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Saturday 29 August 2020

Covidiots - We've Got'em Too

Pastor David Hathaway. Self-proclaimed evangelist, faith-healer and fantatical Europhobe.
UK evangelist: ‘Only prayer can deliver us from the Covid-19 crisis’ | Barry Duke

Just to show that America is not the only country to have Covidiot Christian fruitloops, self-proclaimed evangelist, faith-healer and fanatical Brexiteer, David Hathaway of the UK, has announced that it's not medical science that will finally defeat the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but magic spells!

Appropriately, this piece of covidiocy comes soon after news that the term 'covidiot' has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

He has launched a petition to instruct PM Boris Johnson to hold a national day of prayer to cure Covid-19. In his petition he claims it was prayer, not the flotilla of little ships, that rescued 300,000 stranded soldiers off the Dunkirk beach, and it was prayer, not the British, Commonwealth and Polish airmen who beat the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain and it was prayer, not the sacrifice of millions of young men in the killing fields of Europe that defeated Germany in WWI.

After that repugnant dismissal of the sacrifice of so many innocent young lives, is it any wonder that Hathaway has no qualms about minimising the efforts of medical science and the health services? It goes without saying, that it is not the medical staff of the NHS who are treating victims of the virus, but God who is saving them because of his prayers.

And it won't be the efforts of millions of scientists which eventually defeats Covid-19 but Hathaway's prayers!

His petition reads:

We, the undersigned, request that you call for a National Day of Prayer on a suitable Sunday. That to facilitate this, you allow the churches to be open for prayer and worship without restriction, for this specific and important day.

We ask you to remember and recognise the strong Christian heritage of this nation and the power of prayer, which is greater than any other power on earth.

During the last war King George VI and Parliament called 7 days of Prayer and history shows the result was immediate and incredible – the first Day of Prayer on March 27th 1940 bringing the miracle of Dunkirk, and later, on September 8th 1940, delivering Britain during the Battle of Britain in the air …

While Government and the NHS bring help and can heal the body, only God can bring healing to the inner ‘man’ of soul and spirit, which is the eternal part of ‘man’ and is recognised as suffering increasingly as the result of the pandemic.

At this critical time when the coronavirus – Covid 19 – has not been eliminated, we have economic crisis, uncertainty and great pressure in government and on the whole of society, we believe that only when the nation returns to its spiritual roots and calls upon the God of the Bible, will this nation be restored.

Presumably, without prayer, God either doesn't know about Covid-19, doesn't know it's harming people or will realise his perfect plan for the world is wrong and will change it.

Note the demand that the churches be opened to allow for this! No matter that the experience of the USA is that open churches full of shouting Christians quickly become Covid-19 hotspots, the better to spread the virus in the wider community.

Launching his petition, Hathaway falsely claimed:

Historically only prayer has delivered this nation from a time of crisis, as evidenced in both in the First World War in 1918 and even more so in WWII...

When we have no human answer to the coronavirus which has devastated both health and our economy we must seek God’s answer.

He also took the opportunity to play the persecuted martyr with the claim that Christians are being persecuted. Despite the privileged position the Church of England has in British public life he, added:

When even our government accepts that Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world, it is time for us to once again demonstrate our need both nationally and individually for God’s help.

By 'persecuted', presumably Hathaway means Christians are being required to comply with equality and human rights legislation and desist from their historic tradition of persecuting, demonising and dehumanizing minorities of their choice, and are being deprived of their assumed right to say who can marry whom and to take ownership of the institution of marriage and to dictate the marriage laws.

Hathaway attracted attention when, during political turmoil over the terms of Brexit, he declared:

I believe that prophetically this is God’s way forward for us as a nation to take a lead in returning to Biblical standards in Europe, free from the secularism of the French Revolution and Napoleonic law.

Now that the referendum is over we, as Christians, must now act decisively.

I believe that just as we prayed earnestly for God’s will to be done, we must now believe that the outcome is part of God’s plan both for us as Christians and the British nation as a whole.

We desperately need to continue to pray for unity in a nation divided, but also that God will bring a spirit of repentance and forgiveness on both sides. I believe that prophetically this is God’s way forward for us as a nation to take a lead in returning to Biblical standards in Europe, free from the secularism of the French Revolution and Napoleonic law.

I believe that the prayers of so many of God’s people has set us free from an ungodly yoke which has marginalised Christian faith.

Be wary of people who claim to know God's will and who believe he requires their help in enforcing it!

According to Hathaway, The European Union was responsible for:

Making it almost impossible to teach our children the truth of the Word of God regarding marriage between one man and one woman and teach the acceptability of sex change to very young children. Under the guise of ‘human rights’ legislation, the EU has also sought to prevent us from openly testifying of our faith in Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.

We must return to our Judeo/Christian heritage and resist the encroachment of secularism and false religion. One could ask whether the sudden resignation of our Prime Minister who supported ungodly laws, such as the legalisation of same sex marriage upon our nation, was indeed God’s judgement and a challenge to restore true biblical values not only in politics but also the Church.

In other words, the EU (actually it was the Human Rights Act) unfairly deprived Christians of the privilege of demonising, persecuting and condemning anyone who disagrees with them, and deprived them of the right to impose their superstitions on the rest of us!

A right-wing, Christian fraud, demanding the restoration of his right to deprive other people of their human rights!

And now, because it suits his fanatical self-interest, he seeks to undermine the efforts being made to control coronavirus by minimising them as next to useless without his special brand of magic. Just as he delights in minimising the efforts of those who defeated Fascism in Europe and to grab the credit for him and his fellow evangelist frauds, so he is now positioning himself to grab the credit for the defeat of Covid-19, when science finally wins the battle.

It's such a shame that God is so indifferent to what's going on that he needs the jolt of prayers to realise his attention and intervention is required.

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