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Friday 7 November 2014

Oxfam Confirms It - Manny Lied Again

Let's see Mad Manuel try to lie his way out of this one.

In a spectacular intervention, Oxfam, through their verified Twitter account, @Oxfamgb, have confirmed that all the donations I have said I made to them from the proceeds of advertising through this blog have been received. Twitter account @CatholicGadfly is, as most people will be aware, just another fake disinformation account owned by Manuel de Dios Agosto, the expelled Bronx Catholic seminarian, hobby troll, Internet stalker, pathological liar and serial abuser who can be read about here.

My thanks to Twitter user @Ellif_DWulfe for taking this up with Oxfam with my full cooperation and at my invitation. I gather they confirmed everything I said by email, which of course, Manuel was disputing on Twitter. Oxfam's intervention was unsolicited and must have come as a bombshell for poor little Manny.

Sit back now and watch a lying troll being destroyed in full public view. It's a bit long but it's worth it to see the web of lies Manuel is trying to construct, hilariously oblivious of the trap that's about to be sprung.

(It might be a good idea to take a screenshot as a souvenir as, when @CatholicGadfly eventually goes the way of so many of Manuel's abuse accounts, they will no longer be available in all their glory).

[Update 13-Nov-2014] If you're wondering why Manuel's tweets aren't appearing in all their glory now, it's because he doesn't want people to see them and has protected his tweets so they can only be read by a select few. No prizes for why he's suddenly so shy of displaying his lies to the world in general but it's highly unlikely to be connected with a sudden discovery of morality or a troublesome conscience. If you can see them normally, you might want to ask yourself why Manny thinks you want to be treated to his lies and infantile fantasies. Hiding tweets from public view makes them no less slanderous of course and is not a barrier to discovery by appropriate legal authorities, though it may attract the attention of Twitter's legal team if and when the applications come in...[End of update 13-Nov-2014]

[Update 15-Nov-2014] LOL! This is fun to watch. First Manny panics when it finally dawns on him that he's in deeper than he thought and he tries to hide his crimes by making his account private. Then he realises that just makes him look guilty with something to hide, but doesn't actually stop his tweets being seen by law-enforcement authorities, IRS and legal teams, so he makes them visible to the world again... so making it easier for the people currently investigating him.

Talk about caught on the horns of dilemma! And all of Manny's own making.

Anything but admit he knowingly lied and offer an apology and compensation to Oxfam and his other victims. LOL!

Prediction: This WILL get more interesting. Continue watching...

Note how Manuel tries to obtain my real name. This is the same person who once claimed he knew all about me including my name, address, school and employment records and had a band of loyal supporters watching my every move and supplying him with information on my alleged criminal, terrorist and child-molesting activities to include in his regular reports to the 'UK Authorities'. Apparently, my arrest was imminent - some two years ago. <giggle>
There's that desperate attempt to obtain private information again. Love that 'promise', Manny. I expect no one has noticed how lies are your stock in trade. LOL!
******* Cue shark music from Jaws *******
******* Dah dum! Dah dum! Dah dum!.... *******
******* DRUM ROLL! ********
******* SNAP! *******
Er... Manny! People can see the date of the donation on the blog that Oxfam have just confirmed is accurate. The blog itself is also dated. Aren't facts a bugger? I bet you wish you could use truth and honesty the way normal people do, eh?

Can this Dunning-Kruger simpleton discredit himself even more? Let's wait and see...

And bear in mind that, had he not been caught and expelled from seminary, he could well now be a Catholic priest. I wonder if it would be worth approaching Catholic Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Dolan to see if they changed their recruiting procedures in light of the de Dios Agosto scandal. The late Bishop Garmendia just seems to have been taken in by any smarmy little creep who cosied up to him.

But on the other hand, poor Cardinal Dolan has himself been embroiled in child abuse scandals and his part in the cover-ups and attempts to prevent victims of abusive Catholic clerics get appropriate compensation.

For the background to this campaign of harassment and abuse by Manuel de Dios Agosto, see the series of blogs listed in Sac Bag. Further information can be see in Wulfwich's blog, Sac's ongoing oxfam saga.

Footnote: At the time of writing my advertising account with Google stands at £48.71, just under $12 short of the £60 payout threshold. This will also go to Oxfam, obviously. At current rates of growth I'm hopeful that the threshold will be reaching in the next 2-3 months. My account with Amazon stands at $50.79. The payout threshold is $100. This will also go to Oxfam, so please help reach that by buying books and other things by linking to Oxfam Amazon through this blog.

If you wish to donate directly to Oxfam, you can do so here.

[Update] Interestingly, given Manuel's attempt to smear me with false accusations which so spectacularly blew up in his face, it seems he may know more about scams than his inept attempt suggests. He is no less inept but a couple of people have spotted suspicious activity associated with Manuel and his online begging as the following recent blogs show:

Here’s the story. I was reading over the ‘Sacerdotus Blog’ when I noticed a link to a ‘donate’ page. My interest is always peaked when a fourth-rate blog asks for money – web hosting can be done for free after all. The link brought me to this page: Read more...

