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Confused Pope Abuses Childless Couples

Pope Francis. Confused.
Pope Francis: 'The choice not to have children is selfish' - People - News - The Independent

In another astonishingly insensitive outburst, just a few weeks after telling Catholics who had been obeying official Catholic teaching prohibiting contraception and effective family planning that they are wrong for "breeding like rabbits", he has now told childless couples that they are selfish for choosing not to have children.

There is no recognition of the fact that some couples may have made that choice because they feel they can't provide the right environment in which to bring up children, or because they may be carrying a genetic defect which would mean a severely handicapped or life-limited child, or because they feel the planet is overpopulated already, what with Catholics "breeding like rabbits" at the behest of his predecessors, and have forgone the pleasures of parenthood for entirely selfless reasons.

There was also no recognition of the stigma this gratuitous insult places on couples who are childless because one or both of them is sterile and who would give almost anything to have a child. Presumably it has also escaped his attention that celibate clerics and nuns have also made a 'selfish' choice not to have children.

His confusion in this matter can be seen in his earlier "don't breed like rabbits" statement in which, after telling people to regulate their family size, he went on to say no outside institution should impose its views on regulating family size. He called this "ideological colonisation" of the developing world. He is now again telling people to regulate their family size. It would appear that Pope Francis hasn't appreciated the fact that the Catholic Church is an outside organization actively involved in "ideologically colonisation" of the developing world.

Childhood in Catholic Manilla
And of course, nowhere in Pope Francis' abuse of childless couples is there any recognition that a major factor in their decision not to have children might well be the abject poverty they live in as a result of the Catholic Church's ideological colonization of their culture and the over-population and hopeless poverty this has imposed on so many people, condemned to live in the teeming slums surrounding the ostentatious consumption in the city centres of so many third-world countries.

These huge inequalities exist under corrupt regimes invariably supported by the Catholic Church. And no recognition either that many couples opt for childlessness because one or the other is a carrier of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases because they listened to the lies of earlier popes and believed condoms are sinful and cause Aids.

The Pope could decide that all this power, all this wealth, this hierarchy of princes and bishops and archbishops and priests and monks and nuns could be sent out in the world with money and art treasures, to put them back in the countries that they once raped and violated, ... they could give that money away, and they could concentrate on the apparent essence of their belief, and then, I would stand here and say the Catholic Church may well be a force for good in the world, but until that day, it is not. Thank you.

So, we have a childless man living in opulent splendor and waited on by hoards of fawning sycophants whilst ostentatiously living a life of 'simple poverty' by using public transport when the world's news media are watching, and purporting to be serving a god who told us not to judge others, handing out judgmental insults and telling poor people how many children they should have. He does this with little or no regard to their individual circumstances nor how they arrived at their decision, if indeed they had a choice in the first place, and no recognition either of the role the Catholic Church and previous popes might have had in creating the condition which forced them to make that choice.

Pope Francis may well feel genuine and justified contempt for his advisors, as he showed in his Christmas address to the Curia, but he really needs someone to stop him crashing about like a loose cannon in a storm and remind him that he was put there to try to make it look like the Catholic Church had a human, friendly side after the disaster of the previous incumbent who has had to be shut away from public view.

If he really wants to reform the Church and turn it into a socially responsible, humanitarian organisation, he could start by reversing the dogmas that cause so much damage to people in the third world countries his church "ideologically colonised" in earlier times. He should use some of the vast wealth at his disposal to support and finance measures aimed at reducing the poverty which comes from overpopulation and the inability to have effective family planning programs because of the strangle hold his church has on the laws and the way it works hand in glove with the ruling elite to actively maintain the poverty, social inequalities and disempowerment of the underclasses on which they depend.

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  1. Great article Rosa. You have thoroughly exposed the disgusting way in which the Catholic Church tries to claim the moral high ground whilst being one of the main causes of the problems they decry. They made the disease and are selling the "cure". The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and this Pope Francis is truly staggering. They must be one of the most corrupt, immoral and untouchable, teflon-coated organisations ever to exist. Them being so judgemental about people who won't contribute to the continuation of their virus, is a despicable but entirely unsurprising tactic given their history.


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