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Wednesday 5 August 2015

So I've Written This Book...

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In response to numerous requests, I've finally produced an ebook, based on a selection of my Atheism and Science blogs. The Light Of Reason: And Other Atheist Writing, is available for Kindle users only at this time.

The selection is a more-or-less random one but include many of my personal favourites (and by that I mean those that gave me most satisfaction to write) and those which have proved most popular judging by the number of hits recorded by Blogger. I've tried to arrange them into four sections each dealing with a different aspect of Atheism and science and the interface between science and religion.

Those sections are:
  1. Religion and Atheism, which looks at the reasons why Atheism is the position of choice for critical thinkers and people who allow the evidence to determine their beliefs and who suspend judgement in the absence of evidence.
  2. Evolution and Other Science, which deals with aspects of science which normally feature in creationist and other religious apologetics and about which most creationists are ignorant or at least feign ignorance.
  3. Religious Apologetics, dealing with the common apologetic fallacies.
  4. Silly Bible, exposing the utter nonsense and implausibility of the stories found throughout the Bible.

Amazon.co.ukUnited Kingdom£6.37*
Amazon.com.brBrazilR$ 24,99*
*Subject to US dollar exchange rate variation (price based on current exchange rate on 05 August 2015). For current price, check with your local Amazon Kindle service.
There is no narrative, so readers can dip into it at leisure without losing any plot, much as they can browse through a blog archive. Ideal for Atheists looking for a deeper understanding of the sciences, or wanting to find Bible criticism without having to read the Bible yet again. Ideal for the beach, for journeys for relaxation and as light bedtime reading. Hopefully, it's not too soporific.

The Light of Reason: And Other Atheist Writing, with a massive 747 pages on Kindle, (English only) is available for immediate download to a Kindle device or a Kindle app for laptops or iphones from your Kindle account:

My thanks to the many readers of my blog who have encouraged me to venture into print. I am currently exploring the feasibility of publishing this as a real book.

Interested publishers and would-be literary agents can contact me through the comments section below.

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  1. Replies
    1. Great! I wondered what you were up to. Can you give me the link, please?

  2. Wow, it's available in India too. Thanks :)

  3. Enjoying the read. One question, though. In What Makes You So Special you seem to be suggesting that suns "rather like our own" will eventually become supernovas. My understanding is that our Sun isn't massive enough for that. Am I misreading you?

    1. Esther tends to make false statements which I have corrected numerous times.

    2. Poor Manuel de Dios Agosto, aka Sacerdotus and multiple other fake names with multiple fake accounts, gets himself into such a state about my continued success and popularity. You can read all about how we exposed the unemplyable expelled seminarian as a fraud, con artist and liar ,and his subsequent mental deterioaration here. AS one blogger pointed out, he's being trying to ride piggyback on my popularity to supplement his welfare check for several years now and still needs to beg on line for money.

    3. mikespeir. You're right. I probably over-simplified that section. Red giant followed by white dwarf is the correct sequence. I'll correct it in the next edition.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your gratuitous abuse was removed as usual, Manuel. It's a shame you don't have anything else to do all day but try to get attention via your keyboard. I don't know what you're getting yourself into such a panic over; I didn't mention you in the book at all and certainly didn't publish the reason you were expelled from St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, NY. That's still our little secret. Well, ours and the person who told me all about it, and the staff at St. Joseph's of course.

      I understand there may be some more revelations about you soon. Can't wait to read them.

    2. Who is Manuel? You still never told us this nor have ever shown a photo! What abuse? A priest who studied at St. Joseph's Seminary already inform you and your accounts that no one of that name ever attended there. Do you need the Seminary to contact you directly in order to get it?? I can arrange for seminary officials to contact you directly if you wish.

    3. You are Manuel. How we exposed you as a fraud can be read about in Sacerdotus - The Fraud Exposed. I'll gladly show your photo if you send me one. As you know, your 'friend' the Catholic Priest, only confirmed that no-one called 'Emanuel' went to St Josephs when he was there. This was shortly after you lied about St Josephs being closed to try to put people off the scent.

      Why don't you come clean Manuel, and let everyone know the reason you were expelled rather than keeping up this charade? We both know the reason; your 'friend' who told me knows the reason and the St Josephs authorities who agreed not to go to the police if you went quietly know the reason. Why not get it out in the open now that everyone else who's interested has worked it out? The last thing St Josephs needs now is another cover-up scandal.

    4. The rest of your abusive posts were deleted as usual, by the way, Manuel. I do hope you're not spiraling down into another psychotic episode where you spend all day posting infantile abuse on other peoples' blogs because you can't get any attention on your own. I see you revealed the apparently insane 'Susan' as yet another of your alter egos. IIRC, 'she' was the only one simple enough to send you any money. Did you imagine you'd got away with that charade too? LOL!


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