He [Sacerdotus, ie, Manuel] informs oxfam (apparently) that he'll be making a donation in excess of $1000. No information on this donation is provided to support this claim but as he was struggling to keep his free blog going due to finances is it unreasonable to suspect the money would come from that he claims was donated?

Is it a scam like he claims of others? Read more...

Favourite understatement.
"If this is in fact true, then I believe that there is a strong possibility that this Sacerdotus guy is using dummy accounts to trick people into giving him money under the pretense that it will be a tax deductible charitable donation."
That first blog is interesting too for something else: @CatholicGadfly replies immediately to a tweet to @SCDTVS even though he wasn't following @Un_Faith, wasn't in the mentions and there was no hashtag which he could have been following. How did he know about the tweet if he isn't Sacerdotus (@SCDTVS)?

So, could this campaign of lies and disinformation be a case of trying to divert attention away from his own scam by accusing others of doing what he's doing himself in some sort of emulation of a child-abusing priest sanctimoniously condemning paedophilia? Watch this space...

[Update 2] Oh dear! Look how pathetic Manuel has become. What did I say about him discrediting himself even more? He seems to have abandoned even what little self-respect he might once have had now.

I don't suppose the ignorant simpleton realises that the Amazon ads on my blog have nothing to do with AdSense and nowhere does even the piece he's kindly highlighted mention clicking on AdSense ads. I'm sure Amazon will be delighted with a request to buy stuff from them.

Another spectacular pratfall in the form of an infantile attempt at more malicious harassment there, Manuel! LOL!

[Update 3]

LOL! Manuel is becoming quite desperate in his panic now Oxfam have publicly confirmed he lied. Now he's trying the bully-boy tactic to shut people up because the truth is so embarrassing.

But why would any sane person use the Kent Police's general enquiries form to lodge an official complaint, or, as Manuel puts it, to file a report? And especially since that page clearly has a link to details of how to make a complaint. I'll bet you 'forgot' to click the send button after you made the screen capture, Manuel. If not, no doubt you be able to produce a copy of the automated response you will have received from them... LOL!

And an attempt to intimidate Oxfam too! Er... Manuel! Our police aren't bothered about people telling the truth, even if that truth exposes you as a liar. I'd be astonished if the New York police are. You see, telling the truth about people is not against the law, even if you wish it were so far as the truth about you is concerned. Just imagine if you can being the poor sap in Kent Police who has to respond to a simpleton in the Bronx, New York, who has complained to them that Oxfam confirmed that a blog which didn't relate to him in any way contained accurate information. How would you go about handling this complaint without hurting the poor little man's feelings? It's a bit like one of those scenarios they give you on training and customer awareness courses to reinforce the message that even idiots are humans and should be treated kindly.

LOL! Must try harder, Manny! You're not even a half competent bully - and showing such contempt for your few remaining followers too. They may not be as stupid as you assume you know.

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  1. Nice post. I was hoping (I bet they were as well) after oxfam stepped in it'd be the end but he's still going.

    Incidentally if it's easier to grab any of the screenshots etc on any on this from my pages rather than sac's blog you're more than welcome to. Same with any of the information. If you decide you want any of it for a claim of harrassment (since it's now proven he's been knowingly spreading false information to harass and defame for a year) let me know and you can have everything I've got.

    1. Can I ask that you forward these to @Oxfamgb for their comments, please. As they have at last intervened - they were reluctant to get involved when he first made the allegations save only to confirm that they had informed 'Michael' that there was no substance to his allegations - they may respond again. I'll bet @CatholicGadfly excludes them from any mentions in his replies.

    2. Email sent, sorry for the slight delay. I've been asking oxfam via twitter to publicly confirm the details on your blog with regards the donation (especially the date) are correct. Figured if I pointed out that it was to try and stop the year long harassment you've had on the subject they might be more willing to help.

    3. Thanks. Oxfam's confirmation would be good but with both th blog and the receipt from Oxfam bearing the same date in 2013, it's hard to see how he can sustain that pathetic charade.

      Have you seen his latest desperate little attempt at harassment above? He's beginning to look quite panic-stricken.

      I would caution everyone against giving his even the smallest piece of personal information. He will frequently try to obtain email addresses, phone numbers, real names, etc.

    4. You know one thing has just occurred to me, and I don't know why I didn't spot it before: Manny claims I asked people to donate through my blog. Perhaps he could tell people how these donations are/were to be made since there is not, and has never been, any mechanism for doing so. (Check on archived versions if you don't want to take my word for it)

      I wonder if Manny would like to explain this curious discrepancy between what he claims and the facts.

  2. Rosa, it's well known that true believers of all kinds (not only religious ones) have difficulties distinguishing between truth and lies. They simply don't know the difference.


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