Friday, 21 August 2015

The Sacoshite is Lying Again

Manuel de Dios Agosto, aka Sacerdotus, Sacoshite, Sacodogturds, etc., etc., is quite besides himself with rage and even more desperate for money and attention. What seems to have set him off again is the publication of my Kindle book, The Light Of Reason: And Other Atheist Writing and, in characteristic Manny style, he's plumbing new depths of dishonesty the more desperate he gets.

The unemployable expelled seminarian has now taken to posting on G+ some faked 'screenshots' of Twitter tweets he claims are mine, even accusing me of what amounts to incitement to murder. Bear in mind that this sad little man has even faked emails purporting to come from Oxfam which in an unprecedented intervention on Twitter, Oxfam publically repudiated and confirmed Manny was lying.

You can see his infantile efforts here (if you're not blocked by +Sacerdotus that is - the coward is too afraid to let me see what lies he's telling about me):

See if you can spot the difference between a screenshot of a real tweet by me and one of Manny's fakes from his +SacerdotusSacerdotvs account:

That wasn't too hard now, was it? Yet Manuel thinks you're stupid enough not to see through his deception. I'm sure he's love to hear what you think of that...

It only takes a moment to see that unlike a genuine tweet, the @ name isn't showing under the apparent user name in Manny's fakes. He has obviously used one of his many fake Twitter accounts (probably @RosaRublcondior with which he used to post sexually explicit tweets until permanently suspended - note the lower-case 'L' in place of the 'i' after 'b') and has then removed the @ name to try to hide his deception). Did you notice the 'Labour Rose' on my avatar? I put that on before the UK general election in May 2010, and it's still there. Strange how Manny 'removed' it, eh?

Incidentally, this assumption that everyone is more stupid than he is is a characteristic of narcissistic personality disorder. Just think, he could have been a Catholic priest if he hadn't been caught in time - and apparently through his own arrogant carelessness!

As an amusing aside, when Manuel was feeling at his most humiliated by his own unavoidable public cowardice and trying everything he could think of to stop me telling people about him, he used this fake @RosaRublcondior Twitter account to post these sorts of tweets then used them to try to get a petition going to get me banned. He got three signatures - two of his own, and mine (I felt so sorry for him after all his pathetic efforts had come to nothing).

The question is not why Manuel is doing this - his bizarre, psychotic obsession with me since I humiliated him by challenging his to a formal debate from which he panicked and ran, and then ran some more, has been well documented - but how much longer are the people who run Google+ going to tolerate this abuse of their service to continue? Manny has already had one of his Wordpress blogs shut down for abuse, yet Google+ and Blogger appear to allow almost unlimited abuse including obviously forged 'evidence' of alleged criminal activities.

Special thanks to The Blind Wolf - Fabricated Twitter lies for the heads up on this and for permission to use the screenshots. This blogger should be followed for more exposure of Manny's dishonesty. He also posts on Twitter as @Ellif_DWulfe (Ellif D'Wulf).

[Update 22 August 2015] 'The Blind Wolf' has discovered an interesting fact about how Twitter handles urls with a tweet reference number attached, which shows conclusively that these tweets weren't mine but were almost certainly posted by Manuel de Dios Agosto using his fake @RosaRublcondior account.

First of all, try this link: You'll see all is perfectly straightforward. You can see the account and this tweet. [Update 1-Sep-2015] Sadly but understandably, Ellif has now protected his account following more good Christian threats by Manny against him, his family and his neighbours, so use the following random tweet instead

Now, try this reference to a tweet by a suspended account: You get the expected 'Account Suspended' screen. @CatholicGadfly is one of Manuel's known sock accounts.

Now, what happens if you use the tweet numeric reference plugged into the url of a normal account? (Manny's tweet from a suspended account plugged into Ellif_DWulfe's Twitter url). [Update 1-Sep-2015] Use this instead

What's this? Account suspended? Surely not! Try the first link above again, just to be sure. Phew!

What happens is that Twitter give precedence to the reference number over the url. It looks for the tweet, finds the account is suspended and puts up the suspended screen there and then.

Recall that Manny used forged tweets with the following reference numbers left on, although he thoughtfully removed the @ name just in case:
  • 253302039675817985
  • 256555965518864384
  • 251779548323123200

Now, take Ellif's tweet reference and plug it into my @RosaRubicondior url (this is the account Manny wants you to believe tweeted his forged screenshots): Oh look! Again, the reference number takes precedence and Twitter redirects you to Ellif_DWulfe's tweet on his TL! [Update 1-Sep-2015] Use this instead:

So what happens if we plug the reference numbers from Manny's forged screen shots into Ellif's Twitter url? Look at that! This tweet is protected, yet you can see all Ellif's other tweets! How can this be? [Update 1-Sep-2015] Use this one:

Obviously, the account which tweeted that tweet isn't suspended, but the tweets are protected. No suspended screen and no redirects but you can't see the tweet.

