Sunday, 10 April 2016

What The Critics Say! Ten Good Reasons To Buy It!

My latest book, Ten Reasons To Lose Faith: And Why You Are Better Off Without It is already receiving critical acclaim from readers:

..and this book shows nicely why it is better to let go of it ... (5 stars)

This is a cracking read from the author of the Rosa Rubicondior blogs. If you aren't familiar with them then I would suggest you rectify that.
Faith is a pernicious thing, and this book shows nicely why it is better to let go of it and walk away. Religion is a drug, and faith is its pusher, binding people more and more closely to religion.
Read the book. It says it all better than I can.

Whichever side of the fence you sit - read this! (5 stars)

Ten very good reasons. Easy to read and clearly written.

All my paperback books can be purchased directly from the publishers via my CreateSpace eStore. Special rates apply to Kindle editions for those who buy my paperbacks from Amazon.

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