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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Trumpanzee News - How Trump Split the GOP

QAnon conspiracy theorists in the failed coup d'etat
Rise of conspiracies reveals an evangelical divide in the GOP - The Survey Center on American Life

Everything Donald J Trump does ends in failure. His businesses go bankrupt; his presidency was a monumental failure in which not a single one of his pre-election promises were kept and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic was probably the worst of any state, resulting in 25% of all cases world-wide being in America, peaking at 250,000 a day with 2,000 deaths, the measures scientists were urging to control it becoming political issues with widespread flouting of social distancing and mask-wearing and now deep suspicion about the safety and even the real purpose of the vaccine.

And now we discover that the party he led - the Republican Party of Lincoln - is deeply divided and practically in a state of civil war, as the evangelical Christian faction has become ever more extreme and mainstream, pushing the moderate Republicans out to the side-lines.

Mind you, in respect of Evangelical Christian take-over of the GOP and the Party's move out to the fringes of American politics, Trump has only caused a trend that was already there to accelerate. Evangelical Christian infiltration of the GOP had begun during the Regan era and accelerated during the Bush dynasty, and can even be traced back to Nixon's cosying up to Billy Graham with his notorious, "Jews can't be real Americans, because America is God's own Christian country" advice.

Belief in QAnon conspiracy theories.
Now, every Telebangelical Christian is a devoted Trumpanzee and every wanabee Republican politician must proclaim his 'born again' Christian credentials, opposition to planned parenthood, female reproductive rights, restrictions on gun ownership and to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, and mention 'God' at least once in every political speech, regularly affirm American exceptionalism and his/her belief that God has blessed America.

But, as a survey by The Survey Center on American Life has revealed, it is on the subject of the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theories that the GOP is now deeply divided. 63% of evangelical Republicans believe that there are unelected officials known as the 'Deep State' which was working to undermine the Trump administration, against only 39% of non-evangelical Republicans. In line with Trump's narcissism, there always has to be someone to blame for his failures.

When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled “made in Germany”; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, “Americanism”

Professor Halford E. Luccock
Yale University Divinity School
Possibly because of their conditioned eagerness to look for persecution as some sort of validation of their beliefs, evangelical Christians are far more likely to believe in the QAnon theory of a 'Deep State' and that it was not their fellow evangelical Christians who launched the attempted coup d’état on Jan 6th, but a bunch of Antifa 'terrorists'.

Imagine a country being led by a narcissist.

This person would be on a personal journey, looking for personal glory. Acting the ‘I am the best’ and shouting out clear statements that wouldn’t leave room for grey: ‘The refugees are at fault, the socialists are wrong, all women are monkeys’. They will attract a following of people who are looking to simplify their lives...

In order to be ‘the best’, the truth will be manipulated to suit the story of the leader and anyone who gets in the way will get the treatment (Hitler shot people or sent them off to concentration camps).

They are also much more inclined to accept Trump's unfounded claims of organised, massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential elections. 69% of evangelical Christian Republicans believe claims of voter fraud are mostly or completely accurate against only 40% of non-evangelical Republicans.

One reason why evangelicals are much more likely to believe in conspiracies is their devotion to and trust in Trump who himself promoted the claims of voter fraud and adopted conspiratorial thinking to explain his own failures. As a narcissist, Trump is psychologically incapable of accepting that failure is because of his own ineptitude and failure to understand the basics. His view of himself and the image he projects onto his credulous dupes is that of someone who is the best at everything he does. He knows better even than the experts and considers himself to be one of the best of them and woe betide anyone who disagrees. Dissent, or even failure to worship at the Trump alter, was not a good career move.

Differences in social environment
The other reason is probably because of differences in social environment, with most evangelical extremists living in an echo-chamber where most of their friends and acquaintances held the same opinions. 70% of evangelicals say a lot of their friends voted for Trump, compared to only 36% of non-evangelicals. 31% of non-evangelicals report having only a few friends who voted for Trump, or none at all.

With Christian evangelicals already inhabiting a demon-haunted world that runs on magic, falling for the QAnon, Satanic paedophile hoax was hardly surprising. Steve Bannon knows his marks and how to manipulate them - which is why he was Trump's close associate and political strategist for so long until his arrogance and avarice made him fall foul of the law.

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  1. Religion is the root of all evil, especially American Christianity and it will destroy us.


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