Saturday, 8 October 2016

It's Time To Dump Trump!

I don't normally comment here on American politics, if for no other reason that I'm not American and believe Americans should decide their own affairs.

However, Donald Trump provokes me to make an exception. Donald Trump is not fit to run a used car lot, let alone the most powerful nation in history with a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying everything on this planet several times over. He has shown himself to be emotionally unstable and quite incapable of controlling his most hateful impulses. He has a sociopathic, even psychopathic disregard for other people. This latest revelation should have done for him as a serious presidential candidate but it remains to be seen whether the raving right in America can stomach the thought of another liberal (by American standards) Clinton administration, especially one led by that horror of horrors - and only marginally better than being black - a woman!

He believes avoiding paying his fair share towards the government of the USA - the military he would be commander-in-chief of, the security services, etc - is 'smart'. This is not patriotism; it is parasitism. He brags of being a great businessman yet his (leaked) tax returns show that his losses were so great - billions of dollars - that he has been able to offset that against federal tax for the foreseeable future, whilst living a billionaire lifestyle. He is either a massive failure as a businessman or a tax-evading liar.

His method of doing business with other people is to contract them to work for him, then scrutinize the contracts in minute detail looking for an excuse to not pay for the work they have done, leaving them to face his army of lawyers in court.

He epitomises the amoral, where 'good' and 'profitable' are synonymous. He represents the worst of America, being racist, misogynistic, culturally chauvinistic, bombastic and a bully who publicly mocks disabled people. He would be incapable of representing America on the world stage being about as diplomatic as a bull elephant in musth and becomes dangerously unstable when he doesn't get his own way. And yet he is the darling of the conservative Christian right, epitomising as he does, the antithesis of what we are constantly told Christianity at it's best represents - kindness, tolerance, humility, generosity, etc. Is Trump really the best the Christian right have? Does Trump really represent their values in his personal and public life? If so, decent Christians might like to ponder on how their religion can be used to excuse this hypocrisy.

And now we have the grotesque spectacle of devout Christians still urging their followers to vote for this repugnant character despite the release of this astonishing recording of his arrogance, braggadocio and contempt for 50% of the population - women. Neither Donald Trump, not the hypocritical Christians who support him, are fit to be allowed anywhere near political power. The consequences are almost unthinkable - and yet they are a realistic possibility!

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  1. Some substantial number of Republicans are finally voicing the conclusion that Trump must go, but they face an insuperable problem -- inability to agree on who should replace him. Some want to back his VP candidate Mike Pence, a "God hates fags" theocrat of the worst kind. Others support Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate, while others support independent conservative Evan McMullin, and others want to bring in some other Republican heavyweight like Paul Ryan. For each option, there are at least some Republicans to whom that option is unacceptable for various reasons. And there would still be the die-hard Trumpanzees to contend with.

    And the credibility of all these newly-minted NeverTrumps isn't all that high given that they stuck with him through all his previous disgusting episodes, some of which you list here. Yes, they've finally found something too awful even for them, but the bar is plainly pretty low.

    So even though replacing Trump would probably be a wise option for the Republicans, I don't think it will happen. He'll remain the standard-bearer and will lose in epic fashion. Yes, many Republicans will vote for him even after this, but many won't. Much as they all loathe the thought of Hillary Clinton as President, she's going to win, and there's nothing they can do about it.

    1. I hope you're right. I love Trumpanzees - not the loathsome people, the word!

  2. I am incredibly embarrassed that this man is representing our country, even as a candidate. My mother loathes hillary, and completely backs trump sadly. I don't want to get into arguments with family over politics, but it pains me to praise trump for things she has denounced liberals for. Her favorite phrase currently is that anyone supporting Hillary is too stupid to be allowed to vote, despite her in distance that liberals are sheep and hate/attack anyone who doesn't think exactly like themselves. I can't express how sorry I'll be for subjecting the rest of the world to this bozo if he does happen to win. :( Though I have heard speculation that he is trying to throw the race in Hillary's favor by being a horrible person. I would like that to be true, but... Also, I love the term Trumpanzees. :)


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