and psychopath that he is. A classic Dunning-Kruger simpleton with acuse personality disorder.


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