Monday, 20 November 2017

Christians and Jews Unite to Defend Paedophilia

Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, director of Help Rescue Our Children
Speaking in Birminham, ALabama in support of Roy Moore
New York rabbi lends support to Roy Moore at Birmingham rally | Southern Jewish Life Magazine.

Following close on American Christian fundamentalists discovering that their religion permits lying, sexually assaulting women, adultery, cheating, fraud and bullying when they discovered that Donald Trump represented all the values they stand for, they now seem to have realised what good and moral things paedophilia, sexual assault on and non-consensual sex with a minor are, with the Roy Moore affair.

Now we learn it's not just extremist Christians who have these conveniently flexible morals and an imaginary friend who approves of every abuse of power and antisocial, divisive and abusive policy you can think of when it suits your selfish ambitions. Some extremist Jews have the same flexibility it seems.

Evangelical Christian preachers seem to be vying for the best Bible-based apologia for Moor's alleged sexual abuse of young women including a fourteen year-old girl some years ago. It not only does not debar him from holding elected public office, but is makes him eminently suitable as a good Christian - apparently. They have just discovered that the Bible is full of child molestation and non-consensual sex (or 'rape' as we now call it) all done with the tacit approval of God or even on his orders. Why, even Jesus's own mother was a minor!

And they are now having to compete not with preachers of their own faith, but some Orthodox Jews who are also entering the fray, and who better to defend Moore than the director of an organisation which exists to support child victims of sexual abuse.

It's always useful when you have such a flexible set of 'objective morals' such as can be found in the Bible that you can, without so much as the blink of an eye or a twinge of conscience, decide that the extreme political right represents the best in human decency, when it appears to stand for everything you might have expected a kind, caring, compassionate and humanitarian religion to be against.

But then, of course, nowhere in the Bible is child abuse condemned and rape is more often than not blamed on the victim with the rapist even being rewarded and allowed to enslave his victim for life or buy her from her father for a handful of loose change.

According to this report in Southern Jewish News, New York-based Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, who heads Torah Jews for Decency and is executive director of Help Rescue Our Children, praised Roy Moore for his proven track-record in promoting 'Biblical values', claiming that this is why he is a 'target', at a press conference hosted by Faith2Action President Janet Porter and Dr. Steven Hotze, CEO of Restore Our Godly Heritage PAC.

Apparently, according to Rabi Leitner, the future of the [American] Republic depends on Roy Moore being elected and if he falls the Republic will fall with him. Apearign to conflate homophobia with paedophilia he warned that "the great flood that annihilated civilization in the days of Noah was triggered by societal recognition of same-sex so-called marriage".

Can anyone come up with a relevant Biblical text to that effect? Me neither!

After telling Moore “you never know how many people you inspire by standing strong,” he concluded with “May the ultimate judge speedily pour out his heavenly wrath against our enemies and mercifully save us all.”

Leiter’s group, Help Save Our Children, advocates for victims of child molestation.

In 2013, after members of the Orthodoc Jewish community in Rockland were convicted of the sexual abuse of children, Rabi Leitner said:

The epidemic of child-molestation threatens an entire generation of children... Many of these molesters are arrogant, narcissistic, deceptive, and downright evil. Even though some of them appear unable to control themselves, that is because of choices they repeatedly and intentionally made.

But of course, there is considerable wriggle room if the perpetrator happens to hate the same people you hate.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin
Breaking Shabbat to speak in Support of Roy Moore in 2003
This is not the first time an extremist Orthodox Jewish Rabi has given support to Moore and shown how flexible his own moral absolutes are. In 2003 when Moore was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and was fighting an order to remove a massive granite monument to the Ten Commandments from the state Supreme Court building, Rabi Yehuda Levin travelled to Montgomery and made a speech supporting Moore on 16 August, despite this being the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat).

Ironically, given that he was defending a display of the Ten Commandments which includes a prohibition on working on the Sabbath, Rabi Levin travelled and spoke through microphones despite this being forbidden to an observant Jew during Shabbat.

Then again, those Ten Commandments that supposedly embody true Christian and Jewish morality, contain not one single word forbidding child abuse, rape, misogyny or slavery, nor a word about democracy or religious freedom.

Also in 2003, the same Rabi Levin allowed a Jewish group, Young Israel of Vandeveer Park in Brooklyn, to join his congregation on the strict condition that the three black members of the group not be allowed to attend because he didn't want 'weird-looking Jews' in his congregation.

To a religious extremist, the absolute morals that they parade as evidence of their holier-than-tho piety, and even evidence of their law-giver god, can be as flexible and malleable as necessary for political expediency and to protect their sacred right to bully and victimise minorities of their choice, it seems.

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