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Monday 21 January 2019

Catholic Abuse News - Covington Cases

Nick Sandmann and other Trump-supporting Covington Catholic High School students taunt and abuse an Elder of the Omaha Nation
The Diocese Of Covington, Kentucky Paid $120M To Settle Priest Sex Abuse Claims | The Intellectualist.

With the controversy over privileged white students from a private Catholic school in Covington, Kentucky, USA, donning MAGA hats and taunting Native Americans with racists abuse at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, it's worth taking a look at the moral values of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Covington that is teaching them.

According to this report in The Intellectualist, the diocese claims to have set aside $120 million to settle lawsuits by the victims of 35 priests. However, this sum is almost certainly an exaggeration, intended to create the impression of a diocese truly sorry for the behaviour of it's priests. It is, for example, very much higher than the sum spent on compensation by the Diocese of Boston where in 2003, the sexual abuse scandal first broke in the USA.

As William McMurry, a plaintiffs’ lawyer in Kentucky, pointed out:

It's unfair to victims all across America to suggest that 100 or 200 victims in Covington are going to share $120 million, when in fact they will receive far less. To jump out into the news media with these numbers creates false expectations among victims and a sense of remorse and unhappiness among those who have already settled.

William McMurry, plaintiffs’ lawyer, Kentucky

To give itself a spurious gloss of respectability and a false display of penitence, the Covington diocese is deliberately raising false hopes of a fair compensation.

The Covington diocese is currently dealing with 205 allegations against 35 priests.

With these moral values of the hierarchical and stratified organisation that is educating these unfortunate children, it it any surprise that they are raising another generation of privileged abusers with a sense of entitlement, who see other people with different cultures and racial backgrounds as inferior beings, whose feelings and dignity as human beings counts for nothing?

Is it any surprise that these abusive racists would be enthusiastic Trump supporters?

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  1. Re. caption to the photo of the Catholic students and the Elder of the Omaha Nation, based on unedited video and statements from all sides, it now seems very clear Nick Sandmann did NOT taunt nor abuse anyone. Given your post is dated Mon 21st, I'm a little surprised you're still pushing this view?

    1. I'm not at all surprised that you haven't commented on the substantive point of the blog - the moral values of the church to which these unfortunate children's parents have entrusted them.


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