Now, take that tweet reference and plug it into @RosaRubicondior's Twitter url e.g., Well,well! (That account is suspended! So, @RosaRubicondior did not post that tweet (it's on a protected account, not a suspended one).

Now, what happens if we plug the tweet reference into, say @RosaRubLcondior's url (i.e. another Manny sock account)? Voilá! Guess who? Not me at all, but Manny in one of his many thin disguises! What a difference an 'L' makes!

Incidentally, note the date when that account was created. No doubt it's all a coincidence that Manny's forged screen shots are all based on tweets made shortly after that date. This of course doesn't absolutely prove the forged screenshots were from @RosaRubLcondior but the date is more than a little suspicious and we know that Manuel de Dios Agosto has doctored them for a reason. Not too difficult to join the dots, is it?

To quote 'The Blind Wolf':
So in summary: If the tweet ID number is from a suspended account we get redirected to the account suspended page, no matter what account name is in the URL

If the tweet ID number is from a protected account we get taken to the account that's named in the URL but get the message that we're unauthorised to see the status in question. If the account named is suspended we go to the suspension page instead.

So: The account that sent the images was the Parody account @RosarubLcondior an account attributed to Sacerdotus.

This means the tweets were likely sent as they are, but he scrubbed the @ name knowing it would give the deception away.

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  1. I have reported all those to Google+ as "Hateful, harassing or bullying" to "someone else."

    He's a creep, and there should be consequences for his behaviour.

    1. Thanks for that. Perhaps more people should follow your example but Google+, like Blogger, won't even remove proven libelous blogs unless they are ordered to do so by a court. I tried to get his lies about me defrauding Oxfam removed and even offered to send them copies of Oxfam's emails confirming his lies, and gave Oxfam permission to release details of my donations should Blogger request them, but they declined to act.

  2. Unfortunately, taking away the mentally ill bully's pen and paper will not fix anything. He will go shout lies elsewhere. Short of sending the police to his door, he will continue to be compelled to post lies. He has demonstrated his inability to stop lying on many occasions. He is delusional and selfish to the point of doing everything he can to support and protect his delusion. I've offered to support and promote a go fund me acct to help pay for his hospitalization, but he avoids my offer like the plague.

    1. Maybe we need to do what PZ Myers did with Denis Marcuse ('Mabus') a couple of years ago and got his followers to forward every email and every tweet to the local police until they acted. It took about 24 hours.

      'Mabus' was arrested, charged and bound over on condition he attended rehab and counselling. Of course, like all bullies from the safe anonymity of his room behind his screen, when outed he cried and made a grovelling apology.

      It would not surprise me in the least if NYPD already had Manuel on file.

  3. Oh, and even better, this VERY clearly connects Sac to the fake account. SAC's manipulation and use of the tweets which only the account holder have access to proves 2 things.

    1. He 100% lied by posting the recent tweets.
    2. He is outed as the immoral & hateful controller of the account which the original tweets came from.

    No surprise however. Its nothing a stupid person wouldn't do.

    1. To me the amazing thing is that Twitter reinstated some of his sock accounts despite suspending them for targeted abuse and harassment, yet they claim to take 'reports of this nature very seriously'. Not seriously enough to be bothered about stopping it though. I can understand them missing some accounts and allowing them to continue but to reinstate an account, someone has to go into it and actively reinstate it, despite its record of abuse and harassment. This is not an accidental action but a conscious decision to allow it to continue.

      I wonder if someone at Twitter has done to sums and worked out how much traffic they would lose if they shut down all the abuse accounts, and how much this would affect their share price. It almost looks like allowing gratuitous abuse is a marketing ploy.

  4. I've slowed down blogging, but am very active on Google+ and check in with Sacoshite from time to time. He really is obsessed with you. :-)

    1. He probably feels it gives his lonely little life some purpose. I think Manuel's worst nightmare would be to be ignored completely. He regards any reaction, no matter how hostile, as some sort of confirmation of his powers.

  5. I think that the most legitimate charge against this fellow would be that he accused somebody of being a pedophile just for disagreeing with him. Sacerdotus literally has no concern for other people. With his creation of all of these twitter accounts and fabricating these narratives, how are we to assess him? Here is a man who creates a dozen twitter and facebook accounts and pretends to be other people, sometimes even arguing against himself. He develops fake atheist personas and then on his primary blog, refers to that fake persona as a "young atheist." I am not sure how else to express this. He is just out of his mind.

