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Tuesday 13 November 2018

Hypocrisy News - Kim Davis

Kim Davis - Rejected
Apparently, Jesus has decided on a change of career for Christian arch-bigot, Kim Davis, now she has been rejected in favour of a Democrat by Kentucky voters in the midterm elections.

Readers will remember how the (now former) Rowan County clerk gained notoriety and became the poster-girl for white right Christian extremism when she decided her religious prejudices entitled her to victimise homosexuals by denying them marriage licences for same sex marriage, while being paid by Kentucky taxpayers for doing a job she was refusing to do. She even achieved glorious martyrdom by being sent to prison by a court for refusing to do the job she was taking money for doing.

She acquired even more notoriety and the adoration of the extreme Christian right, when she helped Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò embarrass Pope Francis and give hope to the extreme right that his reforms were mere PR and not to be taken seriously. Viganò , then Papal legate to Washington and bearing a grudge, arranged a clandestine meeting between Davis and Pope Francis at the end of his visit to the USA, in which Francis appeared to encourage Davis to continue breaking the law in his host country. Details of the meeting were immediately released to the press by a triumphant Viganò.

This brought what had been a triumphal visit, during which Francis had wowed liberal opinion with his professed enthusiasm for liberal reforms, environmental protection and tolerance for gay rights, to an acrimonious end, with Davis and her extremist supporters claiming Papal endorsement for their guerrilla war on the US Constitution, and Pope Francis denying he even knew who she was.

Viganò had set a trap using Davis as the willing bait and Pope Francis had blundered into it. Viganò was quickly removed from his post - to which he had originally been sent to get him out of the Vatican where, so he claims, he had revealed details of corruption and sexual debauchery on an organised scale to Pope Benedict.

Now, it appears that Kim Davis who, until losing in the midterm elections by a wide margin, was bent on a political career, has been called by Jesus to become an evangelical preacher. Presumably Jesus is pleased by her exemplary example of a good Christian chaste family life; an example which includes:
  • Marriage to husband #1.
  • An adulterous affair with husband-to-be #3 which resulted in twin pregnancy.
  • Divorce from husband #1
  • Birth of her twins to a then single mother.
  • Marriage to husband #2.
  • Divorce from husband #2.
  • Marriage to husband #3, the father of her twins.
  • Divorce from husband #3.
  • Remarriage to husband number 2.

So, four marriages to three different men and four children by two of them, two born out of wedlock to single mother Kim Davis.

Davis, who is now a member of the Solid Rock Apostolic Church, Morehead, Kentucky is also a Bible literalist inerrantist, so excusing her hatred for, and victimisation of, homosexuals, on a verse in Leviticus which calls for the death of homosexuals. Curiously, she seems to have suspended this born-again conviction in Biblical inerrancy when it explicitly forbids women from preaching in church or being in any position of leadership over men. This was obviously an inerrant mistake and can be disregarded.

Perhaps Jesus is prepared to compromise his and his dad's sacred and inerrant principles when there is good money to be had in tithing and fleecing a flock, and a devout Christian bigot is suddenly in need of an income because the taxpayers she wanted to take money off for not doing her job have declined to continue supporting her in the way in which she felt entitled.

Luckily, even her fellow Bible literalists appear to have decided that the Bible's instruction that adulterous women should be stoned to death was also a silly mistake and can safely be disregarded.

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