Monday, 9 May 2022

The Lunatics Are Now Running the US Asylum

The impending SCOTUS ruling overturning the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling that legalised abortion in all US states is a sign that the lunatics have taken over and are now running the asylum.

As I reported yesterday, the decision was based, at least in part on the false idea that a foetus suffers during the procedure. This claim was based on a 2020 discussion paper by British scientist, Dr Stuart Derbyshire, that wrongly claimed the work of the Italian professor of neuroscience, Giandomenico Iannetti, had shown that the foetus could feel pain even before its cerebral cortex had developed at 24 weeks.

SCOTUS were not told by the Lawyers representing evangelical Christian extremists that Professor Iannetti strongly refuted Derbyshire's claim, and he was not called to testify to that fact, nor even told that his work was being (mis)used to argue against a woman’s right to abortion - something of which he is strongly in favour.

A highly selective piece of scientific 'evidence', refuted by the majority of neuroscientist, was presented as the mainstream, consensus view of relevant medical experts. SCOTUS seems to have swallowed that, hook line and sinker and failed to consult expert medical opinion which could have given them a balanced view and corrected their misapprehension. They lapped up the pap they were fed because it told them what they wanted to hear to 'confirm' their preconceptions.

Their opinion is not a scientific, evidence-based ruling, but a prejudiced, preconceived religious opinion based on falsehoods and misrepresentation of the real science. The lunatics have taken over SCOTUS.

Another lunatic who wants to be running the show is MAGA/QAnon Trumpanzee cultist, Pastor Shane Vaughn, who has recently announced that "Conservatives are always right" because they are smarter than liberals who are suffering from a "mental disease". Why does he think they are smarter than liberals? Because they are always right, of course. Why are they always right? Because they are smarter than liberals. A neatly circular, self-referencing argument, not grounded at any point in reality, typical of the mental disorder we call narcissistic personality disorder or delusions of grandeur.

Famous examples of Shane Vaughn (real name, John Vaughn) always being right are:
  • Being convicted of multiple instances of identity theft, fraud and other felonies when, as an insurance agent in Baton Rouge, he stole the identity of a child who had died aged 4 years, and defrauded, banks, pensioners and others. He had his licence to operate as an insurance agent revoked and was slapped with a $100,000 fine and a 3 years spell in jail. During the trial he was described as "a chameleon, changing his look and name repeatedly". In other words, a shyster and con artist - just the sort to start a megachurch and declare himself to be God's spokesperson.
  • His prophesy - God told him - that Donald Trump would win in 2020. He lost heavily when Biden won with the largest vote for a candidate in American electoral history and Trump became the first presidential candidate to lose the popular vote twice. Having declared that Trump won really, but the Democrats cheated, he then announced that Trump losing was part of God's plan, so he could stand again in 2024 and serve two more terms. It seems God's own prophet doesn't know whether God said Trump would win, or that Trump would lose in 2020.
  • His prophesy that Donald Trump would never be impeached. He became the first serving president to be impeached twice. Apparently being inerrantly unaware that Trump had already been impeached, he made that 'prophesy' after the first impeachment hearing.
  • His prophesy in late 2021 that Trump would soon return to the White House to "destroy the work that Satan has done" through Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden and Harris are still President and Vice President, respectively.
  • Declaring that God had given him a special mission to "to raise my voice against the sin of the Biden administration" and has turned him into a modern-day version of the Biblical prophet, Elijah. Elijah, it may be recalled, famously prophesied that Jesus would be called Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14) a name by which he was never known.
  • Inerrantly confusing the Biblical prophets, Elijah and Elisha, crediting the former with challenging Jezebel, whom he equated with Kamal Harris, when in fact, according to 2 Kings 9:30-36, it was Elisha who organised the coup d’état that saw Jezebel thrown from a window and eaten by dogs. Vaughn appears not to know the Bible he preaches to his credulous dupes. One can only hope that he doesn't emulate the Biblical Elisha and call on bears to tear apart those who laugh at him (2 Kings 2:23-24).
Another lunatic now vying to run the asylum is QAnon conspiracist and right-wing 'journalist, Liz Cronkin who had an unfortunate surfing accident when a wave caught her surfboard and yanked the rope she was holding onto it with from her hand, severing the tips of two fingers. Before her account was closed, she posted a Youtube video recounting the incident and blaming it on witchcraft, with spells cast by Hilary Clinton, the artist Marina Abramović, or some other 'witch' who was trying to stop her "efforts to expose the secret satanic cannibalistic paedophile cult that runs the world" - a secret that she knows about, apparently, although she can never say how exactly she knows about it. And the unfortunate woman lives in a world where witches are everywhere and plotting to harm her - a sign of paranoid delusion if ever there was one. "I don't know how I know, but I know it for sure and look at what the witches have done to me because I know these secrets!"

Her video has been made available again courtesy of the online project, Right Wing Watch

Not to be outdone, especially when there are gullible fools to fleece, Pastor Jack Hibbs has declared that the Democrat Party is a "death Cult" and castigates those pastors who are not using their church to promote right-wing causes. The problem is, he is exposing the fact that his church, Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California, and those with like-minded, self-aggrandizing, bigoted fruitloops in charge have abandoned their pretence to be tax-free religions and, according to IRS rules, should be paying tax since they are political fronts advocating for one particular political faction – forbidden as a condition of their tax-free status.

And, judging by Hibb's website, which is nothing more than a vehicle for begging and selling his doom-laden books, he would cop for a lot of tax if ever the IRS was made aware of his political campaigning under the guise of evangelical Christianity.

Pastor Jack believes he is an expert in biology and, according to this report, once told his congregation that sex for pleasure is lustful and selfish, therefore wrong, because it is intended for procreation. He then proceeded to lecture them on the sex life of the elk. Apparently, the male elk beats up all the younger males then impregnates all the females, whom, to the amusement of his audience, he called elkees or elkets because, as an expert on their reproduction, he didn't know female elks are called cows, thus proving that sex is not for pleasure but for procreation - and incidentally also proving that 'evolutionists' are wrong, because homosexuality doesn't lead to procreation [sic]. It seems no-one has told him that men with vasectomies or wearing a condom and women using contraception also have sex, as do couples where one or other partner is sterile. And elderly couples where the woman is long past child-bearing age usually still enjoy an active sex life, well into old age, with no hope, or danger, of procreating.

Like many fundamentalists though, pastor Hibbs seems obsessed with sex, especially with other people doing it, but has completely failed to notice how sex in humans, is almost, but not entirely, uniquely, used primarily for recreation and social bonding, rather than procreation, making us unlike almost all other animals in that respect, one notable exception being the bonobo, our closest relative.

Curiously, when most fundamentalist insist that humans are not animals, the same fundamentalists insist we should behave like them in our sex lives. Unlike almost all other species, the human female is sexually receptive and capable of arousal at all stages in her oestrus cycle, not just during the short fertile period. As a creationist, Hibbs believes they were created that way by the same god he purports to wordship.

Just another example of the insanity that ensues when the lunatics begin to take over the asylum and start to believe they get their information straight from God, but in reality are projecting their own bigotry on the god they try to foist on the rest of us.

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