    Yet it is quite suspicious that this "young atheist" is not the recipient of Sacerdotus' criticism despite that the "atheist" has made numerous posts about him. It is quite out of character for Sacerdotus to not respond point by point to everything that is mounted against him, to not pursue a full investigation of this "young atheist" in an effort to reveal his address and personal information.

    I do feel bad for him. That should not be taken as an insult or a derogatory remark. He clearly has serious mental deficiencies. All of his imagined degrees, the imminent priesthood that has lasted for about six years (when did he create How long is one a sacerdotus? His ordination must be any day now), his residence in Boston, debates at Boston University that people at the university denied, and the fake personalities. The way he talks about these fake personalities is disturbing to me. He seems to think that it is a normal practice. What I mean is that he assumes that the reader will know what he is talking about. He will say things like, "they pinned a fake person on me..." What in the world does that even mean? The rest of us have no idea what it means to create a fake person or pin a fake person on somebody else. For him, it is just a normal part of life. Sometimes you pretend to be people online. Sometimes others are pretending to be people and it is your job to expose them. He does not realize that people just do not practice this sort of thing. It is exclusive to him. (By the way, I wonder if he is on any dating sites pretending to be people. Somebody should do a search for "Future Priest" in the bronx on popular dating sites and see what comes up).

    Like I said, I really do feel bad for him. He needs help. But he is also out to hurt people so that mitigates the pity that I have for him. As much as his blog is a source of entertainment, I can see that he really is malevolent and I would be pleased if that website were shut down.

    1. Like I've said elsewhere, the impression is of a loner with few if any friends, which is often the case with people with narcissistic personality disorder. His one chance to be a respected person of some importance in his community, was blown when he was expelled from seminary so all he has left now is the attention he gets online as he picks one victim after another the harass and bully in order to externalize his failures and present himself as the victim whilst taking out his hate, anger and self-loathing on strangers. It's characteristic of people with narcissistic personality disorder that they regard other people as of no importance yet have an ego so fragile it needs to be constantly built up and magnified out os all proportion to their real abilities. The one thing they find impossible to do is to admit failure and accept being wrong. Manuel will go to almost any lengths to avoid admitting his deceptions have been exposed. No doubt we'll see yet more fake accounts all fawning over his brilliance and 'discovering' yet more lurid details of his victim's private lives, all of which will be the transparent absurdities which characterize Manny's infantile imagination. Yes, it would be easy to feel sorry for him - I have often wondered about sending him a few dollars to help him out, poor thing - if only he wasn't such a deliberately and conscientiously obnoxious little shit.

  6. Some of his pleas for money are almost amusing. Have you seen the services that he is selling? He is asking people to pay him large sums of money for trivial tasks like posting a link on his blog. His "Advertise With Sacerdotus" page solicits advertising services for which he charges 700 DOLLARS. In exchange for this 700 DOLLARS, he will review a blog post that you write on Google Hangout. FOR 700 DOLLARS. I went to his most recent Hangout video. It had 20 views and he posted it on August 6th. That's nearly a month and only 20 view? So if I signed up for that service, I would pay 700 DOLLARS for 20 VIEWS. I might pay five dollars to have a blog post reviewed. I do think that would be a fun thing to listen to. But for something like five dollars. I have no idea why he would think for a second that anybody would pay that amount of money to listen to him reviewing their blog post for his audience of 20 people.

    From the "advertise with sacerdotus" page

    Advertisement on Sacerdotus Radio & Sacerdotus Hangouts (once per each airing)

    $180 per episode on Sacerdotus Radio Podcast
    $250 per episode on Sacerdotus Hangouts
    $570 monthly on Sacerdotus Radio Podcast***
    $650 monthly on Sacerdotus Hangouts***
    $700 to dedicate one episode to promote your content or product (restrictions apply*)

    1. Narcissists frequently have an overinflated and completely unrealistic assessment of their power and importance and blame others when things don't work out. Manny boast about his fantastic achievements, his hundreds of devoted students, his amazingly popular lectures and his senior position in the Boston and New York Diocese and yet is able to spend hours every day inventing new personae, setting up new fake blogs and accounts and generally attention seeking wherever and whenever he can.

      And all from his mother's apartment in Bronx.

      It's all fantasy of course. Neither the New York nor Boston Catholic Diocese know anything about him. His diocese appears to be a room in the Bronx and his adoring students are figments of his imagination. Have you ever seen a single student of his on Twitter or Facebook? Even his few 'supporters' such as the apparently simple 'Susan' is a Manny sock.


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