Thursday 13 September 2018

"Satan Is Revealing Bishops' Crimes" - Pope Francis

"[The great accuser] seeks to reveal sins, which people can see, in order to scandalize the people."
Satan is attacking bishops; they must fight with prayer, pope says

In an astonishing statement in his morning homily last Tuesday, Pope Francis let slip his real attitude towards the deluge of child abuse and cover-up scandals now engulfing the Catholic Church worldwide. He blamed Satan, not for tempting the priests and bishop, but for revealing their crimes!

According to Catholic News:

In these times, Pope Francis said, it seems like the devil, "the great accuser, has been let loose and he's got it in for the bishops. True, there are, we are all sinners, we bishops."

The great accuser "seeks to reveal sins, which people can see, in order to scandalize the people" of God, he said in his homily during morning Mass at Domus Sanctae Marthae.

[My emphasis]

In other words, Pope "Uncle Frankie" Francis, who promised to purge the church of child abusers, compensate their victims and introduce reforms to prevent it happening again, now sees the exposure of these abusers as the work of Satan and a bad thing. By extension, continuing to cover up their crimes is now a virtuous struggle against Satan.

Most decent people would have assumed that exposing wrongdoing to give justice to the victims of crime and bring retribution on the criminal would be a good thing and what Jesus would want. Pope Francis now sees it as a great evil.

Continuing this theme, he went on to say:

[The great accuser] roams the world seeking how to blame. The strength of the bishop against the great accuser is prayer -- his own and Jesus', the humility to feel chosen and staying close to the people of God without heading toward an aristocratic life.

Maybe it's just the fear that he will be next following the claims by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò that Pope Francis himself knew of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick's crimes yet removed the restrictions he had been placed under by Pope Benedict XIV, promoted him to Cardinal and continued to cover for him. Whatever his motive, it now appears that Pope Francis sees investigations such as the Grand Jury investigation is Pennsylvania, the Australian Royal Commission, the Irish Cloyne Report and all those hundreds of investigations, commissions of enquiry and court cases now facing the Catholic Church and it's senior clerics on an unprecedented scale world-wide, as the work of Satan. He sees the agencies of law enforcement and child protection as Satanic and telling them the truth as a sin.

Does this signal to his bishops, archbishops and cardinals to revert to the previous policy of cover-up and non-cooperation with the 'Satanic' forces now setting up Pennsylvania-style investigations into Catholic diocese throughout America and elsewhere, and should the recent mobster-style warning by the newly-appointed Cardinal Sergio Obeso Rivera that victims of abuse should keep quiet of suffer the consequences, be seen in this context? Or does it merely reflects the muddled thinking and frustration of the do nothing Pope?

Either way, it must give a few crumbs of comfort to the bishops and cardinals now facing further exposure on the scale of (former) Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Cardinal Donald Wuerl, and Cardinal Pell about to face trial in Australia, to think that Pope Francis is on their side and sees keeping their crimes hidden from public view as fighting the good fight and resisting the dark forces of Satan trying to expose their crimes to public gaze.

As I said a few days ago, there are many in the Catholic Church who believe the good times are not over yet and the law of omerta that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XIV sought to impose, can be restored. Maybe the thought that he himself is about to be investigated has prompted Pope Francis' sudden change of mind, but any moral authority the Pope and the Catholic Church once laid claim to has now been flushed down the pan with the rest of their disgusting corruption and ordure.

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