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Covidiot News - At least 75 Sick After North Carolina Christians Hold a Super-Spreader Event

The First Baptist Church, Henderson, North Carolina, USA. 75 sick with Covid-19 following a super-spreader event in early December
At Least 75 People Have COVID After NC Church’s In-Person Christmas Concert | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

According to this report in the Ashville Citizen Times, health officials in Henderson County, North Carolina, USA have so far traced 75 covid-19 cases to a super-spreader in-person event at the First Baptist Church over the weekend of 5th Dec.

Attendees reported that the church was crowded with many not wearing masks and the choir stood shoulder to shoulder, again with many not wearing face-masks.

75 is the minimum number since attempts to trace all those who have been in contact with the covidiots who attended the event are ongoing. A spokesperson for Henderson County Health Department said:
To date, the Health Department has identified 75 individuals who have tested positive as a result of the event. The Health Department is working to identify any additional close contacts of these individuals

New Covid-19 cases - North Carolina (18 Dec 2020)

The event went ahead despite a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases following the Thanksgiving Holiday when American families traditionally meet for a Thanksgiving dinner and the pleas of health officials to minimise contact with people with whom you don't normally live, and to observe safe-distancing and hand hygiene and to wear a face-mask went largely unheeded, with many people having fallen for the propaganda coming from the Trump administration which has bizarrely associated wearing a face-mask and maintaining safe social distancing with a political statement opposing President-reject Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The First Baptist church at the centre of the outbreak has belatedly decided not to hold any more such events for a month. First Baptist Senior Pastor Steve Scoggins and Chairman of Deacons Robert Bridges issued a statement on the church's website which read:
With a strong sense of unity, our ministers and deacons have decided to put our church on a thirty-day pause in regard to on-site worship. This also includes all ministry activities. The current wave of virus infection is so widespread that we must take action out of concern for the safety of our church, our community, and especially those who are most vulnerable in our midst.

The church will "look at conditions in mid-January to see how and when we should move forward.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to all who are dealing with the effects of this virus. We have tried to call and pray with many in our church who were given positive diagnoses this week. We want to do everything we can to help those who are in need.

(Quoted in Ashville Citizen Times)
So, the victims of this covidiocy can feel reassured that the officials of the church which caused their illness are going to say some magic words and have some nice thoughts about them.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human services offered something a little more useful and practical in the form of the following press release:
New Covid-19 cases - USA (18 Dec 2020)

Henderson County continues to see an increase in COVID-19 cases generated from social gatherings such as parties, family and neighborhood get-togethers. To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 at private social gatherings the Health Department urges residents to avoid large get-togethers and to continue practice of the 3Ws: Wear a face covering, Wait six feet apart and Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer."
President-reject Trump's arrogant narcissism meant he refused to listen to the experts and waved the impending pandemic aside as nothing serious and so did nothing pre-emptive to mitigate it. Now Republicans and evangelical Christian supporters are eagerly helping him try to cover up that blunder by continuing to down-play it and pretend, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that his initial blunder was in fact correct, so wearing face-masks, lockdowns and social distancing are all unnecessary.

Now American health officials trying to cope with a virus largely out of control and killing thousands of Americans daily with hundreds of thousands being made sick by it, must feel that they are shouting in the wilderness as the Trump side continues to berate and obstruct the experts because their message shows how spectacularly wrong he was initially, and continues to be.

The sooner President-elect Biden gets control of the levers of power, the sooner Americans can begin to get control of this pandemic. Few things illustrated Trumps complete unfittedness for office than his inept handling of the coronavirus pandemic because of his narcissistic unability to admit he got things wrong and so was incapable of changing his mind, but blundred on pretending to be right all along and sacking and attacking anyone who disagreed.

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