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Monday, 19 September 2016

Death of a Modern Exorcist

Fr. Gabriele Amorth. 70,000 exorcisms.
World Famous Exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth Dies at 91 |Blogs | NCRegister.com

The thing about the modern Catholic Church is its modernity and the way it has enthusiastically embraced science and abandoned those old, mediaeval, unscientific superstitions like a flat Earth, six-day creation and the inferior status of the black, brown, yellow and red-skinned races.

They've even turned their back on the notion which lead to the persecution of women as witches - a world in which evil spirits could enter and take over human... er... except they haven't.

No, really!

The modern Catholic Church's view of the world.
Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delight, Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516)
Well, they don't persecute women any more for being possessed by evil demons, but they do still believe in them. They even employ special people with the powers to drive out these evil demons and have official rituals with which to do it. In pre-Christian societies these would have been called witch doctors but that isn't modern enough for the Catholic Church, so they call them exorcists instead. They still cast magic spells and perform magic hand movements to frighten away evil demons.

One of the oldest and best known of these magicians was Fr. Gabriel Amorth, exorcist to the Vatican, who died recently, aged 91. He had held this important position since 1985.

Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delight, Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516)
Fr. Amorth attributed the evil in the world to the growth in satanic power due to abortion, divorce, gay marriage, and 'the pursuit of pure Atheism'. Presumably, 'pure' Atheism differs from impure Atheism in that it isn't contaminated by belief in bits of old god. In one of his last interview he took the opportunity to issue the age-old religious warning of impending dire consequences if people didn't start obeying the church again. In a rage against everything liberal and modern in which he equated Atheism with science, he told the Catholic magazine FaithfulInsight:

...today the world does not turn from God because it is idolatrous; rather it pursues pure atheism, so as to put science on the altar. [Its breakthroughs] are put to disastrous use... progress too is misused. We see it in laws that go totally against nature such as divorce, abortion, 'gay marriage'. We have forgotten God! Therefore, God will soon admonish humanity in a very powerful manner, He knows how to remind us of His presence.

In a strange reference to the Fatima hoax, he said:

Divorce has been a disaster; abortion has been a disaster. Each year 50 million children are murdered by abortion. And euthanasia, the broken family, cohabitation ... It is all destruction! The Lord gave us sex for a purpose. One thing is sexual fun; another is love. Today there is much talk of love, but there truly is none! Precisely in Fatima did Our Lady say to the young, seven-year old, Jacinta: ‘the sin that brings the most souls to hell is the impure sin,’ the sin of the flesh. She said this to a young girl, who did not even know what it was! We must listen to that which Our Lady says.

Curiously, he neglected to mention that although Jacinta Marto was only seven at the time of the alleged Marian miracle in 1917, she died in the Spanish flu outbreak between 1918 and 1920 without reporting being told anything, even saying that she and her sister Francisco actually saw and heard nothing, only seeing their cousin Lúcia talking to someone. Perhaps Fr. Amorth in his dotage misremembered the details and was thinking of Lúcia Santos. However, there is nothing about 'sins of the flesh' in any of the 'Three Secrets' allegedly told to her by the apparition and even had there been, these were not actually written down until many years later when Lúcia Santos, now a devout nun, would have been well aware of and even more than a little obsessed by 'sins of the flesh'. Six days after the 'miracle', Lúcia Santos told Canon Formigao that she couldn't remember what had been said.

Anyway, maybe we can attribute Fr. Amorth's confusion and false memories to his age and not at all to an evil spirit!

Fr. Amorth is credited with over 70,000 exorcisms over twenty-nine years, many of them on the same people! Fear not though for the welfare of the dioceses of Rome now the protective spells of Fr. Amorth no longer protect it from the invisible demons besetting it. The Vatican has a further nineteen exorcists to call on, as well as the exorcists employed by most of the world's Catholic diocese.

Wherever would we be without this protective magic to keep us safe at night from the evil demons released on us by the combined satanic forces of science, liberalism and freedom from persecution of women and minorities? It makes me shudder to think about it!

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