Sunday 2 November 2014

Manny Scores Another Own Goal!


I know it's unkind, but LOL!

I know! Mad Manny lying again is not news. What would be news would be Manuel telling the truth, but this one is a spectacular own goal of the sort we've come to expect of Internet stalker and habitual abuser Manuel de Dios Agosto, as he continues his desperate attempt to convince people he's not the same Manuel de Dios Agosto who was expelled from St Joseph's Seminary, New York for behaviour which, had it been made public, would have been just another of the scandals then, as now, embroiling the Catholic Church and it's abusive clerics.

His latest ploy, in his increasingly bizarre guise as Twitter user @StudiousAtheist with which he pretends to be an Atheist who has discovered that I am him and that we are both a Catholic priest from Suffolk, England (Manny fantasy land, remember!) is to claim that St Joseph's Seminary, New York, closed in 1977 - before he was born.

Manny typically underestimates the intelligence of his target marks however. What he hopes people won't know, and won't bother to find out, is that, whilst St Joseph's Seminary, Callicoon, New York, might well have closed in 1977, St Joseph's Seminary, 201 Seminary Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704 - the one Manuel was expelled from - is still very much open.

Must try harder Manuel. At the moment all you are doing is making people wonder just what it was that got you expelled and that makes you so desperate to throw people off the scent. Has it never occurred to you that throwing up these smokescreens simply draws attention to the fact that you are desperately trying to keep something nasty hidden from view?

And all because I challenged him to a debate and people saw him in glorious panic mode as his infantile posturing as a scientist and academic with a string of higher degrees was exposed as a fraud!

On a serious note: this little man could so easily have now been a practicing Catholic priest with trusted access to vulnerable people, if he had not been caught in time, and purely by chance, and had he not been so careless or hadn't assumed his behaviour would be tolerated and routinely covered up by senior clerics as usual.

[Update] I see Manny is now claiming there is no evidence that he ever studied at St Joseph's - no explanation of why he tried to con people into thinking it was closed, obviously - no prizes for guessing. The evidence, of course, was presented in our exposure of Sacerdotus as Manuel de Dios Agosto with a link to a the New York Catholic News Letter in which Bishop Garmendia announced that he had been accepted into a Franciscan Seminary in New York. There is only one - St Joseph's. Here is that link again for anyone wishing to read it. Manny is named about halfway down. Use your browser's search facility.

During the celebration April 30, Bishop Garmendia told the congregation that prayer will lead to more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. He noted that the acolytes who assisted him are planning to prepare for priesthood: Vincent Muniz is a student at Cathedral Preparatory School and will enter St. John Neumann Seminary Residence in the Bronx this year, and Manuel de Dios Agosto will enter the Franciscans. [My emphasis]

Oops! He just can't help drawing attention to himself, it seems. Hysteria and the fear of exposure can do strange things to people...

Incidentally, as this above link shows, this date of 30 April was the date of the canonization of Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun, in 2000, so we can tell from that that Manny entered the seminary from which he was subsequently expelled sometime between 2000 and 2002 which would tie in exactly with his school record at Grace H Dodge from which he graduated in 2000.

I see that Manny has switched this charade of denial to his @CatholicGadfly account - it must be hard for him keeping track of which persona is running which disinformation campaign. He is now quite laughably pushing the line that 'confirmation' that no-one called 'Emmanuel' (sic) attended St Joseph's during some unspecified period is proof that Manuel de Dios Agosto never went there... and anyway, St Josephs is closed, despite listing a 2014 programme on it's website. Can he get more idiotic? We certainly haven't reached the depths of his dishonesty yet, it seems. If only he had the intellect to make these charades even slightly plausible...

One way Manuel could prove he didn't go to St Josephs would be to tell us which seminary he did go to and provide the evidence of his attendance. Of course, this would confirm his identity and allow people to check whether he completed his studies... and if not, why not... I'm sure there must be a simple explanation for Manuel not doing this.

I wonder how long it will be before he starts claiming that either Bishop Garmendia or the author of the newsletter, Claudia McDonnell, (or both) is really me in disguise and that the newsletter is all part of a conspiracy.

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